The Ghosts of the Baskerville Hall Hotel

The Ghosts of the Baskerville Hall Hotel

In this article we will be taking a look at the ghosts of The Baskerville Hall Hotel in Hay-on-Wye, Wales, that are actually said to have been the inspiration for the famous Arthur Conan Doyle book…

The Hound of The Baskervilles

Baskerville Hall in Hay-on-Wye is the source of Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of The Baskervilles. He actually had to relocate The Baskervilles to the Cornwall area in order to protect the local people that were involved in the story.

The Baskervilles and the Vaughan families lived very close together, therefore, numerous marriages happened between their family members.

History informs us that the Vaughan family spent about a decade being terrorised by a black dog, and many believe that this incident was behind Doyle’s idea for the book.

However, locals point out that the book could well have been based on an incident that took place on the estate long before the Vaughan family lived in the area…

The Hound of The Baskervilles

The Useless Hound

Local legend states that a past master of Baskerville Hall brought in a large hound to tackle the wolf problem he was seeing on the estate.

One night the hound awoke from his slumber only to see a wolf in the distance, and he started barking and growling immediately. His master was alerted by the noise, and grabbed a spear and walked downstairs in the darkness.

He checked the garden area and failed to notice the wolf cowering in the darkness, then turned to his useless hound in anger – this was not the first time the dog had got him out of bed for no reason!

In his rage he stabbed the hound through the head with his spear…then noticed the wolf bolt off into the countryside…

The dog had been right after all.

Locals believe that this dog’s spirit has never really left the estate, and has been spotted on numerous occasions, prowling the garden areas looking for intruding animals.

past master of Baskerville Hall

The Wronged Dog

Many paranormal experts take the idea of this phantom dog with a pinch of salt, after all, Wales has it’s fair share of ‘the wronged dog’ legends.

But there are those that believe that this is a solid legend. If you look closely at the coat of arms of the Baskervilles, you will notice the head of a canine being pierced by a spear in it’s antique design.

The Ghosts of the Baskerville Hall Hotel

The ghostly hound of Baskerville Hall has plenty of paranormal entities to keep it company during it’s rounds…

Many visitors to the hall have reported bumping into an elegant gentleman on the grand staircase. There are also other reports of a gentleman ghost that tends to sit on the balconies of Rooms 3 to 7.

Some historians believe that these two ‘gentleman’ ghosts are linked to the lady in white that is sometimes spotted in the estate’s gardens.

The Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton

The Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton

This article will be taking a look at the mystery of the Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland…also known as the Dog Suicide Bridge…

The Overtoun Bridge Dogs

Since the 1950’s, the bridge has witnessed at least fifty, unexplained, dog deaths, which has earned it the gruesome title of ‘Dog Suicide Bridge’.

For some reason, most of the dog breeds seem to have been long-nosed, like Labradors or Retrievers.

The canine suicides only seem to take place on clear days, and there’s not that many of them in this part of Scotland! Also, they only jump off one side of the bridge.

There is a legend linked to this strange place – apparently centuries ago, a local man threw his baby over the bridge because he thought it had been possessed by a demon.

The Suicide Dogs

Over the last decade, the amount of dogs that have perished from the bridge has risen dramatically…and nobody knows why?

The story continues to attract widespread media attention – are these dogs really committing suicide?

Many paranormal experts believe that nearby Overtoun House is the epicenter of these strange happenings. Many locals believe that the house supports a ‘thin place’ – a location that connects Heaven and Earth.

The Suicide Dogs

A Scottish psychic named Mary Armour has spent a lot of sessions on the bridge, trying her best to find out what’s behind the strange suicides. She believes that some animals are hypersensitive to the spirit world.

She has also walked across the bridge many times with her own dog. She describes the bridge’s feeling as pure calmness and serenity. Her dog has not attempted to jump off, although it has gravitated towards the right-hand side of the bridge on every occasion (the side the dogs jump off!).

Dr Rupert Sheldrake

Biologist, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, believes that dogs have abilities beyond current scientific understanding, and he has also offered a theory to Overtoun Bridge.

He suggests that maybe the dogs are responding to some sort of human depressive impulse at the bridge which then causes suicide.

Could the dark past of the area have left a ‘footprint’ on the bridge that only dogs can pick up on?


Scottish Wildlife expert David Sexton has concluded that there are three main species active in the bridge area – mice, squirrel and mink.

Now, a recent study shows that a high percentage of dogs go for the smell of mink, probably because they are not native to Britain and they have a heavy smell.

It is thought that mink have only really started breeding in the UK since the 1950’s – around about the time when these strange suicides started.


Are these dogs flinging themselves over the brick walls of the bridge in excitement at the smell of mink…or is something more sinister, and paranormal, at work here?

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