Daniel Dunglas Home – The Real Deal?

Daniel Dunglas Home - The Real Deal?

In this article we will be taking a look at the life of Daniel Dunglas Home – talented medium or a clever fraud?

You decide…

Humble Beginnings

Daniel D. Home came from a relatively poor Scottish family made up primarily of eight children, at the tender age of one he was shipped off to live with his aunt and uncle.

Within a few days, his aunt noticed that his cot would sometimes rock with him in it – as if an invisible force was rocking him to sleep…or he was somehow rocking himself to sleep!

There was a long line of self-proclaimed psychics on Home’s mother’s side of the family – had this power been passed on to this young baby boy?


Home’s aunt and uncle eventually decided to emigrate to Connecticut, and they took young Daniel with them.

The strange activity that followed Home as a baby seemed to subside until he was a teenager, when their house began to exhibit typical poltergeist activity.

strange activity that followed Home

His aunt eventually realized that this strange poltergeist activity only took place when her nephew was in the house. Enough was enough – she threw him out onto the street to fend for himself.

His First Seance

Out on the streets he was free to follow his psychic calling and began arranging amazing spiritual gatherings. His very first seance saw him successfully contact numerous dead relatives of the attendees and a table danced around the room and could not be stopped by human intervention.

Word of mouth took off almost immediately – who was this powerful new medium and when would he be performing a seance again?

He soon became an instant hit with New England’s upper-classes.


Home was quite clever with his success – he never charged the upper-classes directly, and this resulted in them offering gifts for his seance services.

Seance services

He made sure that each of his meetings took place in bright daylight or extremely well lit rooms – that way there was no chance of him creating some sort of illusion or trickery.

He quickly became regarded as the ‘real deal’.


Home was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1854 and decided to take his doctor’s advice – to return to Europe for the sake of his worsening health.

He ended up living in London at an exclusive hotel – paid for by one of his wealthy believers.

It wasn’t long before he started performing in more sensational seances – attracting famous characters like Napoleon III and Queen Sophia of the Netherlands.

He suddenly developed the power of levitation, and started to hone in on it’s power for every seance he held. The pinnacle of his career took place during a seance in 1868 when Home levitated out of the building’s window and floated back in through an opposite window!

The power of levitation

Home eventually fell to the devastating power of tuberculosis on the 21st of June, 1886. At the time of his death, he had managed to perform at over one and a half thousand seances.

Since his death he has been accused of being a fraud on numerous occasions…there has never been any proof to back these accusations up.

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The Shivapur Levitating Stone

The Shivapur Levitating Stone

The Shivapur levitating stone is a legend within India linked to a saint named Qamar Ali Darvesh. The stone lies near his burial grounds in the village of Shivapur and is a tourist attraction for many Muslim visitors.

The 200 pound stone is said to levitate under specific spiritual circumstances when invoking the name of the deceased saint.

Many paranormal instances can also be linked to levitating objects, so the site of the stone draws many who are interested in both the spiritual as well as the occult.

The Saint – Qamar Ali Darvesh

A Muslim Sufi saint named Qamar Ali Darvesh lived 700 years ago in Shivapur, a small village right outskirts of Poona, India.

He was said to be a quiet, reserved boy who grew up in a family of outgoing brothers who were known for their physical size and strength.

He was the odd one out in his family and instead focused on his spiritual side.

He devoted many years to prayer, fasting, and meditation and eventually became known as a great healer who was seen by many people from the surrounding villages and revered as a saint.

He lived only until his teenage years, and when he died, he instructed two stones to be laid outside of his grave.

The Levitating Stone

There are two stones placed, but the more notorious of the pair is a 200 pound round stone. The other stone is smaller in weight and requires a lesser number of men to levitate it.

Both are placed outside of the tomb.

The 200 pound stone can be lifted by 11 men who place their right index finger on the stone at the same time.

Only men are allowed to stand in the circle and women are frowned upon inside of the shrine because Qamar Alil died so young and was a pure virgin at the time of his death.

Before his death Qamar Ali is said to have promised that a group of 11 men who chanted his name could levitate the stone above their heads.

He said that they would not be able to do so in a group of more or less and that a single strong man would only be able to lift the stone a few feet.

This was said to be a manifestation of the need for working together to invoke spirituality. Only by combing their faith and diligence and chanting his name could they honor him and Allah and levitate the mysterious stone.


Do the stones really levitate?

Depending on who you ask, the The Shivapur levitating stone really does levitate. Accounts from a large number of men who have attempted the levitation claim that the levitation only works when Qamar Ali’s directions are followed exactly.

Many have tried to explain the phenomenon through natural elements or science, but the fact remains that the results are extraordinary.

The site of Qamar Ali Darvesh’s body is shrouded in mystery. Many have sworn that 12 or 10 fingers do not work and only 11 people can levitate the stone.

Whether the explanation is a spiritual or natural one is yet to be proven.

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