Do I Have a Doppelganger?

Do I Have a Doppelganger?

In this article we will be taking a look at the dread-filled entities that are known as Doppelgangers. Often referred to as ‘Double Walkers’ – are these apparitions really a bad omen or portent of death?

The Doppelganger Mystery

The word Doppelgangers is German for ‘double walker’ and refers to a kind of evil twin version of a person.

They are thought to be an exact version of someone, but they are to be avoided, as they can be a bad omen.

It sounds a little bit ‘Twilight Zone’ BUT…many famous characters throughout history have reported seeing their dark twins…

Catherine the Great and Queen Elizabeth I reported meetings with their Doppelgangers shortly before they died. There are also reports suggesting that both Abe Lincoln and his wife witnessed the president’s Doppelganger stalking them…

The Madness of Guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant, the French writer, openly admitted that he had held numerous meetings with his own Doppelganger.

The Madness of Guy de Maupassant

Apparently, this Doppelganger even wrote a story for de Maupassant to publish – it was a about a man who goes crazy after meeting his Doppelganger.

In a twist of events, this is exactly what happened to the tragic author – he rapidly descended into madness and ending up dying in a mental asylum…a year after the story was penned.

The Emilie Sagee Doppelganger

Emilie Sagée was a 32-year-old French woman who was a teacher at Pensionat von Neuwelcke in Latvia.

In 1845, as she was teaching at the all girls school, her Doppelganger appeared next to her and mimicked her movements as she wrote on the blackboard.

There were thirteen students in class that day – all of them backed up her story (i.e. all of them saw the Doppelganger!).

The Emilie Sagee Doppelganger

On another occasion, her doppelgänger was seen by 42 students during a lesson.

The students, and their teacher, noticed Emilie walking around the school grounds. The teacher then had to leave the classroom to have a discussion with the headmistress.

All of a sudden, Emilie appeared in the teacher’s chair…as well as outside in the garden!

The students walked up to the apparition in the chair but were unable to touch it – some kind of force was protecting it.

The Thomas Meehan Case

Judge Thomas Meehan was on a car journey to meet up with his wife and kids back in February, 1963.

When he was about four hours away from his destination he phoned his wife to inform her that he was feeling a little unwell, and didn’t think he could drive.

His wife agreed with him and told him to rent a room somewhere and drive back the next day, when he felt better.

At half past six that evening, two people reported seeing Meehan’s car driving off the road into the brush of Eel River.

The Thomas Meehan Case

At the exact same time, witnesses reported seeing Meehan in the Emergency room of a hospital in Garberville. He was apparently walking around asking people if he looked alive.

At eight that same night, a Forty Winks Motel manager claimed to have had a conversation with Meehan. The manager noticed that the Judge’s shoes were making a squishing sound – as if they were full of water.

Meehan continually asked the hotel manager “Do I seem dead to you? I feel like I’m dead.”

A few hours later, one of the switchboard operators visited Meehan’s room to inform him that he could not get a call through to his wife.

He noticed that Meehan was now wearing different clothes than when he had checked in (formal black suit and tie)…but the judge did not bring any luggage to the hotel with him.

Meehan never checked out of the hotel, and was never seen there again.

They found his body 19 days later in the Eel River…not far from where his car was reported to have crashed.

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The Black Eyed Girl of Cannock Chase

The Black Eyed Girl of Cannock Chase

Paranormal reports covering the demonic black-eyed children have appeared in pop culture since the late 1990’s. Many believe that these supposed paranormal creatures who resemble children are nothing more than a twisted urban legend.

The remainder of us are not so sure…

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the paranormal report of the black eyed girl of Cannock Chase.

The Daily Star Reports

Throughout the period of September 2014, British tabloid newspaper The Daily Star ran a handful of front page articles covering the black eyed girl of Cannock Chase. This is an area in Staffordshire, England.

The reports were eventually taken up by a local paranormal investigator named Lee Brickley. He was determined to get to the bottom of this case as he had heard similar reports from this area…decades before…

The Girl

Brickley ended up tracking down an unnamed lady who claimed she had suddenly heard a terrifying scream, whilst waking with her daughter in a wooded area of Channock Chase. She immediately thought that a child was in danger, somewhere near her location, and started darting about the area to find the source of the scream.

