The Jennifer Groesbeck Call

The Jennifer Groesbeck Call

On the night of Friday, March the 6th, Jennifer Groesbeck and her daughter, Lily, left her parents house to make the drove home from Salem to Springfield. The car would never make it to it’s destination…


Jenny lost control of her vehicle and plunged into the icy Spanish Fork River located in Utah. A completely shocked fisherman stumbled across the wreckage the following day. At that point, it’s estimated that the car had been in the icy waters for about 14 hours.

The emergency services arrived and immediately figured that the car had been abandoned in the river, probably by joy riders.

When they eventually managed to get close to the car they could see that there was someone inside.

They then heard a female voice call out for help, so they all rushed to vehicle and managed to flip it over. There were two people inside.


The Call

One of the first respondents reports that he had heard a voice, and he believes one of the others responded with, “We’re trying our best to get in there.”

The adult in the car was dead, and the child looked near enough deceased itself.

They managed to get Lily out of her child seat and safely ashore. The waters were so cold, that the firefighters who had jumped into the river to save the little girl were treated for hypothermia at a nearby hospital.

To this day, none of them really know where that call for help came from.

They later found out that Jenny had actually died on impact, so there’s no way she could have been behind the cry for help. Even knowing that Jennifer couldn’t have called for help, they stand by what they heard.

Jenny’s family are in no doubt that the call they heard came from their dead daughter. She was a devoted mother and she would have found some sort of way to stay with her baby until help arrived.

Lily spent approximately a week in the ICU while recovering.

So what really happened here?

What do you believe?

Did a loving mother find some way to transcend between life and death, to keep her child alive?

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Jack Froese – The Afterlife Emails

Jack Froese - The Afterlife Emails

A large percentage of the visitors we get to this website are looking for information on the afterlife – it’s a question that has haunted mankind for thousands and thousands of years.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the case of Jack Froese, and the emails he sent from the afterlife…

An Untimely Death

Pennsylvanian Jack Froese tragically suffered a fatal arrhythmia in June 2011. The death of the popular thirty-something left his family and friends devastated.

After five months of severe grieving and learning to come to terms with his death, Jack’s best friend, Tim Hart, received a troubling email titled ‘I’m Watching’.

An Untimely Death

Hart would have put this email down to being a sick joke…but it contained information that the two friends had shared in a humorous private conversation…

It read…

“Did you hear me? I’m at your house. Clean your f***ing attic!”

Tim was absolutely petrified by the email – in a later interview with the BBC he claimed that this private joke was just between himself and Jack, nobody else could have known about it.

He even tried replying to the email but there was no response back.

Emails From The Afterlife

Tim was not the only one who received these strange digital mails from the dead – Jack’s cousin, Jimmy McGraw, was also a recipient of an email from the same account.

It read…

“Hey Jim, how ya doing? I knew you were going to break your ankle. Tried to warn you. Gotta be careful.”

In a creepy coincidence, a few weeks after Jack’s death his cousin had indeed been involved in an accident which resulted in him breaking his ankle.

Tim Hart decided to put the whole matter of the strange emails behind him…but Jack’s cousin could not let it go – he believed that these mails were sent from the other side.

He spent the next few months keeping his eyes open for possible signs from his cousin, but nothing turned up.

Eventually Jimmy began to realize that these emails could have been sent in good faith – a way of helping himself and Tim move on with their lives after the shock of losing someone so close to them.

Who Was The Sender?

But if these emails were sent by a sincere friend/relative – who was he/she?

Investigation from both friends and relatives concluded that only Jack knew the password to his own account.

Recent developments highlighted the fact that the emails could have been sent through the Dead Man’s Switch function – a domain that allows it’s users to send mails up to 52 days after their death (a creepy service really…when you think about it!).

These ‘dead man’s’ messages can be sent out to predetermined email addresses.

But did Jack Froese sign up for this service?

If he did – how did he know he was going to die from something so sudden?

How did he know that his cousin was going to break his ankle at some point in the future?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

UPDATE: After finishing this article I noticed that various reports state that Jack’s best friend was named Joe Hart…whilst other articles list him as Tim Hart – no idea which one is correct…but it was worth pointing out!