The Goatman Urban Legend

The Goatman Urban Legend

In this article we will be taking a look at the strange entity behind the Goatman urban legend that has surfaced around Beltsville in Maryland, Louisville in Kentucky, and Fort Worth in Texas.

Does an axe-wielding half man/half goat creature really exist…or are the rumors nothing more than urban legends?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Goatman Legends

For just over half a century now, teenagers in the small town called Beltsville have passed down stories involving a sinister creature. This creature is thought to haunt the local woods and a stretch of road which ‘doubles’ as a lovers lane.

The first real ‘report’ involving this creature comes from 1957, when a randy couple decided to park on this secluded road for a bit of private time (the road is actually known as Fletchertown Road).

Without warning, something big hit the front bonnet of the car, making a terrible crashing sound.

When they looked up, they saw an extremely tall horned figure staring down at them…holding a double-edged axe!

For some reason the creature didn’t hang about, and ran off into the night just seconds after frightening them.

The Goatman Legends


This 1957 sighting was the first ever recorded incident involving the Goatman…but many more followed over the years.

It is said to be between 7-8 feet tall and weighing 300 pounds. It has a normal (yet tall) upper body with the head and legs/feet of a goat.

Some witnesses claim that the creature is completely covered with a strange fur, whilst others have reported it only being partially covered in hair.

Over the years the creature seems to have got more and more violent in it’s ways. The first few incidents involved the entity merely watching young lovers – scaring them.

Move on a couple of decades, and the legend now involves the creature chasing a young man through the forest and eventually decapitating him!

This report was followed by hundreds of locals claiming that the Goatman had captured and killed their pet in the middle of the night.

kentucky goatman legend

The Sexual Predator

Why does this strange creature have such a fascination with young lovers?

Well, modern-day incidents seem to indicate that the Goatman is now creeping into homes in the middle of the night…and raping unsuspecting men and women.

Is this what he/she has learned over the years – from watching numerous young lovers in their cars?


Many believe the stories began due to the presence of an old hermit that lived in the area in the 1960’s. This strange man was often seen walking down Fletchertown Road in the dead of night.

Another theory involves a scientist that used to work in the area – carrying tests out on goats. He apparently went mad (for no particular reason!) and started to stalk the area at night…dressed as a goat!

goatman legend texas

The most popular theory simply centers around a local farmer who lost his temper after local youths killed some of his goat herd. He then took to the woods and road to exact revenge…night after night.

The Goatman Urban Legend

Stories of a similar creature are also told in Fort Worth, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky. A real entity…or nothing more than a local urban legend?

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Could Dinosaurs Still Exist?

Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

The blockbuster Hollywood movie Jurassic Park suggested that dinosaurs could live through our planet’s current conditions – many cryptozoologists even believe that certain dinosaur species survived the big bang.

Could dinosaurs still exist?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Mokèlé-Mbèmbé

Abbé Lievain Bonaventure was a French missionary who published works on his travels through the Congo River region in 1776.

Some of his writings told about a huge clawed monster footprint he had come across that was over three feet long.

It is thought that this is the earliest known reference to the western world of Mokèlé-Mbèmbé – a famous water beast that pops up in Congo folklore.

This beast tends to divide opinion – certain locals believe it is a real beast, of flesh and bone, whilst others believe it is a powerful spirit.

The Mokèlé-Mbèmbé

Over the last few decades, numerous cryptozoologists have taken an interest in this beast. After a lot of research, and interviews with the local tribe people – they believe that this creature is in fact a Sauropod dinosaur.

Numerous expeditions, dating back as far as over two centuries ago, have set out to try and capture the Mokèlé-Mbèmbé.

Over the last decade a number of television shows have filmed documentaries following attempted expeditions to find proof on the creature.

Unfortunately, none of them have been able to locate any concrete proof on the creature’s existence…but many of them have encountered large unexplained tracks near rivers.

Some expedition members have even reported hearing loud ‘demonic’ roars throughout the night.

Back in 1959, a group of missionaries stumbled across a tribe who told them that the Mokèlé-Mbèmbé had recently been captured and killed.

