Most Haunted Places Around The World (Poltergeist)

most haunted places around the world

I first stumbled upon this infographic about 2 years ago when I was searching for a review on the remake of Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist movie.

I wanted to watch it, but I had been told it was pretty gash by a mate…he was right!

Anyway, at this time of it’s release, released this awesome image-based content, and I made a mental note of it because I had a feeling I would maybe ‘borrow’ it one day!

It’s a great infographic covering the most haunted places around the world which have been linked with poltergeists.

I’m kinda hoping they don’t mind me showcasing it here (maybe they are fans of the site…) 🙂

From possessed castles and historic battlefields to grisly historic reports of suffering, and unexpected death, this is the collection of the world’s most chilling paranormal stories.

haunted places around the world

Haunted Places

Those of you that are regulars to this site, will notice that a lot of the locations covered in the infographic above have been covered here in full article format…

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We realize that the text on the image may seem a bit small on some computer screens, so we’ve left it as a clickable infographic.

This means that if you click on the image it will load up in a different tab, with a magnifying tool!

Now over to you!

Do you know of any poltergeist haunts that have not been included in the infographic?

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Haunted Houses in Michigan

Haunted Houses in Michigan

When people plan a trip to the state of Michigan, they think of the beach, the great outdoors, shopping and in general a good time under the sun.

They don’t know that it has a dark side too, places that only the brave dare to visit, places that make your heart skip a beat or two.

There are real haunted houses in Michigan where you can come in contact with the other world, where you can feel the pain and suffering of those who inhabit these lonely places and make your blood rush with terror.

Traverse City State Hospital

One of them is the Traverse City State Hospital. Located in Grand Traverse County it was built in 1885 and for more than one hundred years served the mentally ill and others infected with diseases like typhoid, polio and tuberculosis.

It is said that anyone who stands before its classic terror movie, Gothic-style building can feel the presence of those who remain unable to cross the parlor into the next world.

Inside, doors open and close, screams and footsteps echo down the corridors and once in a while you can feel something or someone slip by you silently, leaving behind a chilly draft you will never forget.

Henderson Castle

Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo is the perfect place to visit for those non-believers wishing to prove that ghosts and haunts do not exist.

Henderson Castle is a bed and breakfast where funny things happen all the time, unplugged radios start to play music and the television set changes channels while someone pokes you on the shoulder.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

It gets even better, if you stay long enough you will get to see the castle’s dead owners, a little girl and her dog and a Spanish-American War soldier walking around, going through walls and all those interesting things ghosts enjoy so much.

Michigan Bell Telephone Company

Grand Rapids is another place worth visiting, especially the Michigan Bell Telephone Company. Years before the building was constructed a couple purchased the house where it now stands.

They were happy and content in their home until he lost his leg in a work accident. The leg was replaced with a wooden leg and he thumped around the house all day while his mind took a turn for the worst.

One day he decided that his wife was cheating on him and he beat her to death with the wooden leg. He cut his throat and they were found days later because of the smell that emanated from the house.

Today he walks around the Telephone Company building and employees swear that they hear screams and sometimes get a whiff of decaying meat.

The Old City Orphanage

The Old City Orphanage in Marquette is the next stop for our eerie visit to Michigan. The once called Holy Cross Orphanage was built in 1915 and was run by nuns until it was abandoned in the sixties.

The Order to which they belonged called for extreme discipline and penitence; it is said that the children were constantly subject to torture and mental abuse by the nuns.

Many of them died and all of them suffered terribly which is why today they walk the empty halls and their cries can be heard when you walk by the building on a quiet night.

The Paulding Light

Another very interesting place to visit while traveling through Michigan is the Paulding Light. It can be seen in Paulding and to date, no one has been able to identify or explain it.

This one is easy to see, it is out in the open along Route 45; there is even a sign on the side of the road so you do not get lost or miss it.

As the sun goes down and darkness sets in suddenly on the power lines that run besides the road, you get to see three round lights coming towards you.