After several minutes of desperately searching the woman and her daughter stopped to catch their breath. It was then that they felt a presence behind them.

They turned to find a young girl dressed in white standing there. She stood silently with her hands over her eyes – as if she was playing a game of ‘hide and seek’.

Black eyed girl

The woman slowly approached the young girl in white and asked if she was okay – the girl then removed her hands from her face revealing her eyes…

Brickley’s report states that the woman claimed:

“That’s when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no white, nothing, I jumped back and grabbed my daughter. When I looked again, the child was gone. It was so strange.”

Brickley’s Aunt

Lee Brickley’s report on the girl also contained information that he had obtained from his own aunt – she believed that she had encountered the very same girl, in the same area…30 years prior to the 2014 incident.

She claimed that in 1982, she had heard a small girl calling for help. She had turned to find there was a young girl, dressed in white, running away from her.

She ran after the child and eventually caught up with her. She placed a hand on her shoulder and the child turned around to reveal completely black eyes.

The young girl then continued running until she seemed to disappear into thin air!

Further Reports

Drone footage taken in April, 2015, was uploaded to YouTube after the pilot claimed he had managed to capture the black eyed girl of Cannock Chase on camera.

Cannock Girl in White
The Image Captured by The Drone

He claims that his drone flight camera unintentionally caught a strange girl in the background of it’s recording, standing there motionless, dressed in white…

Medium Christine Hamlett believes that she managed to capture a photograph of the girl in white. She also believes that her psychic gift has allowed her to ‘connect’ with the young spirit.

The Medium's Photograph
The Medium’s Photograph

Her conversations with the entity lead her to believe that the girl died during the Victorian era. She apparently lost her life to diphtheria – a disease that can cause a paralysis of the eyes, which makes them appear dark and sunken.

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Black Eyed Kids Sightings

Black Eyed Kids Sightings

The first black eyed kids sightings began to surface back in 1988 when journalist Brian Bethel claimed he met two of them near his car one day.

He noticed that the children were extremely confident and eloquent in their ways – not something you would normally attribute to kids of this age group.

Once he was inside the car the kids started to ask for a ride and he felt completely overpowered by their requests. He was just about to allow them into the car when he noticed their eyes were completely black with no iris or pupil.

The kids seem to realize that the game was up and began to get extremely angry with Bethel when he stopped them from entering the car. They became so insistent and freaky that Bethel quickly closed the door and sped of into the distance.

The Response

When this report was eventually put online it was met with numerous other witnesses who also claimed to have come in contact with these Black Eyed Kids.

The strange thing is that ALL of these reports seemed to go down the same ally – the kids are always attempting to get inside someone’s car!

One would think that these types of ‘entities’ would breed more adventurous tales but that has not been the case. For some reason they always want a lift somewhere.

Each case involves an excuse such as “I need to get home to my mother,” or something that implies the child is in need.

Stories Found Online

This is the type of paranormal report that can always go down the Slender Man route – a great freaky idea that has gathered pace due to the power of the internet.

There are thousands if not millions of people out there that take great pleasure out of winding up people who believe in the paranormal – this would be a simple story to gather pace and get people talking right?

Black eyed kids stories

The strange thing is that if we look logically into these stories about these children, we get to learn that all of them were asking to be let in. It’s as if they cannot get into the car without the driver giving permission first.

None of these reports have travelled further than this point – all of the drivers have so far rejected the requests of the children.

Begs the question really – what would happen if these children were let into the car?

Be Afraid…

Witnesses all claim that these children give off some sort of dark vibe when they are talking – those that meet them claim to feel threatened, panicked and even disoriented.

Some people have suggested that this is a side effect of their telepathic powers – the hypnotic suggestion they attempt to use to convince drivers to let them in.

Where do black eyed kids come

All of this sounds brutally familiar right? Do you know how many long-standing beliefs in religion include entities that NEED to be invited into your property before they can come in?

There is also the case of these entities taking on a child form – a very clever move that again has been covered in numerous religious texts.

The Black Eyed Kids

So what could they be? Why would a respected journalist like Brian Bethel make something like this up and attempt to ruin his own career?

Vampires, aliens, demonic forces…the list goes on and on!

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