The tribesmen who slayed the beast, apparently devoured it’s meat and died shortly afterwards.

They believe that the creature’s meat still harnessed some of it’s amazing powers – and that’s what killed the men who consumed it.

Lake Tele

In 1988 a Japanese film crew captured some aerial footage over Lake Tele for a documentary…and it seemed to capture a beast that looked like the Mokèlé-Mbèmbé.

do some dinosaurs still exist

The footage shows some sort of object causing a disturbance and a noticeable wake in the water – it appears for about 15 seconds in total.

Numerous cryptozoologists believe that this could well be the fabled beast…whilst many skeptics point to the fact that it is probably some sort of elephant.

African Dinosaurs

Another breed of dinosaur, that natives believe still lives in Africa, is the Emela-ntouka species.

On top of this there are reports of the Ngoubou, which is said to have 6 horns on it’s head and the Nguma-monene – a dragon-like creature that also lives in the water.

In 1932 two photographs surfaced from the Congo that captured the beast known as Kasai Rex. This beast was apparently in the process of attacking, and killing a rhinoceros when the images were snapped.

do dinosaurs exist today

The photographs were eventually proven to be fakes, but there have been numerous other reports covering this Tyrannosaur over the years.

One of these reports claims that a man was killed when driving his jeep through the valley. Apparently Kasai Rex appeared from nowhere and snatched him right out of the jeep as it sped past!

Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

These are just some of the modern-day dinosaur reports that are floating about – there are many, many more.

Australia has the Burrunjor, whilst Scotland has the world famous Nessie (The Loch Ness Monster)…

If you have any cryptozoology examples you would like to include in this article, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Cottingley Fairy Incident

The Cottingley Fairy Incident

I can remember coming across the photographs from the Cottingley fairy incident in a school library publication when I was about 10 – at the time, they completely blew me away!

In this article we will be taking a look at the story behind the famous paranormal images Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright gave to the world…only to take them back again in the 80’s…

Frances and Elsie

Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright were relatives that ended up living in the same house in mid 1917. The two young ladies got on like a house on fire, and spent every waking hour together.

Most days they could be found messing about at the stream that ran through the bottom of the Cottingley property.

When the adults would ask what they were doing down there – they would simply reply that they were playing with the fairies!

Frances and Elsie

Before long the two girls got sick of the adults laughing at their fairy claims, and borrowed a family camera to take down to the stream to prove their existence.

The girls returned about an hour later and handed the camera to Elsie’s father, Arthur, who set off to his amateur darkroom to develop the photographic plate.

At first Arthur was shocked by what he saw – images of the girls playing around the stream with fairies dancing by them…but then he passed it off as a clever teenage joke!

Several months later the girls returned to Arthur with a picture of Elsie holding out a hand to a gnome…

Enough was enough – he banned the girls from using his camera again!

Are These REAL Fairies?

A few years later, Elsie’s mother was attending a lecture on fairies at the Bradford Theosophical Society. Because of the lecture subject – she decided to take the fairy photos along.

Things seemed to snowball a little bit from here – the public got hold of these images pretty quickly!

Are These REAL Fairies?

Most people decided that these images were clever forgeries, so Edward Gardner, head of the national Theosophical Society, stepped in to find out if they were indeed tampered with.

The experts he contacted concluded the images were real and genuine, with no apparent tampering.


In 1920, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) and Edward Gardner decided to ask the two young ladies if they could maybe capture some more images of these wonderful creatures.

They handed the girls a brand new camera, and Gardner waited for them as they went down to the stream – apparently the fairies would not appear if Frances and Elsie brought visitors with them!

They returned about an hour later with several new shots of the fairies. Gardner contacted Doyle immediately and Doyle was over the moon – a famous spiritualist, Doyle had been waiting for years to get his hands on some sort of confirmation of the paranormal.

The 4th Fairy Photo

The photo’s appeared in the December 1920 issue of The Strand Magazine, to mixed reactions, and Doyle started receiving reports from all over the world…involving incidents with fairies.

