Demon in My House – The Man in Black

Demon in My House - The Man in Black

Over the last couple of months, I’ve come across a report several times on several different websites, so I don’t really know where it originated from?

What I do know, is that the incident was first handed over to someone who works in the paranormal field, and they let it loose on the internet…

There is a demon in my house – help me get rid of it…

Incident – It Came For Me

The (anonymous) guy in question lives a few miles outside of Omaha in Nebraska, so his closest neighbor is at least a mile away.

One night he awoke at just before midnight to the sound of his dog going nuts and barking at the front door. He jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see what all the fuss was about.

He eventually managed to drag the dog away from the door, then cautiously peered out into the night to see what was happening…

A tall, middle aged man in a black fedora and a dark overcoat stood on his porch.

Can I Come in?

The dark man looked up and politely asked if he could come in as he was stranded and he needed to get a little warmth into his bones.

He was let in – but something felt ‘wrong’ about him – something was telling the guy behind this report, not to let him in.

Can I Come in?

The dog started to go a little nuts again and wouldn’t leave the home owner’s side – he was eventually locked away in the bedroom.

When the home owner came back downstairs, things started to get strangely interesting…

I Have Plans For You…

He walked back into the living room and was at last able to get a good look at the man in the black fedora. Something was not right with his eyes – they seemed dark and hollow, no life in them whatsoever.

The dark man suddenly looked up and spoke – “I have plans for you”.

A little freaked out, the owner of the house laughed “really?” back at him.

He laughed as he said it – but he claims he was now feeling a BAD vibe off the visitor, and was already picturing the .45 automatic in the drawer beside him.

The man in the fedora suddenly asked the man behind the report, to come outside with him…and the man, of course, refused.

This resulted in the dark visitor jumping out of his seat and lunging at the surprised house owner…who managed to grab his pistol from the open drawer.

The man in the fedora just smiled and said “you think that’s going to hurt me?”

He then smiled and showed his teeth at the house owner…who had seen enough…and emptied his clip into the frightening stranger.

I Have Plans For You...

The bullets seemed to go straight through the man in the fedora, who just stood there, and said “your destiny has now vanished.”

He then simply disappeared into thin air.

There’s a Demon in My House…

A really strange and frightening paranormal account – isn’t it?

I decided to post it up here is an attempt to get more information on it – to see if anyone out there knows more about this incident, as I find it fascinating.

The spirit/entity/demonic force has returned to this guy’s house several times – even his girlfriend has witnessed it.

He also believes that this ‘force’ ended up killing his dog, weeks after the original meeting.

He wants to get rid of it…

So there we have it – if you have any more information, or opinions on this subject. Please leave them in the comment section below.