The James Dean Cursed Car

The James Dean Cursed Car

This article will be taking a closer look at the infamous James Dean cursed car, which he died in. Did the famous Hollywood actor somehow manage to bestow a sinister curse on his beloved Porsche 550 Spyder?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Rebel

James Dean managed to stand out from the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood actors due to the fact that his career was short, and his special link to rebellion and non-conformity.

Dean was not exactly ‘well liked’ by his Hollywood peers – he was often disruptive on set and went into dark, unexplainable mood swings. Before long, the Hollywood elite came up with a nickname for the young actor – Little Bastard.

james dean porsche curse

Dean seemed to take to this personal moniker, and ended up having it sprayed onto his Porsche 550 Spyder – a top of the range car he bought during the filming his 3rd and final film Giant.

The car had a strange aura surrounding it, and many Hollywood workers refused to go anywhere near it. Bond girl Ursula Andress is said to have refused to ever sit in it. Legendary British actor Alec Guinness even went as far as telling Dean that “If you get in that car you will be found dead in it by this time next week.”

Dean didn’t listen to him, and a week later died in the car on his way to Salinas, California.


James Dean was well known for having a fascination with fast cars – so much so, that Warner Brothers Studios had forbid him from driving when he was filming Giant

Dean was also known for having a morbid fascination with witchcraft and the Macabre. He apparently told those closest to him, on several occasions, that he was destined to die young.

On September the 30th, 1955, Dean and his mechanic headed out towards Salinas to drive the Spyder in a number of races. At one point in the journey, Dean was pulled over and given a ticket for speeding (no surprise there!).

Hours later Dean crashed the car at an intersection – he died from his injuries on impact.

He was just 24.

james dean car cursed

The Curse

An unnamed man apparently purchased the wreckage of Dean’s Spyder, and proceeded to make money selling off various parts of it.

Two doctors, who liked to race in their spare time, bought various items off the car. They eventually took part in a race against each other 13 months after Dean died, and both had accidents in that race.

One of the doctors managed to get away with just serious injuries…the other died.

There are also claims that the State Highway Patrol used the wreckage of Dean’s car to promote safe driving speeds around the country. Apparently, numerous individuals, who stole parts of the car at these ‘demonstrations’, met grizzly and untimely ends.

james dean little bastard curse

On one occasion a garage holding the wreckage apparently caught fire. Everything in the garage was destroyed…but the sinister car somehow survived.

The wreckage finally disappeared, although the rumors linked to it did not…

One man claims to have got hold of two of surviving wheels from the Spyder…and was nearly killed once he had fitted them to his car.

Another man claims to have got hold of various ‘legit’ parts of the Spyder online, and has fitted them into a Spyder he has collected. This man is apparently fully aware of the curse, and has never managed to build up enough courage to drive his car.

Sounds like a sensible guy!

The spirit of James Dean is frequently spotted on the highway he died on – do you think his apparition is linked to the so-called curse on his beloved car?

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Jenny Groesbeck – The Voice

Jenny Groesbeck - The Voice

On the night of Friday, March the 6th, 2015, Jenny Groesbeck and her daughter, Lily, left her parent’s house in Salem and headed home for Springfield.

Tragedy struck when Jenny lost control of her vehicle and ended up in the Spanish Fork River

The Wreck

The vehicle was not discovered for a whole 14 hours – eventually a fisherman happened upon it.

He called in the emergency services who arrived thinking the car was probably an abandoned vehicle. When they managed to get closer to the wreck they then realized that there was someone inside!

The Wreck

They were in process of discussing what they were going to do with the situation, when they heard a female’s voice pleading for help.

They instantly dropped the discussion and returned to the car – they flipped the crashed vehicle and noticed there were actually two people inside it.

The Cry

The mother, Jenny Groesbeck, was dead, but her daughter Lily was still hanging on to life.

She was rushed to hospital and the emergency service workers were treated for hypothermia at the same nearby hospital.

The Cry

They later found out that Jenny had actually died on impact when the car crashed – who had been calling for help from inside the twisted wreck?

Lily was just a baby, and unconscious throughout the whole ordeal…but the rescuers stood by what they experienced – someone called for help from inside the vehicle.

A Mother’s Love

Jenny’s family are in no doubt that she somehow managed to transcend the veil between life and death to call out for help.

Her love for Lily was so strong, she would have found a way to get her to safety.

A Mother's Love

Lily spent approximately a week in the ICU while recovering, doctors were fearful that she would wake with severe brain damage after the 14 hour ordeal.

She made a full recovery.

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