With these reports, he eventually created a book in 1922 titled The coming of the Fairies – resulting in many questioning his credibility and integrity.

The Fake Fairies

The girls managed to keep the act up until old age – in 1983 the two cousins admitted to faking the photographs.

The fairies were actually cut out female figures from a book titled Princess Mary’s Gift Book. They then suspended these figures on hatpins for the photos.

Once the photos had been taken, the two girls threw the paper fairy constructions into the stream, so all the evidence was washed away!

Frances passed away in 1986, followed by Elsie in 1988.

It’s worth noting that both girls were still convinced that ‘real’ fairies lived at the end of their garden…even though the photographs they produced were fake…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Cottingley fairy incident, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Missouri Monster Sightings

The Missouri Monster Sightings

Bigfoot, the Yeti and Sasquatch all seem to grab the headlines when is comes to big hairy cryptids running around rural locations…

But how many of you have heard about Momo?

In this article we will be taking a look at the less famous Missouri Monster sightings – which rocked the area during the early 1970’s.

Early Sightings

The earliest sightings of Momo came from hunters before the area of southeastern Missouri was drained to become a rich farmland.

Numerous hunters describe taking aim and shooting at a large, dark-haired beast.

The sightings then seemed to stop for nearly thirty years.

Then, without warning, the beast reappeared in 1968 in a St. Louis suburb, when it ambushed a child playing in it’s backyard, and tried to drag it off into the woods.

The child’s aunt, noticed what was going on through the kitchen window, and chased the beast off – luckily it dropped the child before darting off into a nearby wooded area.

Joan Mills and Mary Ryan

Joan Mills and Mary Ryan were in a middle of a journey along Highway 79 in 1971 when they decided to stop off and have a spot of lunch – a picnic.

They were busy tucking into their food when the two of them were overcome with a terribly foul odor.

They looked up to see a strange half-ape and half-man creature in the nearby woods.

Joan Mills and Mary Ryan

Ryan later stated that the beast had a human face, but it’s body was completely covered in hair, except for it’s hands.

It started to make a move towards the women, making a gurgling sound as it walked. The two women managed to make it to their car and lock their doors.

The creature started pulling at the car doors…and the women had forgotten to pick up the car keys…so they frantically started to honk the horn.

Thankfully, the sound of the horn was enough to scare the creature back into the thicket.

The Harrison Brothers

In July of 1972, eight-year-old Terry Harrison, and his little brother Wally, were busy messing about in the woods behind their house.

Doris, their elder sister, was in the house doing some chores…she suddenly heard the two boys scream out in terror.

The Harrison Brothers

She looked out of the window and saw a hairy beast over seven feet tall standing right next to her brothers – it held a dead dog in it’s hands.

The family dog managed to bark the creature and it’s dog-corpse off into the woods…but mysteriously fell seriously ill afterwards.

A local investigation later discovered clumps of hair, and several footprints were in the area next to the house.

The Gail Suddarth Hoax

Gail Suddarth was seven years old when the hysteria surrounding Momo the monster struck the Louisiana area in 1972.

On a summer day, when she was bored, she decided to create her very own ‘monster footprint’ in the mud.

She then told her parents that she’d found a Momo footprint…and they believed her!

Before she could admit to what she’d done – experts were all over her garden taking plaster casts of the monster footprint. They also believed it was the real deal…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Missouri Monster sightings we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Ghost Moose of Maine

The Ghost Moose of Maine

In this article we will be covering the ghost moose of Maine – first reported back in the early 1900’s.

Is this giant white creature (nearly 10 feet in height) based on fact…or fiction?

Eyewitness Hunter Reports

This paranormal creature first came to light through hunter’s eyewitness accounts. They claimed it had a very strange glowing white hue to it’s coat and it’s antlers were completely over-sized (when compared to ‘normal’ moose breeds!).

Many of these reports also claim that the animal had a near supernatural sense of hearing and smell – whenever it was approached, no matter how quietly, it would suddenly disappear and materialize meters away.

