The Missouri Monster Sightings

The Missouri Monster Sightings

Bigfoot, the Yeti and Sasquatch all seem to grab the headlines when is comes to big hairy cryptids running around rural locations…

But how many of you have heard about Momo?

In this article we will be taking a look at the less famous Missouri Monster sightings – which rocked the area during the early 1970’s.

Early Sightings

The earliest sightings of Momo came from hunters before the area of southeastern Missouri was drained to become a rich farmland.

Numerous hunters describe taking aim and shooting at a large, dark-haired beast.

The sightings then seemed to stop for nearly thirty years.

Then, without warning, the beast reappeared in 1968 in a St. Louis suburb, when it ambushed a child playing in it’s backyard, and tried to drag it off into the woods.

The child’s aunt, noticed what was going on through the kitchen window, and chased the beast off – luckily it dropped the child before darting off into a nearby wooded area.

Joan Mills and Mary Ryan

Joan Mills and Mary Ryan were in a middle of a journey along Highway 79 in 1971 when they decided to stop off and have a spot of lunch – a picnic.

They were busy tucking into their food when the two of them were overcome with a terribly foul odor.

They looked up to see a strange half-ape and half-man creature in the nearby woods.

Joan Mills and Mary Ryan

Ryan later stated that the beast had a human face, but it’s body was completely covered in hair, except for it’s hands.

It started to make a move towards the women, making a gurgling sound as it walked. The two women managed to make it to their car and lock their doors.

The creature started pulling at the car doors…and the women had forgotten to pick up the car keys…so they frantically started to honk the horn.

Thankfully, the sound of the horn was enough to scare the creature back into the thicket.

The Harrison Brothers

In July of 1972, eight-year-old Terry Harrison, and his little brother Wally, were busy messing about in the woods behind their house.

Doris, their elder sister, was in the house doing some chores…she suddenly heard the two boys scream out in terror.

The Harrison Brothers

She looked out of the window and saw a hairy beast over seven feet tall standing right next to her brothers – it held a dead dog in it’s hands.

The family dog managed to bark the creature and it’s dog-corpse off into the woods…but mysteriously fell seriously ill afterwards.

A local investigation later discovered clumps of hair, and several footprints were in the area next to the house.

The Gail Suddarth Hoax

Gail Suddarth was seven years old when the hysteria surrounding Momo the monster struck the Louisiana area in 1972.

On a summer day, when she was bored, she decided to create her very own ‘monster footprint’ in the mud.

She then told her parents that she’d found a Momo footprint…and they believed her!

Before she could admit to what she’d done – experts were all over her garden taking plaster casts of the monster footprint. They also believed it was the real deal…

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The Beast of Bray Road Legend

The Beast of Bray Road Legend

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the Beast of Bray Road legend that originates from near Elkhorn, in Wisconsin…

What is the Beast of Bray Road?

Numerous people claimed to have encountered this beast around the Racine, Walworth and Jefferson counties in Wisconsin.

Some locals to these areas, refer to the creature as a ‘Manwolf’, whilst others firmly believe it is a descendant from the werewolf family. There have even been rumors floating about linking the strange creature to the Bigfoot legend.

There have never been any specimens found that relate to this animal – so it could well be a creature we are already well aware of…

Did these sightings originate from a large canine animal that simply scared the witnesses into believing it was something paranormal?

Skeptics to the subject believe these sightings are nothing more than simple encounters with local wolves and bears.

The Beast

So what does this creature look like?

Why does it strike fear into the hearts of those who come across it’s path?

It’s frequently been described as well over 6 foot in height and covered in a strange grayish and brown fur. Witnesses claim it bears a wolf’s face and has three long clawed digits on each hand.

It’s eyes are said to glow yellow.

The body is very similar to a muscle-bound Hollywood actor – witnesses claim that it is extremely lean and that it sits back on its haunches, and sometimes even appears to be kneeling.

