The Pink Lady of Greencastle

The Pink Lady of Greencastle

This article will be covering the paranormal reports linked to the Pink Lady of Greencastle, Indiana. Did the now demolished O’Hare Mansion house an age-old spirit who refused to leave?

Let’s take a closer look…

Guy Winters – Amateur Paranormal Investigator

Winters was not exactly what you’d call a ‘believer’, when it came to matters of the paranormal. However, all that changed when a group of his mates convinced him to join them in a ghost hunt around the ruins of the O’Hare Mansion in Greencastle, Indiana.

This group of friends had actually visited the site earlier in the week, and were convinced that they witnessed some sort of paranormal activity…

Winters did not buy into this…at all!

But he was pretty much stuck for things to do that night – what was the worst that could happen?

He agreed to join them after they got permission off the land’s owner to visit the ruined spot.

That Evening…

It turned out to be quite an evening – all present had experiences of a potentially paranormal kind.

The ‘main event’ was when the group all witnessed an apparition pass through a room right in front of them – they also managed to record some sort of spectral mist on their video equipment.

But the group was in no mood for going upstairs…except for Guy, of course!

The paranormal kind

After the apparition, Guy’s friends seemed to lose their nerve somewhat – something he found quite amusing. So, he grabbed his camera and ventured upstairs by himself…

Guy later admitted that as soon as he started snapping photographs of the upstairs area, he began to feel extremely sick. He also developed a terrible headache which seemed to consistently pump through his mind.

He finished up snapping as many photographs as he could, then quickly left the building to get some air. As soon as he got back outside, the sickness and the headache disappeared!

The Photographs

When Guy eventually picked up the developed photographs he was blown away to find out that he had managed to capture several ghostly images in them.

The apparitions were not visible at the time the photos were taken, but they were completely visible once they were developed!

The most famous of these photos is the ‘The Pink Lady’ who was captured on three consecutive frames in one of the second floor bedroom windows. The most impressive aspect about these paranormal frames is that the lady has actually moved pose slightly in each one…

The Photographs

The images of this lady were also found on the negatives of the film roll – when tested, no tampering of any kind was found (they were certainly NOT fakes).

Who is the Pink Lady?

So who is this spirit in Pink?

Why is she hanging around an old Indiana ruin?

Well, Guy was desperate to find out who she was, so he eventually took the images into a local television studio. They were bowled over by the paranormal photographs, so they decided to run a news story on them to gather more information.

After the program, a lady named ‘Mary’, a descendant of the O’Hare family, contacted Guy through the station. They decided to meet and she brought in photographs from her family’s past.

As soon as Mary set eyes on the picture of the Pink Lady she recognized her – it was her mother, Irene O’Hare.

She also recognized another spirit caught in one of Guy’s snaps – her aunt Vera O’Hare.

The mansion is now completely removed from the land – the owner had to build something new on it to stop the influx of paranormal investigators after the photos went public.

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