The Latoya Ammons Exorcism

The Latoya Ammons Exorcism

In November of 2011 an excited Latoya Ammons and her family moved into their new home on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana. They were only there a matter of days before they noticed an influx of flies living in the home with them.

This was the reasonably cold month of November so the family were baffled as to where the insects came from. As it turned out the flies would soon be forgotten, at least for a while, as months of bizarre phenomena unfolded…

The Beginning

Latoya Ammons’s small family consisted of her three children and her mother Rosa Campbell. They all moved into the house on Carolina Street at the same time.

Within days of being in the new house the family members began to hear the sound of footsteps climbing up the basement steps along with basement door opening and closing.

A few days later Rosa Campbell awoke suddenly in the night because she felt some sort of presence. As she squinted through the dark of her room she noticed a tall shadowy figure looming in the corner.

She immediately jumped out of bed screaming and ran from the room. When the rest of the family worked up enough courage to investigate they found wet footprints leading into Rosa’s room and back out again.


The strange occurrences kept up until the paranormal activity really took off on the 10th of March when a small Wake took place in the Ammons home.

It was the early hours of the morning and guests from the funeral were still gathered in the living room. Ammons decided to check on her daughter who was sleeping with a friend in Rosa’s bedroom.

Rosa Campell & Latoya Ammons
Rosa Campell & Latoya Ammons

As she entered the room she was confronted with the sight of her daughter floating a few feet off the bed in her sleep. She screamed at the top of her voice and the house full of guests dashed up the stairs to see what was wrong.

They all witnessed Ammons’ daughter levitating above the bed and they began to pray.

The calls to god seemed to do the trick and the young girl slowly started descending back towards the bed again. Within minutes she was sleeping soundly again on top of the bed sheets.

In Need of Help

The Ammons knew that they were dealing with some sort of force that they had no experience with – they needed help and they needed it fast!

They contacted several churches in the area but only one took them seriously. They sent out a representative who examined the house and informed them that they did have spirits sharing their space.

They left after advising Ammons and her mother to clean the whole house with bleach and ammonia. This was apparently a way of cleansing the house of paranormal visitors.

Ammons also contacted mediums who believed that the home was filled with evil, claiming the house was home to more than two hundred spirits and demons.

They followed all the cleansing instructions from both the church members and the mediums and even went as far as building a Christian alter in their basement.

This only seemed to wind the resident evil up further…

The Kids

All three of Latoya’s children suddenly become targets for the demonic forces within the home. Her 12-year-old daughter gave a frightening account of being held on the floor and choked by some sort of invisible entity.

As this entity attempted to squeeze the life out of her it whispered in her ear that she would be dead within twenty minutes.

The House on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana
The House on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana

Her 7-year-old brother was found sitting inside a dark closet holding a conversation with thin air. When they asked him what he was doing he replied that he was having a conversation with an entity about the how it felt to be killed.

All three of her children then began to show signs of demonic possession and frequently spoke in deep voices that belonged to adults. Their eyes would bulge fiercely out of their heads and they would grim silently at their Latoya and her mother.

The Doctor

Ammons knew that her kids were displaying worrying health issues so she contacted Geoffrey Onyeukwu, the family doctor. He told her to bring the three of them in so that he could examine them fully.

He came to the conclusion that they were all suffering from delusions and hallucinations.

As Ammons began to argue her point with Onyeukwu her 7-year-old son started to growl ferociously at the doctor.

Without warning he stopped growling and started cursing with words he couldn’t possibly know. He then started to levitate before rushing through the air into the surgery wall.

All of a sudden his older brother collapsed in a heap next to his unconscious brother – neither boy could be revived so 911 was called.

delusions and hallucinations

The pair of them were taken to the Methodist Hospital by the emergency services where they woke up shortly after. The older brother seemed fine but the 7-year-old seemed to get stuck in a fit of screaming and shouting. It took 5 male nurses to finally hold him down and calm him.

The Department of Child Services got wind of the strange happenings at the hospital and sent out investigator Valerie Washington. She put Latoya Ammons through a psychological examination but could find nothing wrong with her.

As this examination came to a close the 7-year-old began displaying strange behavior yet again. He started to growl and then pounced on his older brother choking him.

Yet again the hospital staff were called in to calm the youngster down.

Valerie Washington was so shocked by what she had witnessed at the hospital she decided to evaluate the two young boys without their mother.

They were accompanied by Rosa Campbell, RN Willie Walker and a handful of hospital staff.

As soon as the evaluation started the younger brother looked towards his older sibling and said “It’s time to die” and “I will kill you.”

The older brother’s response was to stare back at his brother with a terrible evil smile. He then floated across the room and somehow walked backwards up the wall. He finished this incredible stunt by flipping over Washington’s head and landing on his feet behind her.

Valerie Washington returned to the Department of Child Services and Rosa Campbell took the two older kids back home with her. Ammons remained in the hospital with her youngest child for the night.

Unfortunately Ammons awoke to find that the Department of Child Services had come to a dramatic decision on her children. The youngest child was sent for further psychological evaluation and his two older siblings ended up in a care home nearby.

Father Michael Maginot

A Methodist Hospital chaplain was actually working the night that Ammons and her children turned up. When he heard about the story from hospital staff he decided to contact Father Michael Maginot.

Maginot was the priest at Saint Steven Martyr Parish in Merriville, Indiana – he had been a friend of the Chaplain for many years.

Maginot listened to the evidence provided by the Chaplain and agreed that possession seemed like the most probable cause. Two days later he turned up on the doorstep of the Ammons home.

After many days of investigation Father Michael Maginot managed to convince Ammons and her mother to leave the house for good. He also believed that Latoya Ammons was the main conduit for the demons – she was possessed not her children!

He attempted to gain permission for a local exorcism off Bishop Dale Melezek. The Bishop was less than impressed by this request and he only permitted a minor version of an exorcism…which only seemed to make matters worse!

Yet again Maginot approached the Bishop to plead his case – this time the Bishop caved in and allowed him to carry out a full exorcism in his church in Merriville.

A total of 3 full exorcisms were carried out on Latoya Ammons before the demons were finally removed. In June of 2012 Father Maginot declared that Ammons was free of demonic possession.

The Final Fight

Over the next few months Ammons worked tirelessly to regain custody of her children. The fight went on until November when she was finally reunited with the kids.

She currently lives at an unknown address in Indianapolis – Father Maginot is in constant contact with her…

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