The Haunted Toys R Us in Sunnyvale

The Haunted Toys R us in Sunnyvale

In this article we will be taking a look at the haunted Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, California. Is the paranormal activity reported in this store linked to a character named ‘Crazy Johnny’?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Haunting of Toys R Us

Numerous members of staff have encountered some form of paranormal activity when working at this popular toy location…

Strange names whispered into worker’s ears, poltergeist activity and a handful of female workers complaining about an unseen force playing with their hair, to name but a few.

It’s the female side of the workforce that this ‘entity’ seems to target, although it is never violent activity.

The Haunting of Toys R Us

The phenomena first started up in the 1970’s and the staff at the time quickly became very scared of what they were experiencing. The local press picked up on the story and stayed with it – eventually a respected psychic/medium named Sylvia Browne read up on the story and decided to lend a hand…

She visited the store and actually managed to make contact with the ghost, who she claimed was a Scandinavian Immigrant named Johnny Johnson. He had lived and worked on the land when it was still a farm/plantation.

The Plantation

A man named Martin Murphy set up the plantation that was on the Toys R Us grounds in 1844. Johnny Johnson (real name ‘Johan Johnson’) was one of the first employees he hired, and he quickly fell in love with the boss’s daughter…who rejected him.

The Plantation

Johnny didn’t really appear to have been the luckiest of characters – not long after the boss’s daughter rejected him, he managed to get infected with encephalitis, and ended up slightly brain damaged as a result.

He somehow managed to retain his job at the plantation, but eventually picked up the title of ‘Crazy Johnny’.

In 1884 Crazy Johnny’s luck finally hit an all time low when he cut himself seriously with his own axe during work hours. He bled to death alone, near the orchard.

The plantation was run by the Murphy family until 1950 when it was handed over to the city of Sunnyvale. A freak fire managed to burn it to the ground in 1961 and the Toys R Us store was built on the location in 1970.

Sylvia Browne

Most of this information was discovered by the psychic Sylvia Browne’s seance that she held at the store. This seance was attended by numerous staff members and local press/photographers.

One of these cameras managed to snap a now famous photograph that paranormal experts believe is the image of Crazy Johnny, standing in the background of the seance, watching proceedings.

haunted toys r us sunnyvale ca

Only one of the cameras managed to capture the image of this strange character and nobody at the seance remembers anyone standing in that position in the room. It’s also worth noting that all of the cameras were facing the same way – why did only one of them pick up this ghostly figure?

haunted toys r us california

Sylvia ended the seance by telling Johnny that he could ‘move on’ to the next level – he was free to go. She then claims that Johnny replied to her and told her he was still waiting for his boss’s daughter, Beth.

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The San Pedro Haunted House

The San Pedro Haunted House

In this article we will be covering a report that a paranormal investigation team published concerning a San Pedro haunted house, back in 1989. A malevolent spirit or a power created by the emotional turmoil of it’s tenant?

You decide…

The Jackie Hernandez Case

Dr. Barry Taff and a cameraman named Barry Conrad got asked to investigate what is now known as ‘The Jackie Hernandez Case’ back in 1989. It involved a now infamous house located in San Pedro, California.

They were informed that the problem house was owned by a young lady named Jackie Hernandez – who openly admitted to having disturbing emotional issues in the past.

When the team arrived at the location they were told that the house frequently developed strange smells, and nobody could figure out where they were coming from?

On top of this, poltergeist activity seemed to be behind moving objects and strange apparitions had started appearing. One such apparition was a glowing cloud that tried to suffocate Hernandez – this cloud incident had been witnessed by several other visitors to the house.

The Paranormal Investigation Team

There was also a report concerning a strange dripping, slime-like substance appearing in the kitchen cupboards.

During their first investigation, the team kept on hearing a disturbingly loud sound coming from attic of the home. One of the team members later described the noise as sounding like a “200 pound rat” bouncing around the ceiling area.

Jeff Wheatcraft, a photographer with the team, decided to bite the bullet and enter the attic to snap some images of the entity. He was in the process of focusing in his first shot when an invisible force grabbed his camera and drove it into the floorboards!

The Second Investigation

The team returned to the San Pedro haunted house in September of that year. Wheatcraft was keen to get back into the attic but decided to take another team member, Gary Beihm, with him this time.

