Anne Boleyn Ghost Sightings

Anne Boleyn Ghost Sightings

There’s no denying that Anne Boleyn’s part in history was powerful enough to produce a ripple effect that can still be felt today. Being the first English queen to ever be publicly executed, the event of Boleyn’s unfortunate death haunts history and collective memory without there even needing to be a disembodied spirit present.

No aspect of this unfortunate queen was simple or ordinary, and even in death Anne Boleyn’s ghost sightings are unique from other spirits due to the fact that she is seen visiting far more than just one place like most ghosts.

In fact, she has at least seven different haunting venues and on some occasions is accompanied by with her own ghostly court and dressed in numerous gowns and costumes.

The Tower

Anne Boleyn spends most of her afterlife at the Tower of London. Boleyn stayed in the Tower the night before her coronation and was later imprisoned there for a brief time before she was eventually executed by decapitation on May 19, 1536.

Because the Tower was the place of her tragic death, it’s not surprising that her ghost chooses to reside there for most of the time.

One of the earliest known sightings of Boleyn at the Tower comes from an officer sometime in the 19th century.

Boleyn At The Tower

The officer claimed to had seen a light in the chapel St. Peter ad Vincula where she is buried, and when he went to investigate he witnessed Anne with a procession of ladies and knights making their way up the aisle then disappearing once arriving at the alter.

There had been numerous other sightings of Boleyn at the Tower drifting through hallways, peering out windows and visiting on duty guardsmen.

The most famous account of the ghost of Anne was in 1864 when a guard encountered the spirit. Believing it was an intruder the guard attacked it with his bayonet. When he realized that he was only hitting air and his bayonet was going through the body of the supposed intruder he fainted.

The guard faced a court martial over the incident but was spared when multiple witnesses stepped forward and testified to the ghostly encounter.

Other Sightings

Anne also tends to make appearances at numerous other places that had some kind of significance in her life such as Blickling Hall, where she was supposedly born.

She also pays visits to her childhood home of Hever Castle. Windsor Castle and Hampton Court is where Boleyn lived during her marriage to Henry VIII and apparently well after it.

According to history, while Boleyn was awaiting her execution in the Tower of London, Henry VIII was courting Jane Seymour at Marwell Hall.

Anne can now be seen wandering down Yew Tree Walk where supposedly Henry and Jane made plans for their wedding (some stories say they were actually married there on May 19), implying that it’s the deceased Boleyn who is haunted by the abandonment of her husband.

Henry VIII and Jane Seymour

Another place that you can spot Boleyn at Windsor Castle is sadly looking out the window in the Dean’s Cloister. Boleyn’s spirit comes in various shapes and forms. In some cases, her witnesses claimed that her ghost was missing it’s head, often carrying it under her arm.

There have been claims that her ghost wears a bonnet but with no head under it. When she visits Hampton Court she is known to wear a blue dress or occasionally black mourning attire with a black lace shawl. Its also been reported that she likes to occasionally wear carnations in her hair.

A Family Affair

This specter sometimes brings company. She has also been seen with her headless brother George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, and her father Sir Thomas Boleyn.

The ghost of Anne Boleyn is also known to visit places on certain holidays and dates. Every Christmas Eve Boleyn returns to Hever Castle and casually crosses a bridge on the castle grounds to sit under the very same oak tree that she was under when Henry first became flirtatious with her.

On the anniversary of her death she has been known to arrive at Blickling Hall in a carriage drawn by headless horses, while Anne is inside the carriage holding her own head on her lap. Once she arrives she is said to roam the premises until dawn.

Anne Boleyn Ghost Stories

Anne Boleyn’s ghost sightings are still reported even now, 500 years after her demise. And even though she is deceased she still prefers to be surrounded by luxury while still being highly sentimental. It seems that this sad queen insists on continuing her public appearances to keep her celebrity status intact.

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