Could Dinosaurs Still Exist?

Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

The blockbuster Hollywood movie Jurassic Park suggested that dinosaurs could live through our planet’s current conditions – many cryptozoologists even believe that certain dinosaur species survived the big bang.

Could dinosaurs still exist?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Mokèlé-Mbèmbé

Abbé Lievain Bonaventure was a French missionary who published works on his travels through the Congo River region in 1776.

Some of his writings told about a huge clawed monster footprint he had come across that was over three feet long.

It is thought that this is the earliest known reference to the western world of Mokèlé-Mbèmbé – a famous water beast that pops up in Congo folklore.

This beast tends to divide opinion – certain locals believe it is a real beast, of flesh and bone, whilst others believe it is a powerful spirit.

The Mokèlé-Mbèmbé

Over the last few decades, numerous cryptozoologists have taken an interest in this beast. After a lot of research, and interviews with the local tribe people – they believe that this creature is in fact a Sauropod dinosaur.

Numerous expeditions, dating back as far as over two centuries ago, have set out to try and capture the Mokèlé-Mbèmbé.

Over the last decade a number of television shows have filmed documentaries following attempted expeditions to find proof on the creature.

Unfortunately, none of them have been able to locate any concrete proof on the creature’s existence…but many of them have encountered large unexplained tracks near rivers.

Some expedition members have even reported hearing loud ‘demonic’ roars throughout the night.

Back in 1959, a group of missionaries stumbled across a tribe who told them that the Mokèlé-Mbèmbé had recently been captured and killed.

The tribesmen who slayed the beast, apparently devoured it’s meat and died shortly afterwards.

They believe that the creature’s meat still harnessed some of it’s amazing powers – and that’s what killed the men who consumed it.

Lake Tele

In 1988 a Japanese film crew captured some aerial footage over Lake Tele for a documentary…and it seemed to capture a beast that looked like the Mokèlé-Mbèmbé.

do some dinosaurs still exist

The footage shows some sort of object causing a disturbance and a noticeable wake in the water – it appears for about 15 seconds in total.

Numerous cryptozoologists believe that this could well be the fabled beast…whilst many skeptics point to the fact that it is probably some sort of elephant.

African Dinosaurs

Another breed of dinosaur, that natives believe still lives in Africa, is the Emela-ntouka species.

On top of this there are reports of the Ngoubou, which is said to have 6 horns on it’s head and the Nguma-monene – a dragon-like creature that also lives in the water.

In 1932 two photographs surfaced from the Congo that captured the beast known as Kasai Rex. This beast was apparently in the process of attacking, and killing a rhinoceros when the images were snapped.

do dinosaurs exist today

The photographs were eventually proven to be fakes, but there have been numerous other reports covering this Tyrannosaur over the years.

One of these reports claims that a man was killed when driving his jeep through the valley. Apparently Kasai Rex appeared from nowhere and snatched him right out of the jeep as it sped past!

Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

These are just some of the modern-day dinosaur reports that are floating about – there are many, many more.

Australia has the Burrunjor, whilst Scotland has the world famous Nessie (The Loch Ness Monster)…

If you have any cryptozoology examples you would like to include in this article, please leave them in the comment section below.