As the pair searched through the attic area an invisible force managed to wrap a clothesline around Wheatcraft’s neck and suspend him from one of the beams. Beihm managed to wrestle the photographer back down to the floor before he was strangled to death.

The Second Investigation

Over the next few days, the team began to realize that the events in the house were following Jackie Hernandez around. Could her emotional problems be creating the phenomena unconsciously?

By this point, Jackie had apparently developed a strong relationship with cameraman Barry Conrad – the team thought this relationship could be behind the poltergeist activity. It was thought that anyone who might be perceived as threat to Jackie’s relationship with Barry would end up being attacked by the paranormal force.

The Haunting Continues…

There are a few problems with the Jackie and Barry theory.

If this romantic link to the poltergeist was to be believed, then this would mean that this was strictly a haunting brought on by living subject.

But, the house has remained haunted ever since Jackie moved out – the owners claim that no tenant has managed to stay in the property for longer than 6 months.

Does a malevolent spirit haunt this house or did Jackie Hernandez manage to leave a residual power within it’s walls?

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Ghost Town Calico, California

Ghost Town Calico, California

The historic ghost town Calico, California is located partway between Yermo and Barstow, just north of the I95.

In 1875, silver was found in the Calico Mountains. A small rush started five years later when several more claims were filed for silver ore discoveries valued at $400 to $500 per ton.

Discovered in 1881, the Silver King became Calico’s most profitable mine. By 1882, many businesses had opened on the flat hill between the Odessa and Wall Street Canyons.

The name “Calico” was derived from the variety of colors found in the mountains. That same year a stamp mill was constructed to start processing the ore, and the weekly paper Calico Print began.

In 1883, borax was located in Borate, a town three miles to the east of Calico. Large numbers of miners left Calico to try their luck in Borate, and that same year a large portion of the camp was demolished by a fire.

Less than a year later more silver was found in Calico, bringing back many of the miners. With the population swelling to 2500 people, the town operated a school, churches, a literary group, two dozen saloons and many gambling establishments.

The Columbia Mill near Daggett, California

Many of the mines merged in 1884, and four years later a massive stamp mill was constructed on the bank of the Mojave River by Oro Grande Mining Company.

The mill cost $250 000, and would soon connect to the Silver King mill by the ten-mile-long Calico railroad.

The Calico Mining District evolved into one of the most lucrative mining districts in California by the late 1800’s. At its peak, Calico yielded $45 million in borax and $86 million in silver.

However, when the price of silver dropped to less than half its value in the mid-1890’s the railroad was disassembled and the town saw the end of borax mining by 1907.

The town was temporarily brought back to life by the building of a cyanide plant in 1917, although the site was abandoned again by 1935.

Knott’s Berry Farm Restoration

Walter Knott purchased the site in 1950. Knott is the owner of Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, and as a child had spent a great deal of time visiting his uncle in the mining town.

During World War I Knott had assisted in building a silver mine.

The “Calico & Odessa” short line railroad is one of the attractions Knott refurbished. It travels through the canyons and past the mines.

One-third of the town contains the original structures, and the portions that have been restored have been built to display the history of the town.

Knott generously gave the town of Calico to San Bernardino County as a donation in 1966, which now operates the site as a County Regional Park.

The town is no longer a decrepit shadow of its former glory due to the efforts by Walter Knott, although it still shows the history of the former mining site.

Historians provide walking tours of the town, and the railroad runs within the borders of the site. Visitors can explore the blacksmith’s workshop, the saloons, and a school, along with a gold panning operation.

At the silver mine, visitors can explore underground to get a true feeling of the mining town.

The site is open from 8 AM to dusk each day. For tourists who wish to stay longer, there are camping cabins, bunkhouses, and a full-service campground located in the canyons just below the town.

The prices are reasonable, both for admission and for services found within the town.

In addition to the attractions, the town is known for being haunted…

Calico Spirits

Lucy Bell King Lane is the most commonly spotted ghost. At the age of ten, Lucy relocated with her family to the town of Bismarck, which overlooked Calico.

Lucy would slide down the hill to Calico to attend school, and hike up again at the end of the day.

She married John Robert Lane when she was 18, and they opened a store that sold cloth, hardware, nails, and other supplies.