A lot of these hunters actually set out to capture or kill this paranormal beast but were always thwarted when they took aim – the strange entity would simply disappear before they could pull the trigger!

One report that exists, involving hunters named Gilman Brown and Granville Gray, claims that both men managed to get the moose in their sights, from different vantage points…but the creature simply disappeared before they could shoot.

The First Sighting

The first sighting of the Ghost Moose of Maine was reported by a man named M.A. Cushing. He apparently came across this glowing animal in the Chairback Mountain area in the Katahdin region.

This first encounter seemed to be the catalyst for numerous other sightings, it was constantly spotted in the forests of the Chesuncook region up until about 1938.

Ghost Moose Filmed
A Rare White Moose Filmed in Sweden

The most famous of these ’38 sightings was from a witness listed simply as ‘Houston’. He claimed to be crossing a particularly tricky bog to get to a herd of moose.

Right next to this herd was a small gathering of larger bull moose…one of which glowed a pure brilliant white. He also claimed that this moose stood at least a meter taller than it’s surrounding counterparts.

Unfortunately, this Houston character was well known for liking a drink or two – so skeptics immediately jumped on the bandwagon and claimed he had mistaken a white horse for this moose.

Houston hit back at these claims pointing out that he was completely sober and he was an experienced hunter, besides, how could a white horse suddenly spout antlers?

The Ghost Moose

Was this spectral animal nothing more than an albino addition to the moose family or was it indeed a paranormal entity?

More recent reports have had this ‘white moose’ popping up in Canada – these incidents have led to a Canadian forest being nicknamed White Moose Forest.

Cryptozoology, paranormal entity or mistaken identity – what is the explanation behind this strange beast?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Kikiyaon – Terrifying Mythical Creatures

Kikiyaon - Terrifying Mythical Creatures

In this article we will be covering one of the most terrifying mythical creatures in African folklore – the Kikiyaon.

Is this cryptid animal based on a age-old bedtime story or is there some truth behind it’s existence?

The Kikiyaon

The Kikiyaon is a cryptozoology subject that has been reported numerous times in the Gambia, Africa.

Often referred to as ‘soul cannibal’ or ‘soul eater’, it is said to resemble a huge feathered owl with a 20 foot wingspan (approximately).

There are also other reports that label the creature as more of a humanoid gargoyle-looking entity that can transform into an owl-beast and take to the skies.

It is known to have deep red eyes with clawed feet – it also has long razor-like nails on each hand.

The Kikiyaon is a cryptozoology subject

The Undead Power

The Kikiyaon is often referred to as the ‘soul cannibal’ or ‘soul eater’ because of it’s magical abilities to transform it’s victims into zombies.

Numerous African tribes are convinced that this creature can capture a man’s soul and leave him an empty vessel – the walking dead!

The creature has vampire-like qualities that deliver this soul eating blow – it’s said to creep into people’s bedrooms at night to sink it’s long teeth into their neck. When it has finished with it’s bite – it has captured the victim’s soul.

The Undead Power

The zombie state that the Kikiyaon unleashes does not last forever. Once it’s teeth has broken your skin, and your soul is captured, an illness takes over the body…that claims it within days.

I recently read an article that claimed this ‘Kikiyaon illness’ was the inspiration behind the zombie disease used in the classic Night of The Living Dead – Although I’ve not been able to confirm this.

Eyewitness Reports

Over the years, African locals have reported seeing this cryptid dash across the Gambian plains at ridiculous speeds. They also claim that a strange rotting smell follows the creature, wherever it goes!

A well known cryptozoologist named Bernard Heuvelmans decided that it was about time someone looked into this African ‘myth’ – he was famous for certain reports that covered the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti.

After months of research in Africa, he came to the conclusion that this vampire-like creature was nothing but mistaken identity. He suspected that the locals had turned a ‘regular’ creature into something it was not – a legend brought to life by fear.

Local African tribes do not agree with his findings.

What are your thoughts on this creature – fact or fiction?

Do you believe this so-called myth actually exists or do feel it is nothing more than mistaken identity?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.