One red, one green, and one white that swing between the lines like swaying lamps. They say it is the ghost of a railroad man who dies when trying to change the track’s direction.

He does not know that he does not work for the railroad anymore so he continues doing his job and signaling the coming trains.

Real Haunted Houses in Michigan

What better thing to do than to include a paranormal experience in your holiday plans?

These are not theme park haunted houses with plastic goblins and witches hanging from the roof; these are unexplained, real haunted houses in Michigan.

Real Georgia Haunted Houses – The Spooked South

Real Georgia Haunted Houses - The Spooked South

There is just so much to talk about when it comes to Georgia haunted houses. The South was riddled with too many untimely deaths.

This is the place where approximately 13, 000 prisoners out of 45k brave Union soldiers died at the Andersonville Prison due to exposure and disease among other tormenting causes like starvation.

Can you believe they used to ship out roughly over a hundred bodies every day?

They say you can feel a chilling and strong presence of tormented souls stretching their hands out to you like they’re begging for help.

Those who’ve toured this old building have been quoted reporting to have felt too much despair and death!


From the Town Hall in Braselton, to the Warren House in Jonesboro (formerly a Civil War hospital), Georgia is full of haunted houses and ghost stories.

Stories are told of an old haunted house in Savannah, popularly known as the Kehoe House. The Kehoe ghosts here however are friendly and have nothing negative or evil about them.

This is unlike the case at the Tailor House in Oglethorpe, Macon County where the original builder and occupant of the building Col. George W. Fish, went into fits of rage and trashed the whole place just because they didn’t ask him permission to rebuild.

The house has remained “un-renovated” to date.

They’re either afraid that he’ll not like the renovations or maybe they just don’t know how to ask him after pissing him off the first time!

Waverly Hall

But really… how many of these stories can be confirmed? Some haunted house stories are quite controversial and truth be told, very confusing.

In Ms. Pitt’s house, Waverly Hall, stories have been told of her ghost appearing but the strangest part about this house’s haunting stories is the reports of laughing children.

Thorough research into the matter has revealed that Ms. Pitts died without children of her own… so who are these kids playing Casper inside this spooky residence?

Lanier Lodge

Other haunted houses in Georgia include the century old Lanier Lodge in Cumming. The story goes that a housekeeper walked in on a sad chap just before he pulled the trigger; ending his life in a tragic suicide.

This led to the immediate closure of the room from the public for several years. To this day, the guy is still walking around the building but he has never said or done anything.

Fast forward to a more recent case where the GOGPI team, short for Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations, went on a ghost hunt at a residence in the McDonough area.

They reported strange footsteps, a table being lifted off the floor by an unseen entity; some photos were taken out of the box where the owner had kept them, shadows and doors closing by themselves among other weird happenings.

At least one team member (Larry) reported being touched or feeling the sensation of a touch on the left elbow from a ghostly presence.

The question however still remains, do you believe in ghosts? Or are you a skeptic?

The Believers

Well, rumor has it that Georgia will make anyone a believer due to the abundance of haunted places especially in Savannah where a large number of haunting cases are reported.

One amazing thing that came out clear at the end of this investigation is that most of the buildings served in one way or another during the Civil War but most as hospitals.

The presence of apparitions in such locations is quite expected as many agonizing deaths must have occurred within these walls.

Another outstanding fact about most of Georgia’s ghosts is that they’re quite a friendly bunch.

Reports rarely include any violence and in many cases the ghosts just remain silent; only choosing to thump on walls and doors with occasional slaps on the face… maybe to naughty house guests?!

There are so many exciting Georgia ghost stories that we might have to cover them in a series of articles…

Judging from the few cases cited above, it goes without saying that Georgia is a hot spot for ghost hunters.

As you continue to dig deep into the Georgia haunted houses dilemma, you will discover that most cases still have a lot of “if’s” and “maybe’s” hanging around them, thus becoming a bit difficult to confirm where the truth lies.

