The Haunted Beelitz Heilstatten Hospital

The Haunted Beelitz Heilstatten Hospital

This article will be taking a look at the paranormal activity linked to the Beelitz Heilstatten hospital in Brandenburg, Germany. Originally built to accommodate the growing number of tuberculosis patients then converted into a military hospital for the Imperial German Army, then the soviet army…

What spirits remain behind it’s dark walls?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Historic Town of Beelitz

The small town of Beelitz multiplied in numbers around the 1247 mark due to a historic ‘miracle’ taking place in the Saint Mary and Saint Nicholas Parish Church. At some time in this period locals reported a bleeding host miracle, which resulted in the then very small community become a site of pilgrimage.

Towards the end of the 1800’s, there was a lot of people in and around Beelitz, resulting in a sharp increase in viruses and disease. Unfortunately, tuberculosis was top of this list.

In 1898 architect Heino Schmieden was commissioned to create plans for a brand new sanatorium for the area – somewhere to safely quarantine the already sick members of the community.

The Historic Town of Beelitz

When the First World War broke out the sanatorium/hospital was quickly converted into a medical facility for the Imperial German Army. A young injured soldier by the name of Adolf Hitler was rumored to have ended up there!

Towards the end of World War Two the Red Army occupied the hospital and it was still used by the Russians up until 1995, when the building was converted once again, to accommodate sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease.

Some parts of the property are still used for medical purposes, others are privately owned…and the remaining buildings are left abandoned and in ruin.

The Dead

Understandably, there have been a lot of deaths in the Beelitz Heilstatten hospital over the centuries. Many historical reports suggest that most early patients there struggled to reach the five year mark…before passing away.

In the early 1900’s, locals point to a serial killer being present in the area. Apparently he/she used the hospital grounds as a ‘killing room’ of sorts.

beelitz heilstatten germany

Another murder took place on the site in 2008. A young professional photographer managed to hire the services of a beautiful model and drive her out to the Beelitz Heilstatten grounds.

He then proceeded to beat her death in the hospital’s former gatehouse…and perform twisted acts of necrophilia.

The Famous Beelitz Heilstatten Ghost Report

A couple of decades back, a German teenager and four of her friends decided to visit the abandoned parts of the hospital for a bit of a dare. The buildings were locked up but the teenagers managed to get inside.

While they were in one of the old surgeries, she heard someone asking her for a scalpel in German. She thought it was one of her friends so she turned around to see which one was winding her up…she was the only one in the room!

The Famous Beelitz Heilstatten Ghost Report

Suddenly she heard her mates yelling out her name, and when she found them they too had a curious story to tell…

Her friends insist that it had been a full half an hour since they had visited the original surgery – they had then gone off and visited other rooms before noticing that she had disappeared.

The curious thing is her friends swore she had been with them right up to the moment they started to call her name.

So, the young girl had actually been alone in that surgery for over thirty minutes…but to her it felt like a matter of seconds…

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The Kempton Park Hospital Ghosts

The Kempton Park Hospital Ghosts

Kempton Park Hospital (opened in 1976) is located on the East Rand in the Gauteng province, South Africa.

This haunted location is truly a stand out mystery, not only because of the purported paranormal activity surrounding the abandoned hospital, but also its puzzling history.

Once I started researching the Kempton Park Hospital ghosts, I found more questions than answers…

Kempton Park

The 350 bed Kempton Park Hospital closed the day after Christmas in 1996. The facility closed without explanation, millions in expensive hospital equipment as well as patient files were left behind.

There has been no official explanation, and numerous attempts at revitalizing the property have failed. Kempton park sits abandoned, opening decaying in the elements.

The local municipality spends money on security guards and have erected a fence around the located, but that has not stopped paranormal researchers’ fascination with the location.

Information on the internet regarding the site, is a little bit on the limited side, but here are a few that we can go over…

Paranormal Activity

A paranormal scouting expedition by the Triangle Paranormal Investigators in March of 2013 came up with terrifying evidence of ghostly activity.

Several EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) can be heard, including screams and breathing. Photographic evidence was also uncovered during the search of the hospital. Several apparitions, which appear to have human form, can be seen.

Below you will find the YouTube Video of the investigation: Kempton Park Haunted Hospital…

In this short video link from a South African Video news organization (ENCA), a ghostly apparition appears behind the young paranormal researcher exploring the hospital.

It is a short clip, but I have provided the URL: Ghost Hunting in the Hallways of Abandoned Hospital

In this You Tube Video clip, a group of amateur paranormal investigators come across what appears to be a man in a hospital gown roaming the halls of the hospital. Strange Man in Abandoned Hospital, Kempton Park, South Africa…

This last clip is not specifically related to paranormal activity surrounding Kempton Park Hospital, but it is a well put together photograph montage of the hospital.

Included in the YouTube clip are some interesting, if unconfirmed, details surrounding the facility. One of which, is a legend that the hospital director was killed by one of his own employees who had been possessed by something.

You can take all of this information with a grain of salt, however, it does add a layer of intrigue. Here is the video: The Real Hospital Horror…

The South African Society for Paranormal Research conducted an investigation at the hospital in 2012. I have provided a link to their website, which shows mysterious orbs following the society members throughout the hospital as they conduct their investigation.

South African Society for Paranormal Research:

There are several other YouTube videos of amateur ghost hunters exploring the Kempton Park Hospital. There isn’t room here to list all of them here.

I located most of these on YouTube and they appear to be amateur in nature. Some of them are lengthy, but worth a watch. It is really nice to get the perspective from a group of individuals who are newer to paranormal research.

A Facebook group studying the phenomena, has set up a page for Kempton Park Hospital. The group is seeking any information they can regarding the site including information from former employees and patients.

If you have any information, or are just interested in the subject, please visit the site ran by Ronald Hart : The True History of the Untold-Kempton Park Hospital

On this page, there are also links to other articles about the hospital, including an interview with Ronald Hart who was born at the facility.

Hunting The Kempton Park Hospital Ghosts

Kempton Park Hospital is a location worthy of further exploration. The information I have been able to provide is somewhat limited, but it is definitely a starting point into further investigation.

From the information I was able to glean, there appears to be an ongoing struggle as to whether the hospital should be renovated and reopened or demolished.

In the meantime, the mystery surrounding the decaying hospital continues to build as amateur and professional paranormal researchers continue to explore for the Kempton Park Hospital ghosts.