The Alien Base Under Antarctica

The Alien Base Under Antarctica

I’m going to level with you here – conducting research for this website absolutely rocks at times!

I don’t have to trawl through educational papers or boring politics – I don’t have to learn any languages (well, maybe Klingon!) or techniques…

I just have to read up on the coolest subjects known to man!

Take the subject of this article today – the alien base under Antarctica…

Who wouldn’t want to read an article with that title?

Anyway, it’s a subject that’s been floating around the internet for over a decade now – and it’s just had a revamp due to ‘something’ being discovered buried deep within the ice of Antarctica.


In May of 1945, the Russians were pouring into Germany and Berlin was surrounded – Hitler and his closest allies were buried deep in a bunker that was about to act as their tomb.

Records show that they all decided to take the cowards way out and commit suicide in the bunker, before the Russians took them.

Germany and Berlin

However, many theories have circulated about what actually happened during the final days of the Third Reich – did Hitler really take his own life?

Surely he must have had a backup plan of some sort in place?

What about the theory that he escaped in a submarine to a secret base beneath Antarctica?

Innovate Ways

All through the Second World War, the Allies and Axis powers kept on coming up with new and twisted ways of killing one another.

At one point, the Nazis seemed to be edging ahead in the race to build the ultimate flying machine weapon – many believed that they had managed to get their hands on alien technology.

a race of aliens who helped them build a secret base

Conspiracy theorists believe that the Nazis managed to befriend a race of aliens who helped them build a secret base in Antarctica. It is here that they are thought to have been creating this frightening new line of aircraft and weaponry.

Albert Bender

So where did all these internet rumors come from originally?

Why has this internet myth grown and gathered so much pace?

Well, in 1962, Albert Bender, a Air Force veteran during World War 2, put his experiences into writing.

He claimed that he was abducted by aliens on several occasions during the 1950’s – on one of these occasions he ended up in the fabled secret base in Antarctica.

At this point there were no Nazis present – they had all been scattered across the globe due to result of the Second World War.

But he did meet a reptilian race of aliens that claimed to have helped the Nazis build their technology. They had apparently been living in this UFO base under the ice for over two centuries.

The aliens claimed that just before the Second World War started, the Nazis turned up at their ‘door’ from a ship named the Schwabenland.

It should be noted that there are actual historical accounts of the Schwabenland traveling to Antarctica.

Bender never managed to find out if these aliens knew the evil intentions of the Nazi group – were they aware they were helping monsters take over the world?

There are also conspiracy theories from the end of World War 2 concerning the Americans – apparently they launched a secret mission to Antarctica to destroy the few remaining Nazis.

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