In 1899, the pair left Calico. Their store had a brief brush with success before the fall of the silver market. The couple didn’t leave for long – in 1916 they returned to their former store, this time making it a home.

In 1920, they moved house to the former courthouse, which had also been a post office. John passed away in 1934, leaving Lucy to live in the house alone until her death in 1967.

Their home is now a museum dedicated to their lives, along with displays of photographs, mining equipment, and Native American items from before the mining era.

Lucy is still spotted in their former home and the couple’s store and is frequently seen walking back and forth between the two.

Often reports say she wears a full-length black lace dress, which is likely the gown she was buried in.

As well, pictures remove themselves from the walls and her favorite rocking chair rocks itself. Clerks at Lane’s General Store report hearing noises they can’t explain and movements in their peripheral vision.

Although Lucy is the most frequently seen resident of Calico, she isn’t alone. Several visitors have seen a small girl at the school house, approximately ten or eleven years old, who waves as people walk by.

There is another child who pinches visitor’s ankles, and strange red lights floating around the school.

Two British tourists had one of the most incredible visits to Calico. The pair took pictures with a woman in a period-appropriate dress at the school who described her experience as a woman named Margaret Oliver, the last teacher in Calico.

Upon arriving home, the pair found the woman did not appear in any of their photos, and there had not been any staff working at the school house at the time they had been there.

The Maggie Mine is one of the dozens of mines found in the hills around the town. Once known for generating $13 million in silver, the 1000 feet of tunnels are now open to exploration by visitors. Several paranormal experiences have been reported by tourists.

Stories of random cold spots and feeling one’s hair stand up have been shared, most commonly in the section of the mine that the Mulcahey Brothers made their home.

Some areas of the mine are not accessible to visitors, and mannequins have been placed around the mine to add to the ghostly atmosphere.

Close to this mine is Hank’s Hotel, the site where people experience feeling a tugging on their clothes and hands.

Although the hotel was once owned by an aggressive cowboy who once assaulted a tourist who sat on his fence, these incidents have been attributed to a young child who wanders along the boardwalk outside the hotel.

Tumbleweed Harris is also said to interact with visitors. The last marshal of the town has been seen on the boardwalk.

The Calico Corral is also popular with the spirits, where the sounds of a celebration are commonly heard coming from the barn.

One of the first buildings in Calico was Lil’s Saloon. Today a piano and a large crowd can often be heard coming from the building, despite the building being empty at the times the noise is heard. It is also common to hear spurs in the same area.

On the edges of the town, a woman named Esmerelda has been seen at the former theater wearing a long white dress. The building is now the R&D Fossils & Minerals Shop.

The spirits in Calico aren’t all people. A mail-carrying dog named Dorsey has been spotted near the cemetery and the Print Shop.

Postmaster Jim Stacy found Dorsey in 1883, and immediately adopted him. As well as being the Postmaster, Stacy had business interests in a mine in Bismarck.

It wasn’t long before Dorsey started carrying letters to and from Stacy’s partner in Bismarck. This gave Stacy the idea to have the dog work as a mail carrier, and for the next three years, Dorsey carried mail between the two towns.

In 1972, Kenny Rogers released an album titled The Ballad of Calico, which featured a song named “Dorsey, the Mail Carrying Dog”.

The spirits in Calico don’t seem to be malicious, so if you’re interested in haunted towns, consider visiting the ghost town of Calico, California.

The Case of The Screaming Woman

The Case of The Screaming Woman

Scary stories almost always fascinate people. Not only does the audience listening get the chills up their spine, but also the narrator gets his thrills from the way he describes the chilling encounter…

The Location

The legend of the screaming woman is said to have taken place on State Route 152, which runs through California – from Watsonville in south Santa Cruz County to Route 99 approximately 30 miles north of Fresno.

Truckers find this particular stretch of the Expressway preferable for transporting their goods between Monterey Bay and San Joaquin Valley.

The Legend

This incident is said to have occurred quite a few years ago. Hitch-hiking is a common feature on this route and some truckers feel obliged to stop and help these tired travelers.

One such case is of this young woman who was hitching a ride and got a lift from a trucker. The story goes on to say that she died on this journey and although the cause of death is not clear, there are many interpretations of the same.

