The Ghosts of the Manila Film Center Tragedy

The Ghosts of the Manila Film Center Tragedy

This article will be taking a look at the harrowing Manila Film Center tragedy of November the 17th, 1981, and the paranormal activity that followed the incident…

Please Call my Family…

As a man walks past the now abandoned Manila Film Center in the mid 1990’s, he notices a man shuffling towards him gingerly. Without warning, this stranger hands over a calling card and asks the man if he would please call up his family.

A strange request, but the man is intrigued to find out more – he asks why he needs him to phone his family.

The stranger tells him that he needs to relay a message – that he wants them to be informed that he is okay, and he will be free soon.

The man agrees, and phones the stranger’s family up.

When he starts explaining to the family member who he is with, and what their message is…he is suddenly stopped in his tracks. He is told that the man he is talking to died at this location…about a decade earlier…

The Manila Film Center History

The center was finally completed in 1982 and was going to be the main building used in the upcoming 1st Manila International Film Festival, which was organized by Imelda Marcos.

Marcos, the first lady of the Philippines, really liked the idea of mixing in big circles – especially internationally. She wanted her country to follow her ambitious visions…so she rushed the organization of the film center.

The Manila Film Center History
Imelda Marcos Accepting Flowers

The constructions started off pretty well…until Marcos started changing the plans and causing long delays, bypassing safety regulations in some instances.

She eventually managed to get over 4000 workers there, employed in three shifts, working 24 hours a day.

There were constant reports of these workers being ordered to cut corners…so they did…

The Manila Film Center Tragedy

Early morning, on November the 17th, 1981, and tragedy struck the construction area when a large portion of scaffolding collapsed and tipped 169 workers into quick drying cement.

Marcos and the authorities realized that this meant trouble – they had been ignoring safety measures far too frequently. Instead of sending for the emergency services…they simply closed off the area and put up a security blackout.

This blackout lasted for over nine hours in total, before the rescue services could get in. Some workers had managed to get themselves out of the cement, others had died in the fall…and some died stuck in the cement, from their injuries.

The Manila Film Center Tragedy

Marcos indicated that the area was closed off because she thought there was some form of sabotage on the construction…but many people believe she was trying to save face, and still get the building finished in time.

It is estimated that 15 of 169 workers died that day…but the building was eventually finished on time, and the film festival went ahead…

The Haunting

After the festival, the center was turned into a film archive and became quite a popular location…until an earthquake hit it in the mid 1990’s, leaving it abandoned for a decade. It was eventually reopened as a stage for a trans-gender acting and dance group.

We touched on the spirit of stranger who wants visitors to phone home…but there have been many other instances of paranormal activity recorded at the location.

Visitors frequently leave the building in distress after claiming they have heard cries and moans of distress, coming from the concrete foundations of the building. There have also been a handful of reports where witnesses have seen apparitions stuck in concrete partitions and flooring.

Many performers hate the late night rehearsals because the paranormal activity seems to escalate after dark. Many leave early after complaining about a crushing, claustrophobic feeling as they try and work.

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The Highland Towers Case

The Highland Towers Case

This article will be taking a closer look at the Highland Towers case of 1993, and the Malaysian spirits the tragedy left in it’s wake…

The Collapse

The Highland Towers were originally built as homes for the Malaysian middle class in the mid 1970’s. The towers blocks were built quite close to one another, at the base of a rather steep hill.

A creek ran straight through the same area as the tower blocks, but the authorities had developed a pipe system that diverted the water away from the towers.

In 1991, an new development started right next to the Highland Towers site. This new construction work involved removing all of the trees and plant life from the nearby hill.

Leaving it open to the elements…

Before long, the exposed hill land, and problems with the pipes diverting water, led to the hill soil becoming totally saturated.

At 1.35 pm, December the 11th, 1993, after 10 continuous days of rain and flooding, the hill’s soil finally gave way and crashed into Block 1 of the Highland Towers.

highland towers collapse

The twelve story building stood no chance – it crashed to the ground breaking into a series of large sections.

A total of 53 people died inside the doomed tower block.

The Taxi Driver’s Tale

In 1994, a local taxi driver notices a young woman signalling at the side of the road…in the pouring rain. He pulls over to let her in.

She get’s into the car and informs the driver that she would like to go to ‘Hillview’.

Something bugs the driver – when she speaks the words ‘Hillview’ a chill runs up his spine.

As they drive along the taxi driver attempts to strike up a conversation with the young woman…but she seems completely distracted…even a little distressed.

highland tower malaysia

On arrival at Hillview, the lady motions for the taxi to pull to the side of the road. The driver immediately recognizes the area – it’s the scene of the recent tragedy – The Highland Towers.

The taxi driver was fully aware that the buildings had been abandoned after the disaster, so he asks the woman what she is wanting to do at this location, in the middle of the night.

The young woman replies that she has left some very important possessions inside the building.

The driver feels the chill inside the car get stronger…and he asks the woman what these important possessions are?

She replies…

“My body and my life, I died here last year.”

The Highland Towers Tragedy

There are numerous paranormal reports linked to the Highland Towers tragedy – most of them coming from local taxi drivers in the area.

Locals to the Hillview area claim to frequently witness ghosts wandering through the trees of the building’s former site.

The Highland Towers Tragedy

It is an area that is popular with brave students – daring one another to walk deeper into the tower block areas…

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