The Greenbrier Ghost Story

The Greenbrier Ghost Story

In this article we will be taking a look at the Greenbrier ghost story from 1897, and the dreams that surfaced after Elva Zona Shue was found dead in her West Virginia home…

The Dreams

Mary Jane Heaster began having heartbreaking dreams a month after she buried her daughter, Elva Zona Shue, in 1897. In these dreams, Zona called out to her mother and told her that her death was not from natural causes – she had been murdered.

She pinned the blame on her husband – Erasmus (Edward) Stribbling Trout Shue. She claimed that the fickle man had lost his temper and ended her life because she had not managed to provide him any meat with his dinner.

He then apparently broke his wife’s neck.

The ghost of Zona demonstrated the injury in the dream – by turning her head around 180 degrees (Exorcist style!).

greenbrier ghost west virginia

The heartbroken, and angry Mary Jane, went to the local prosecutor at once…but understandably, he did not really believe her ghostly dream story.

She was persistent though, and managed to get him to agree to exhume her daughter’s body and perform a thorough autopsy…

She was right – Zona was found to have a broken neck…she had been murdered.

The Marriage

Elva ‘Zona’ Heaster was born in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, in 1873. She had led a simple life right up to the point where she managed to get pregnant, out of wedlock, in 1895.

In those days this kind of thing was BAD news – nobody wanted to marry a ‘loose woman’ with poor morals, and a kid in tow.

However, she got lucky when a guy named Edward Stribbling Trout Shue moved into the area – he was looking for a new start in life, and didn’t really care that Zona had a child.

greenbrier ghost house

On October the 20th, 1896, the lovestruck pair were married…but Zona’s mother, Mary Jane, never really approved of Shue as a husband.

The couple seemed extremely happy in their new life – for three short months…

On January the 23rd, 1897, the body of Zona Heaster Shue was discovered at her home by a young boy running errands. She was found in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, as if she had tripped and fallen.

By the time the local doctor arrived at the house, Shue had moved his wife’s body upstairs to their bed, and had dressed her in a high-neck frock. When the doctor tried to examine the body he was continually interrupted by the sobbing Shue.

Whenever the doctor attempted to examine the head area of Zona’s body, Shue would suddenly cradle the head, and tell the doctor to leave them alone.

The doctor eventually listed her death as an ‘everlasting faint’ that was linked to childbirth…although he had no idea if the girl was indeed pregnant or not!

Edward Shue

When Mary Heaster was finally able to convince the county prosecutor to reopen the case – she was already sure in her own mind that Edward Shue had killed her daughter.

The prosecutor did a thorough job of visiting all of Zona’s neighbors and friends in the area, and they all agreed with Mary Heaster’s claims of murder.

When the exhumation was set to take place, Edward was told he would have to be present…he then knew that the game was up, and he informed the prosecutor that he was about to be arrested.

Zona was found with a broken windpipe, and deep finger marks on her neck. Her vertebrae was dislocated and the ligaments torn.

Edward Stribbling Trout Shue collapsed in a heap – he knew the game was up, and he was arrested on the spot.

greenbrier haunted
The House Where The Shue Family Lived

The later investigation found out that the mysterious Edward Stribbling Trout Shue had been married twice before he arrived in Greenbrier. His first wife had left him, due to the constant beatings he gave her…and his second wife died under mysterious circumstances.

Edward Shue was found guilty of murder on July the 11th, 1897, and sentenced to life imprisonment (he somehow managed to escape the death penalty). He was imprisoned at West Virginia State Prison where he died three years later.

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The Carmen Winstead Story

The Carmen Winstead Story

This article will be covering the tragic Carmen Winstead story and the paranormal chain letter incidents that followed the 17-year-old’s death.

The Carmen Winstead Death

Carmen Winstead was a run-of-the-mill Indiana teenager who was tragically killed when she was pushed into a sewer by five other students. The incident happened when her school was in the process of completing a fire drill.

Carmen had been having a few problems with a group of female students – she stood out as a little different therefore she was picked on occasionally…and that is exactly what happened when she was pushed down the sewer entrance.

It was supposed to be a joke – a way of embarrassing Carmen in front of the school…but she did not reemerge from the sewer.