What is the Beast of Bray Road?

It moves in two ways – some say it runs on all fours, whilst others claim it can run like a man (on two legs).

Many of the reported sightings have witnessed the animal feeding off the local wildlife.

It has never managed to hurt anyone but it has acted extremely aggressive at times – chasing onlookers and even jumping on the bonnets of approaching cars.

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

Sightings of the Beast of Bray Road may go back as far as the 1930’s…but the most famous sightings come from the 1989 to the 1992 range.

Most of these ‘more modern’ sightings have involved the creature feeding off the carcass of some dead animal.

These sightings have slowed down since the mid 90’s but there are still reports of it being spotted in the local forest or wood areas.

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

So what is this strange beast?

Is it a true cryptid that has no real fear of us humans? Has it evolved to the point where it sees us as no threat at all?

Or is this an animal (or pack of animals) simply a regular local creature that has scared onlookers into thinking it is something supernatural – something paranormal?

Whatever this famous creature is – we will not get to the truth of the matter until someone comes up with some conclusive evidence…or until we capture one…

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Violent Bigfoot Encounters – 1855

Violent Bigfoot Encounters - 1855

I think I’m correct in saying that this is the first Bigfoot/Yeti/Sasquatch article that we have published on this site – so it’s way overdue really!

In this article we will be taking a look at one of the most violent Bigfoot encounters on record – the report from 1855, in what is now known as Oklahoma

Native American Bigfoot Legends – 1855

In 1855 in what is now Oklahoma, a small group of native Americans and a ‘half breed’ man named Joshua LeFlore were part of a cavalry unit put together to keep the peace in their local region.

LeFlore was the captain of this native American unit and he had recently received orders to locate and capture/stop a band of outlaws who were terrorising some of the local farmers.

There had been numerous reports linking these outlaws to crop stealing and the kidnapping of innocent children in the area.

LeFlore gathered up 30 of his men and rode off into the sunset to put an end to this outlaw outfit…

The Discovery

After a couple of days of searching in vain, LeFlore decided to call it quits and head back to their local headquarters. It was shortly after this point in time that one of his men noticed something in the distance.

LeFlore pulled out his telescope and zoomed in on what appeared to be a small group of men, not more than 600 yards away from their position.

The group of lawmen charged towards the men in the distance and watched them disperse into the nearby forest. LeFlore ordered his men to follow the fleeing group.

As soon as they entered the forest they became aware of a strong, stale odour of rotting flesh and blood – the forest area actually smelled like death itself!

Native American Bigfoot Legends

Before long the strong smell seemed to ‘spook’ the group’s horses and they bolted from the wooded area leaving the cavalry men to proceed on foot.

Eventually the group arrived at a small clearing…but this was certainly no ordinary bandit camp.

They found the bodies of numerous children scattered around the area in different stages of decay. Three hairy bipedal ape-like creatures were sitting among the corpses chewing the flesh off their bones.

This heartbreaking scene was all too much for LeFlore to handle – he raced into the creatures wielding his sword in one had and his pistol in the other.

The shot and stabbed at the three creatures numerous times but nothing seemed to put them down. Eventually he was caught out as one of the creatures managed to sneak up behind him…and rip his head clean off his body.

Native American Fury

Up until this point – the native American cavalry group had been rooted to the spot in shock and fear. The sight of their captain being decapitated finally snapped them out of their daze.

They calmly aimed for the ape creatures head’s and within seconds the fight was over. The sensible rifle head shots took out the small hairy group with ease.

Bigfoot in the Dark

With the creatures dead, the cavalry group now had time to investigate the area properly. They uncovered the bodies of 19 dead children from the local area.

The men set down their buffalo rifles and got to work on 20 graves – 19 for the poor children and one for their fallen captain.

The report indicates that the group opted to burn the bodies of the ape-like creatures, because they felt they were too evil to receive a proper burial.

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