What do you think?

REAL Texas Haunted Houses

REAL Texas Haunted Houses

Texas is known as the Lone Star State, bringing up images of cowboys and the wild west. What it usually doesn’t bring to mind are thoughts of the paranormal.

However, Texas haunted houses are plentiful and prominent in the southern state.

From the La Carafe in Houston to the eighteenth century Spanish fort in Goliad, the place is crawling with tales of spirits and unexplained phenomenon.

For example, in a place called Mineral Wells (a little west of Fort Worth), the Baker Hotel opened its doors in 1929

The Baker Hotel

It cost over one million dollars to build, which was a considerable amount of money at the time and an extremely risky business venture considering that the stock market had just crashed.

Society’s elite came to the hotel for the cure-all mineral springs nearby and, possibly, to also partake in alcoholic beverages during the Prohibition.

When it eventually closed for good in 1973, many reported that they witnessed windows opening and closing on their own. There have also been reports of a boy in a wheelchair moving about the abandoned hotel, as well.


A popular and well-circulated story is of the Lady in White. The story goes that she maintained an affair with the hotel manager but, eventually, she threw herself from the balcony of the fourteen story building to her death.

Some claim that the stress of honoring the secrecy of the affair is what led her to end her own life.

The Lady in White reportedly stays to the seventh floor, where she once lived in one of the rooms. Those claiming to have seen her say that she is nude and bloody or wearing a white dress.

The woman’s red hair is a consistent aspect of the story and that is what is most noticed when people catch her staring out a window.

Maids also find her lipstick on wine glasses in her former living quarters, even when the room is uninhabited.

The La Carafe Bar

Another haunted site, this one right in the heart of Texas, in the La Carafe bar in Houston. This bar is believed to be the oldest known bar in the state, as it was built in 1866.

This bar was thought to be a popular watering hole for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, though the most popular ghost sighting at La Carafe is not a fallen soldier. No, the most popular ghost is a former employee named, “Carl.”

The La Carafe Bar

Carl, who worked as a bartender at the La Carafe, is usually witnessed looking out of a second-story window. According to some, his eyes can also be felt on you or he might even make a strange sound to alert unsuspecting patrons of his presence.

Most associate the unexplained footsteps coming from the second floor of the establishment as Carl making his way around, as well as the sudden and distinct cold spots that manifest without reason inside the building. Objects have even been witnessed moving without any visual explanation.

The Presidio La Bahia

During the Texas Revolution in 1836, at the Presidio la Bahia (a Spanish fort on the fringe of Goliad), arguably the worst massacre of the revolution was enacted. A total of 342 Texan soldiers were ordered to death by General Lopez de Santa Anna.

Paranormal investigators report seeing the aftermath of the Goliad Massacre, at an estimate of three days or so after the act may have taken place.

Presidio La Bahia

They estimate the time frame that they are seeing these apparitions by the state of decay the Texan soldiers appear to be in at the time of the sightings.

They are piled in the Quadrant, some of the soldiers being described as “not young enough to shave.” Doors bang repeatedly and rhythmically throughout the night, out of time with the wind or without any wind at all.

Apparitions are witnessed gliding through the fort and some claim they hear another unseen entity turning a lock.

Paranormal investigators even report the sound of approaching horses, their hoof beats drawing nearer and nearer to the courtyard in the middle of the night.

Haunted Texas

The state of Texas is wrought with the spirits of the long departed, whether they remain because they loved their job like Carl the Bartender or because their lives ended prematurely in the midst of a violent revolution.

Texas haunted houses are where some of the most vigorous and undeniable reports of paranormal activity emerge, as expected from a state that boasts that “everything’s big” there.

Louisiana Haunted Houses

Louisiana Haunted Houses

If you are looking for the most terrifying Louisiana haunted houses, look no further! Rich in Southern hospitality and history, Louisiana is also home of some of the most historical hauntings.

