The Lord Combermere Ghost Photo

The Lord Combermere Ghost Photo

This article will be taking a look at the image snapped in Combermere Abbey Library in Cheshire, England, in 1891 – frequently referred to as the Lord Combermere ghost photo.

Has this photograph managed to capture the ghost of Combermere, who’s funeral was taking place at the time the image was taken?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Image

The now famous paranormal photograph was taken by Sybell Corbet, sister of Lady Combermere, in 1891. It shows a scene from the Combermere Abbey’s library.

Lord Combermere had died a few days before the photo was taken, when he was tragically hit and killed by a horse drawn carriage.

The Funeral

The photograph was taken when his funeral taking place several miles away. The location was near enough deserted due to his family and his servants attending the event.

His sister, Corbet, had set up the camera and took an hour long exposure.

When she finally managed to get the image developed (it took a while in those days!) she was more than surprised to see the image of an aging man sitting in the lord’s favorite chair.

 lord combermere ghost

She showed the photograph to the other family members, and Combermere’s staff…and they all agreed that the man in the chair bore an amazing resemblance to the late lord.

Skeptics immediately jumped on the case – there was apparently no way this could be a paranormal image.

Most of them put forward the theory that the image was of one of the male staff, that stayed behind to watch the property on the day of the funeral.

lord combermere audlem

This theory was instantly refuted as all the male staff were young and were also warned that the photo was being taken (i.e. they were not to enter the room!).

No it’s over to you – do you think that this is a real paranormal photograph?

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