Some say it was when the truck accidentally drove off the road or was involved in a crash, while others prefer to relate the version where she was murdered by the trucker.

The Apparition

No matter which way the story is being told, the ghost sighting of this young woman is normally the same.

According to this saga, commuters on the route have reportedly seen a phantom truck motoring down the highway with her screaming as she is seated in the passenger seat.

There are also instances of motorists travelling the route alone after dark, accounting their tale of her suddenly appearing in the passenger seat of their car.

She apparently sits there for a brief moment, screams and vanishes as abruptly as she appeared

Variation Sources

The adaptation of this urban legend is said to be similar to others of its kind. The reports of this young screaming hitch-hiker in the moving phantom truck are possibly a variant of the commonly narrated stories of a “ghost wagon” or “ghost car” that are popular all over U.S.

The other version has traces of the “vanishing hitchhiker”, although there are differences in this tale.

In the story of the “vanishing hitchhiker”, there are two occupants in the car and after this paranormal encounter; they meet the parents of the deceased woman.

But in the case of the screaming woman, she merely appears and vanishes into the night- ending the account.


The bottom line of this tale is simply about a ghost of a tormented young woman who means no harm. Given the two variations of this story of the screaming woman, one is definitely spookier than the other.

The sighting of a monstrous truck with a screaming woman is without doubt is something that will frighten you, but the fact that it is just something that you witness makes it somewhat easier to comprehend.

On the other hand, imagine the scenario where you are driving in the darkness of the night, when what you encounter is something within the confines of your own vehicle.

Although the ghost is said to be harmless, the danger of losing control of your car makes this version definitely more terrifying.

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The Winchester House Hauntings

The Winchester House Hauntings

In San Jose, California, stands one of the most famous haunted houses in America – Winchester House.

It’s paranormal activity has now propelled it’s status to a modern ghost hunting landmark – it also runs daily public tours for ghost-hungry visitors!

In this article we will be taking a look at the ​Winchester House hauntings that put this paranormal attraction on the map…


Sarah Winchester was the sole heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune. Her story was a tragic one as she had lost her daughter (Annie) and husband (John) in quick succession.

Suffering from the dark grief of the ones she lost she decided to pack up her New Haven home and move to California.

Sarah Winchester

Just before she left she decided to visit a local medium to get some sort of closure on her lost family members.

The medium informed her that her daughter and husband had died because of a curse linked to her family. The curse was down to the amount of people killed at the barrel end of a Winchester rifle.

She was told that she must set up this new house in California in an attempt to house all of the spirits that were making up this strange curse.

She duly obliged…

The Catch

Unfortunately the medium also included a catch to this spirit house plan. Sarah was told that if she ever stopped working on this new Californian house the spirits would turn on her and take her life.

The House

Sarah didn’t mess about – as soon as she got to California she began work on this new building for herself and the spirits.

She lived at the site when the house was being built and continued to summon the spirits on a daily basis (including her husband).

She had a bell tower added and would ring it to summon the spirits at night, and ring it again to dismiss them.

There was a summoning room built into the center of the house but only Sarah herself was ever allowed to go in there.

Winchester Mystery House

Locals began to question the sanity of Sarah due to the rather strange look and feel of the house. Windows seemed to be built linked directly to doors along with numerous house staircases with 13 steps each.

A large majority of these 13 step staircases led straight up to the ceilings in the house…and nobody knew why?

Eventually Sarah revealed that these strange home designs were put in place to confuse the evil spirits that had once used a Winchester gun to kill.

Unfortunately she never really explained her fascination with the number 13…

The steps totaling 13, the 13th bathroom having 13 windows, 13 drain holes in the kitchen sink, most windows had 13 panes of glass, there were 13 cupolas in the greenhouse and the walls had 13 panes!

The Winchester House Hauntings

There have been a number of strange events reported at the Winchester House for many years and they continue to be reported today.

Numerous psychics have visited the impressive building and all of them seem to believe that the summoned spirits still reside in certain rooms.

The Winchester House Hauntings

New paranormal reports seemed to surface when the house was eventually opened up to the public. Footsteps; banging doors; mysterious voices; smashed windows; cold areas in rooms; floating lights and doors that seem to open and slam shut by themselves.

There have even been reports of Sarah’s ghostly figure walking down the various twisted stairwells within the house…

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