Check Out The Dark Side of The State!

There is no place in the French Quarter more infamous than the ghastly Lalaurie House. Former residence to the affluential and social elite couple, Dr. Louis and Delphine Lalaurie.

The three-story mansion was discovered to be home to more than the wealthy family, but also abused and mutilated slaves.

After a fire was started in 1834 by the cook, whom had been chained by her ankle to the stove, Louisiana police and fire marshals discovered unmarked graves on the grounds and evidence of long-term mistreatment and torture of slaves including amputation, brutal assault, and swapping sexual organs.

The fire-started admitted to authorities that the effort was a suicide attempt to avoid being taken to the attic, where no one returns from.

The chamber of death in the uppermost room of the mansion hid the horrors by the cold and cruel Madame Lalaurie and her husband from society during their lavish parties.

Since the unearthing, stories of the torture include fingernails removed, open wounds, broken limbs, eyes gauged out, mouths sown shut and hands stitch to various body parts.

Reports of paranormal activity began as soon as the Lalauries fled from the outraged locals.

Many claim to hear screams of agony and images of slaves from the street. Vagrants that sought refuge in the building have never been seen again.

Despite the house having many owners over the last 150 years and being used as a music conservatory, a school for black children, and affordable housing in the 1890’s, none has held onto the property for long in fear of what lurks in the unseen.

The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation is one of America’s most haunted homes with multiple ghosts. One of the most famous of these is Chloe, a slave forced into a relationship by her owner that poisoned a portion of the family in revenge, was photographed by The National Geographic Explorer film crew and other various photographers.

Sara Woodruff, the wife of the plantation owner poisoned by Chloe, and her children’s spirits are believed to be trapped in one of the house’s mirror that was left uncovered after their death.

Although there are reports of over 50 murders, only the murder of William Drew Winter has been documented.

Winter, an attorney living at the plantation in the late 1865’s, was shot by a stranger outside of the home, staggered in and died attempting to climb the stairs.

To this day, visitors still here the dying man’s footsteps reach the 17th step.

The plantation is also said to be built on top of an Indian burial ground and the ghost of a young Native American woman has been testified by people.

The legends of Myrtles Plantation incorporate Louisiana’s voodoo origins for a frightfully good time!

Lafitte’s Guest House

Another of the Big Easy haunted horrors can be found at the Lafitte’s Guest House on famous Bourbon Street. Originally a Charity Hospital in 1793, the building has seen many restorations including personal residences and hotel.

Manifestations of former residents have been reported over the years including sights and sounds. In Room 21, the most haunted area according to the hotel, sounds of a woman sobbing for her little girl, who died of yellow fever, can be heard.

Her feelings of sorrow and despair can be felt by visitors who enter the room and some have reported communication with the female entity.

Her daughter, Marie, also visits and communicates with children of guests and has appeared in the mirror outside of the ill-reputed room.

Though the young girl appears to be between the ages of eight and ten, but the youngest paranormal entity at the Lafitte’s Guest House is the sound of an infant crying throughout the mansion.

Real Louisiana Haunted Houses

The history of Voodoo in areas like Baton Rouge and New Orleans strengthen the paranormal pull in the state. In fact, Louisiana haunted houses have some of the strongest paranormal activity in America.

Auditory and visual manifestations can be heard and seen by visitors at many sites, as well as physical documentation via photographs.

Louisiana’s land and historical buildings like St. Louis Cemetery, Hangman’s Tree, and New Orleans’ Witches Circle are full of Voodoo stories and spirits.

Haunted Houses In Cincinnati, Ohio

Haunted Houses in Cincinnati Ohio

Do you find castles, hayrides or graveyards filled with phony ghosts, weapons, chainsaws and mazes amusing? Are you done with the monotony of life and are looking forward to experiencing real paranormal activity?

Do deaths, gore, torture and spookiness give you an Adrenalin rush? You, my friend, are one of those adventurous folks who love to dig into weird mysteries of the world.

