The Bell Witch Tennessee Story

The Bell Witch Tennessee Story

This article will be covering the Bell Witch Tennessee story from the early 1800’s, when a simple family were tormented by a now infamous malicious spirit…

The Bell Witch Curse

John Bell and his family decided that they needed a change in 1804, and ended up purchasing a property in Tennessee.

John decided that the peaceful country life was they way to go – he would steadily build up his land and leave a solid legacy to his children.

Unfortunately, this idea did not go according to plan…

During the period of the Bell’s buying up property, John managed to piss off a neighbor named Kate Batts. This lady was convinced that John had somehow ripped her off when it came to the deal for her land.

The Bell Witch Curse

Batts was not one to let things lie – and the two had a feud right up until the moment she died, in 1817.

On her deathbed she left what is now referred to as ‘The Bell Witch Curse’ on John’s family.

The Bell Witch Haunting Story

Shortly after Batts passed away, the Bell family began to hear scratchings behind the walls of their home. This then escalated into a whispering voice that got louder and louder over time.

The family members were convinced that this was the voice of an old woman, but they could not quite make out who she was or what she was saying.

Before long, poltergeist activity hit the household. This force seemed to be waking the children up when they slept, by slowly tugging the blankets off them.

The poltergeist entity then moved on to various items in the household – stealing them and hiding them about the property. It then moved on to physically abusing the young children (pinching and slapping them!).

The Bell Witch Haunting Story

At night, John would be woken by the sounds of some sort of beast, chewing on wooden posts and supports of the house. When he looked out of the windows at night he could see strange and unknown creatures lurking about the garden.

The entity seemed to concentrate most of it’s efforts on John and his daughter Betsy (Elizabeth). It would only ever laugh out loud when it witnessed one of the two in severe discomfort or fright.

The voice became clearer and clearer over time, and in the end the family could hear it stating that it was going to kill the head of the household – John Bell.

At this point, John had no idea what to do – he invited his friend James Johnson and his wife for dinner…hopefully they would witness the paranormal activity and provide some sort of solution…

The ghost did not disappoint.

The Bell Witch House

By 1818,  James Johnson and his wife had let most of the locals in the area know about what they witnessed that night – The Bell Witch.

John was desperate for help, and he turned to religion to find it.

Unfortunately the local church wanted nothing to do with him or his witch – the Bell family were promptly excommunicated.

Before long the story of the Bell Witch stretched itself across America, and people flocked in their hundreds to witness the entity. It never disappointed – it would always let itself be known, never seen, but always heard.

The Bell Witch House

General Andrew Jackson (who would go on to become the 7th President of the United States) got wind of this supernatural story and decided to gather a group of close friends and visit the Bell property himself. He was not a believer in the paranormal, and he thought he could prove the whole issue was a hoax.

When they neared the Bell property their wagon suddenly locked it’s wheels and stopped. The General and his men investigated the wheel mechanisms but nothing seemed wrong with them.

The general joked about the power of the witch stopping the wagon…and with that a high pitched voice boomed out through the night saying…

“All right General, let the wagon move on, I will see you again tonight”

The General left early the next day after witnessing a night full of terrifying paranormal activity.

The Death of John Bell

When John reached the age of seventy he suffered from a stroke, leaving him bedridden and needing medicine every day. One morning he failed to wake from his sleep…and the witch claimed that she had switched medicines on the family…

Had they been feeding John poison without knowing it?

The witch told his family members that John would be dead by the following day – the poison was strong and there was no return for him.

He died the next day.

The Bell Witch sang joyously at the close of John’s funeral, and could be continued to be heard as the family and friends filed away.

The End

In 1821, the Bell Witch informed the surviving Bell family members that she would be leaving their property, and she would return in seven years time.

She kept her promise – returning in 1828 and appearing only to John Bell Jr, John Bell’s son.

After a while she once again decided to leave the Bell family, and told Bell Jr that she would return in 1935.

There has been no record of the Bell Witch since.

Nearby to the Bell house there is a cave known as the Bell Witch Cave.

There have been numerous modern-day paranormal incidents recorded and reported in this cave. Some paranormal experts and psychics believe that the Bell Witch still resides in this cave…watching…and waiting…

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