Spirit Story Box: Another Scam Ghost Hunting App

The Spirit Story box somehow got pushed into the limelight a while ago as the next big up-and-coming app for ghost hunters. The problem?

The Spirit Story Box is a low-budget waste of space on your phone. This is not a tool for paranormal investigators or ghost hunters even if you’re just starting out. There are much better (free) alternatives which you could use instead.

I’ll share my experience with the app but (in short) there’s no good way of doing this with an iPhone. The phone simply can’t pick up AM/FM frequencies (as the app claims) so if you don’t have access to an Android (or specific ghost hunting equipment) consider using the (free) Afterlight Box on a computer instead.

My reviewAvoid! Despite the claims of having a ‘proprietary story engine’ the app does not work as an actual spirit box. It just plays random sound files. There are many more useful spirit box apps out there.

Why The Spirit Story Box Doesn’t Work

spirit story box review

It’s only available for iOS and the app store there is full of apps to talk to spirits using the AM/FM radio bands (which many spirit boxes use).

The catch is Apple devices don’t have access to these radio frequencies. The apps which let you stream radio stations do so using your internet connection.

In short: Spirit Story Box is just playing random sound files. It’s a completely fake app and I’m sick of seeing new ghost hunters get suckered into buying these apps. It’s a complete scam.

Could It Pick Up Messages Another Way?

I usually like the phrase never say never.

At the end of the day, we’ve seen ghosts can screw with electronics and the more our daily attention is on electronics the more they seem to gravitate towards them to get our attention.

However, the Spirit Story Box is making some false claims and pretending to be something it is not. You’d have as much chance of picking up ghosts with a normal recorder app as you would with this one. Perhaps more – since this one just plays random sound files.

Better Alternatives

I talk about a lot of ghost hunting apps, tools and equipment but there’s just nothing available for an Apple device that does anything useful at the moment.

If you’re determined to use an Apple device (for whatever reason) I’d suggest using something like GhostTube SLS and relying on the camera rather than trying to use your phone as a spirit box. If communication is your goal I’ve linked to the Afterlight tool at the top of this page which is completely free and will do a better job than Spirit Story Box.