Join us at one of the creepiest ghost hunts in some of the most haunted houses in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Top 5 Haunted Houses In Cincinnati, Ohio…

1) Stenton House:

The Dutch built Stenton House in 1850. This eerie Victorian mansion witnessed the suicide of a Dutchman and two young pupils.

The past occupants of the building have reported ghostly apparitions, spooky sounds of objects hitting the floor on the topmost story and phantom footsteps.

After the Second World War, the mansion was subdivided into multi-unit dwellings known as the Cornell Place Apartments.

As of now, the owners use this property as private residence. Some apartments were sealed for safety purposes.

Guest tours and photography is discouraged because the government respects the privacy of its corporeal as well as spiritual residents.

2) Tracy’s Home on Dunham Road, Amelia:

The Tracy family occupied this farmhouse during 1802 to 1803. A group of native Indians called Cherokees from the surrounding woods raided the house in that period.

The riot resulted in sudden death of the youngest girl of the Tracy family. Since then, her spirit has been chasing people away.

Cincinnati Ohio

In 2005, the descendants renovated the house for visitors. Some parts of it are open for tours while rest of the house is restricted for the guests.

3) McClung House:

A sweet little deserted house on the Main Street with a dark history of homicide. Who wouldn’t want to explore it?

The McClung House built in 1870 had no supernatural history until 1901, when two lovebirds by the name of John and Rebecca McClung moved there.

John was a jealous, aggressive and dominating character. He forbade Rebecca from mingling with the neighbors.

She was not allowed to go outside without his permission. Often, the people saw Rebecca sitting by their bedroom window, admiring the outside scenery.

Downtown Cincinnati from Devou Park in Covington

One day the neighbors heard her pleas for help. When the police arrived at the crime scene, they found John with a bloody log by the mutilated corpse of Rebecca.

However, John was later acquitted due to lack of substantial evidence. After the incident, many folks have seen Rebecca’s spirit walking around the graveyard.

A few neighbors have seen her sitting by the same window. She is still upset because John was not convicted for her murder.

4) Chambers Road House:

A deserted house in shambles, with unkempt lawn and a messy barn sets out the mood for a horror story. There are plenty of stories floating around this “supposedly” haunted place.

Two decades ago, a family of five occupied the house. The husband was mentally sick and as per the local tales, he shot his wife, two kids and horses occupying the barn. The youngest one escaped to a nearby tunnel. The father, who later committed suicide, eventually murdered him.

There are reports of ghostly sightings in the house, the barn and the nearby tunnel. You can see a few bullet holes and dry blood splattered across the walls.

The unnatural aura surrounding this place attracts ghost hunters and paranormal experts from all over the world. Some of them reported peculiar sounds like neighs, screams and gunshots after the sunset.

If you want to explore this place, be a little cautious and make sure, you are never alone!

5) The Handlebar Ranch:

Tiny Town AKA Munchkinville, formally known as the Handlebar Ranch has nothing to do with black magic, witches or murders, just a bunch of pissed off retired midgets.

It is a village of evil circus dwarfs, located towards the north of Cincinnati, near Mt. Rumpke. Like some bad rural myths, the stories surrounding this village pass on from one generation to another.

Annie and Percy Ritter, the last living owners of the house died in late 1990’s. Although we’re not sure where the midget rumors started, but Annie’s barely 5-feet-tall frame and unfriendly attitude towards teenagers might have something to do with it.


In 2002, this 30-acre piece was transferred to the Rumpke. At present, the place is in mess. All that remains of it is cemented walls, lonely wooden bridge, crematory, the wagon wheel gate and a church for devil worshipers.

We don’t recommend trespassing, unless you want to irritate the midgets.

With this, we complete our list of the top five haunted houses in Cincinnati, Ohio. They go beyond the bogus Halloween homes and incite true fear in the hearts of the bravest men. Do remember to visit them!