The Firefighter Handprint

The Firefighter Handprint

This article will be covering the mysterious firefighter handprint that was visible on a Chicago fire station’s window for two decades. Was this the ghostly residue of Francis Leavy – a firefighter who predicted his own death, when he was cleaning that very same window in 1924?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Prediction

Career firefighter Francis Leavy, was working through his daily chores at the Chicago Fire Department, when his colleagues noticed him suddenly go silent. When asked what was wrong, he responded that he had the strangest feeling that he was going to die that day.

When he experienced this feeling, he was in the process of washing one of the Fire Department’s windows.

It was April the 18th, 1924, when Leavy made this spooky statement…and several blocks away, a building known as ‘Curran’s Hall’ suddenly caught fire.

firefighters handprint

Leavy was one of the firefighters that responded to the building’s blaze at 7 pm that night. The fire proved to be a worthy adversary for the fire crew of the Chicago Fire Department.

After about 30 minutes of the firefight, the roof of the building collapsed, killing the firefighters inside, and many of the firefighters outside as well.

In all nine firefighters were killed in the collapse, among them, Francis Leavy. On top of this, one civilian died and twenty firefighters were seriously injured.

Career firefighter Francis Leavy

The Ghostly Firefighter Handprint

A couple of days after the tragic events at Curran’s Hall, firefighters at the Chicago Fire Department noticed a strange stain appear on a window pane, in the engine house.

Workers to the area began trying to remove the stain by washing it, then scratching at it…but nothing seemed to budge it!

As each day passed, the stain became clearer and clearer – it soon became obvious that it was the shape of a handprint.

Many of Leavy’s work colleagues were disturbed by this handprint as it was in the exact same spot where the fireman had experienced his premonition. The authorities in charge of the fire station decided it would be best to get rid of the handprint.

They hired professional window cleaners and chemical solvents, to even trying to scratch it off – nothing would remove the ghostly handprint.

The Ghost Handprint

Some of the firemen suggested getting rid of the pane of glass completely…but by this point, many of Leavy’s friends had changed their tune. They believed it was best to leave this paranormal event alone – don’t mess with what you don’t understand!

So, the handprint was left in place for many years, as a reminder of Francis Leavy – the firefighter who knew he was knocking on heaven’s door.

Unfortunately, in 1944, an idiot paperboy managed to throw a delivery straight through the window…destroying all traces of the fireman’s ghostly handprint.

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