The Carmen Winstead Death

The police were brought to the scene and they soon located and recovered her body in the sewer. Her neck had been completely broken, probably happening when her head hit the metal ladder on the way down.

The students at the school were questioned but none of them witnessed what the group of girls had done – these girls did not own up to their actions. Instead, they told the authorities that it was a clumsy accident – Carmen had simply fallen through the open sewer cover.

The Carmen Winstead Chain Letter

A couple of months after the tragedy, numerous students at Carmen’s school started receiving emails and messages on their myspace accounts titled ‘They Pushed Her’.

These messages contained the truth about what really happened on the day of the fire drill.

The messages did not contain specifics on who pushed Carmen into the sewer…but they did warn that the guilty party needed to come forward…otherwise there would be horrible consequences!

The Carmen Winstead Chain Letter

Most of the students thought that this message was nothing more than a sick joke…but five girls got REALLY worried.

They had a right to be worried – within several days of the message going viral, each of the girls was found killed and disfigured in the same sewer Carmen had died.

Many now believe that Carmen is a very real entity, that is hell-bent on informing the world about her murder. Not content with the deaths of the guilty party, she will visit anyone who does not believe the story and forward it on to others.

Is the Carmen Winstead Story True?

Well yes, these events apparently happened in 2006…but the ‘entity’ of Carmen Winstead is regarded as a bit of an urban legend.

Some skeptics claim that Carmen never really existed – that this story started as a hoax and went from there. Many believe this…but if they receive an email entitled ‘They Pushed Her’…they always forward it…just in case!

Others believe that these events DEFINITELY took place, but they were in another part of the world. As a side note – this subject is often researched through search engines from various parts of the Philippines.

What are your thoughts on the Carmen Winstead story?

Do you believe in the Carmen Winstead chain letter?

If you do not forward the letter with the words ‘They Pushed Her’ in the title…will the spirit of Carmen come after you?

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The University of Toronto Haunting

The University of Toronto Haunting

This article will be taking a look at how a student learned the identity of the spirit behind the University of Toronto haunting – through a tale of love, betrayal…and sinister murder…

Conversation With a Ghost

A student named Allen Aylesworth was walking through the university grounds some time in the 1870’s, when he encountered a large bearded man wearing a dark hat and long coat. Aylesworth decided to make a little chit-chat by commenting on the cold weather.

The tall dark stranger replied that it was always cold in his world.

This reply interested Aylesworth, so he struck up a conversation with the stranger, who then identified himself as Ivan Reznikoff.

Conversation With a Ghost

After a few minutes Aylesworth realized that the weather was starting to eat through to his bones, so he invited Reznikoff back to his apartment to get out of the cold. They spent the remainder of the night downing rum and talking…

This conversation managed to reveal the identity of the ghost who was frequently spotted on one of the university stairwells…

The Stonemason

Reznikoff explained to Aylesworth that he was a stonemason who worked on the university building and ended up falling for a local lass named Suzie, who he planned to propose to.

Unfortunately a Greek worker named Paul Diabolos was also in love with this local girl…and a feud was born.

The competition was on – and both men set out to show each other up.

This resulted in Diabolos carving a likeness of Reznikoff as one of the leering gargoyles that decorate the corner of the university. Reznikoff was not happy about this – and he realized that Diabolos was actually a more talented stonemason than him!

The Affair 

Diabolos’s witty carving seemed to win Suzie over, and she began having an affair with him. Just before the planned wedding Susie called it off…and ended up getting engaged to the talented Diabolos.

Reznikoff was furious – and chased Diabolos across the university grounds with his trusty axe. They ended up running through the east wing but Diabolos managed to hide and get the drop on Reznikoff, stabbing him the back in the process.

The Affair 

Reznikoff finished his story saying that Diabolos had buried him under the stairs where his undiscovered body still lay.

The other members of the university construction group all thought that Reznikoff had ran off – broken hearted and embarrassed by his loss in love.

Reznikoff then claimed that he had been standing near the stairs where his body was buried, ever since, in the vain hope that someone would discover it.

Aylesworth woke up the following morning and the man named Reznikoff was gone – surely he had drunk too much rum and imagined the ghostly story the stonemason had told him?

