The Dead Children’s Playground

The Dead Children's Playground

In this article we will be taking a look at what is known as the Dead Children’s Playground, in Maple Hills Park, Huntsville, Alabama. Many locals to the area now believe that children buried in the nearby cemetery, rise from the dead to claim the park for their play….

They Only Come Out at Night

The council and authorities of Huntsville, Alabama, decided that it was time to knock down an aging playground so that the nearby cemetery could be expanded slightly.

The local were less than impressed.

Within days of the authorities statement of intent, a public outcry was underway, that eventually managed to change the council’s minds. They even replaced the old play rides with modern play equipment.

Many believe that the public outcry was due to the fact that so many kids used the playground…but not all of those kids were flesh and bone…

Paranormal Activity

Locals who live near the Maple Hill Park refer to the area as the ‘Dead Children’s Playground’. Over the years there have been numerous paranormal reports linked to the area.

Paranormal Activity

Most of these incidents have occurred after dark. Witnesses have claimed to have heard the ghostly yells of mothers calling out to their children, children playing, children calling out to each other and the sound of numerous small feet pattering around the area.

Locals believe that the most active time for this paranormal force is between the hours of 10 pm and 3 am – this is the time when the dead children know it is safe to come out and play.

The Nearby Cemetery

The nearby cemetery is called Maple Hill Cemetery, and many paranormal investigators believe that this is where the ghostly children come from at night.

It is the biggest cemetery in the Huntsville area, with over 80,000 burials throughout it’s history. The oldest intact grave marker is that of infant Mary Frances Atwood, who was buried there in 1820.

Strangely enough, the Dead Children’s Playground also has a popular urban legend linked to it…

The Child Disappearances

During the the early 1950’s, the area where the playground was built was apparently a limestone quarry. The cliff faces that surround the children’s area were all put in place during this quarry work time.

The quarry was closed, and nature moved back in, creating natural bushland, filled with weeds and trees.

The Child Disappearances

In the 1960’s, a rather sinister individual decided that this overgrown area would be perfect for his/her twisted actions…

Around this time, a series of child disappearances began to be reported in Huntsville…unfortunately, none of these children ever turned up…alive.

A local man who was walking his dog through the quarry area, stumbled across a tiny skull, and reported the find to the police. The whole area was searched thoroughly and several young bodies were uncovered.

They never managed to track down the twisted murderer, but they did find out more about the children who were killed. The bodies revealed that they were probably detained for long periods, and were suffering from Malnutrition.

The children’s remains were eventually buried in the nearby Maple Hill Cemetery.

Are these the children that use the park between the hours of 10 pm to 3 am?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions, in the comment section below.

Real Haunted Houses in Alabama

Real Haunted Houses in Alabama

Ghost and poltergeist activity are hot topics of debate today, made more so by a flood of movies and television shows. The fascination for the paranormal has been around for a very long time and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

Every state, and every country for that matter, has famous locations for ghostly sightings, and Alabama is no exception. Here are a few of the real haunted houses in Alabama.

Sweetwater Mansion

Sweetwater Mansion, designed by General John Brahan (a veteran of the War of 1812) is a plantation house located in Florence, Alabama. Construction began in 1828.

Sweetwater has been a hotbed of reported paranormal activity. The 8 bedroom home was occupied, after completion in 1835, by Robert M. Patton, General Brahan’s son-in-law. The home had been alternately occupied by Confederate and Union Soldiers during the Civil war.

Sweetwater has, famously, been investigated by paranormal investigators featured on A&E’s Paranormal State. Some of the more famous sightings were by, the properties’ former caretaker, Emmer Lettie Region.

haunted Sweetwater Mansion

On one occasion she witnessed the image of a male laying in a casket in the parlor of the home. He appeared to have a bullet hole in his head. It was later discovered that Billy Patton, son of the former owner, was killed during combat in the Civil War and his wake was held in this same area of the plantation home.

Lettie was the last caretaker of the home and it is said that she had taken to nailing doors shut within the plantation home in order to isolate herself from paranormal activity.

Kenworthy Hall

Kenworthy Hall (also known as Carlisle Hall or Carlisle Martin House), is located in Marion, Alabama north of Hwy 14. This is another location that has ties to paranormal activity related to the Civil War.

Kentworthy Hall was constructed in the late 1850’s to early 1860’s by Edward (or Edwin) Kentworthy Carlisle, an established cotton grower in the region.

Kenworthy Hall

The hauntings purported at this location are of a young women, seen by passer-bys, sitting at the window on the fourth floor.

This could possibly be Anne Carlisle, daughter of Edward, who is believed to have committed suicide by jumping from the window after discovering that her lover, a soldier in the Confederate Army had died.

Oakleigh Historic House

Oakleigh Historic House in Mobile, Alabama is part of the Oakleigh Historic Complex. There are several buildings that include; The Post Civil War Reconstruction Barracks and a cottage.

Oakleigh house was built in 1833 by a dry goods merchant and brick mason James W. Roper. Poltergeist activity, such as furniture moving on its own and disembodied figures have been seen.

It is also believed to be haunted by a female ghost who has been seen in the parlor of the mansion as well as shadow figures.

Richards DAR House

Richards DAR House

Richards DAR House (Daughters of the American Revolution) is also located in Mobile, Alabama and has a colorful history of apparitions.

The, now, historic museum house was constructed in 1860 for Charles G. Richards and his wife Caroline Steele. The local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, who now operate the house, have allowed paranormal researchers to conduct investigations.

There has been sounds of disembodied children singing, laughter and other voices within the home. A figure has also appeared in the upstairs bedroom window.

Adams Grove Presbyterian Church

Adams Grove Presbyterian Church is located in rural Dallas County, Alabama and was built in the 1850’s near a cemetery.

Both the, now, neglected church and cemetery have had supposed paranormal activity, including the ghost of a Confederate Soldier.

It is said that the soldier will approach guests and attempt to warn them away from the property.

Haunted Houses in Alabama

All over the country there are homes reported to be haunted and lists of real haunted houses in Alabama can be found readily for would be ghost hunters and paranormal researchers.

There are too many to list in this one piece, but what I find particularly fascinating is that much of the paranormal activity at these locations is associated with the American Civil War.

Not all of the locations above are available to the public as museums. The Adams Grove Presbyterian Church is private property. Always check with the property owners prior to attempting any actual paranormal research at these, or any other location.