The Discovery

In 1890, a devastating fire burnt out a large area of the university and the east wing was gutted by it. During the repair work, after the fire, workers stumbled upon human remains beneath the stairwell.

Aftermath of the Fire
Aftermath of the Fire

Allen Bristol Aylesworth, now a successful lawyer, returned to the university grounds and revealed his story. The remains were eventually interred under an old maple tree in the University College’s quadrangle.

Aylesworth went on to become a Canadian Parliamentarian…but he always stuck to his story of meeting the ghost of Reznikoff…

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George Reeves Ghost Sightings

George Reeves Ghost Sightings

Bumps and scrapes in the night, strewn bed linen, and George Reeves’ ghost sightings at 3am are to be expected within the Benedict Canyon Drive home.

Once the former residence of this fifties Superman icon, it has been reported to be haunted by his restless spirit.

What sinister secrets lie within these four walls that are dying to be uncovered?

June 16, 1959

In the early hours of that particular morning, a shot rang clear. Such a tragic event would forever be a topic of mystery and speculation.

Days later George Reeves’s death would be ruled a suicide, but those close to him believed otherwise. It was no secret that George Reeves had an obsession for women and tended to break a lot of hearts along the way.

So it’s no surprise that a jealous ex-lover, with influential ties to the police and organized crime, could potentially be the reason for his sudden demise.

Close Encounters With Death

In the months leading to his death, a series of three automobile accidents took place. One, in particular, indicated that there was foul play at hand.

The third incident left Reeves fighting to gain control over his car when his brakes failed. Upon inspection of the vehicle, a mechanic revealed that fluid had been syphoned out the brakes.

Death Threats

After the inexplicable occurrences with the car, Reeves began receiving death threats telephonically, which escalated to the point that he approached the police.

Reeves immediately suspected his ex-lover (Toni Mannix) to be behind the threats and the tampering of his car.

Toni had married a very influential man, who had ties to some unsavory characters. It was quite possible that this man could’ve had the influence to torment Reeves and ultimately have him offed.

Reeves’s Frame of Mind

Before his death, Reeves’s career was going from strength to strength and he was going to marry Lenore Lemmon.

On the night in question, Lenore had a couple of friends over really late. Although Reeves was unhappy with the lateness of the guests’ arrival and somewhat intoxicated, he returned to bed and apparently shot himself.

The ‘Suicide Game’

Reeves had a macabre game that he enjoyed to play in front of others, which included a gun with blanks and a mock suicide attempt.

Oddly enough, Reeves would always take precaution to hold the gun away from his head when shooting the blank. Someone in a suicidal frame of mind wouldn’t take care to prevent getting burned by the blank’s powder.

The Investigation

Investigation into his death exposed a lot of discrepancies that were ultimately overlooked. The most disturbing evidence was that there was no gunpowder found on the actor’s skin, indicating that the gun wasn’t held in close proximity to his head.

The gun in question had blanks, so how did an actual bullet end up in it? Furthermore, there were no fingerprints found on the gun and no gunshot residue on his fingers.

Also, investigators found him on his back with the bullet casing underneath him. If he had shot himself, he would’ve been thrust forward and away from the discarded casing.

Toni Mannix’s Confession

In her later years, Mannix developed Alzheimer’s and senile dementia. During a period of lucidity, Mannix confessed to a priest that she needed to be forgiven for her sins before she passed on.

As she deteriorated, she would loudly pray to Reeves and a higher power to grant her the forgiveness she sought.


All the former renters of this home say that George Reeves’ ghost has frequently been sighted. Many believe that the actor is in a state of unrest and that he wants justice for his untimely death.

Tenants have reported that at times they find his former bedroom in a state of disarray after it has been tidied.

Pets also seem to pick up on a threatening spirit in the house. Former occupants have reported seeing an apparition in a Superman costume!

Other reports included hearing a gunshot in the middle of the night and then smelling gun powder. Many of the residents do not settle for too long since the unexplained noises and lights are too much.

With all the secrets buried within the home and the unjust murder of a man at his prime, it is no wonder that this house is considered a paranormal hotspot.