The Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts

The Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts

In the village of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, sits what is thought to be the most haunted Bed and Breakfast inn on the planet.

​The Ancient Ram Inn ghosts have been tormenting their paying customers for decades now and they don’t look like stopping anytime soon…

The 12th Century Inn

Over the years there have been reports of over 20 entities terrorizing the Inn’s inhabitants.

The building itself is thought to have been constructed on an ancient pagan burial ground that was famous for child sacrifice and extreme devil worshiping.

Presently, Caroline Humphries, whose family has lived in the Ram Inn for nearly half a century, is the owner of the tormented building.

She claims to be doing really well out of the business due to paranormal enthusiasts being desperate to catch a few night’s stay at the inn.

The 12th Century Inn

The Happenings

Over the last few decades there have been numerous reports of guests running for their cars in the middle of the night.

Most of them claim to have been awoken be bedroom furniture levitating around the room, in some cases visitors were actually pinned down to their bed!

There are also a handful of reports that concern the apparition of a little girl. She is often seen walking slowly down the inn’s hallways looking straight through the paying guests.

The first floor of the inn has seen several paying customers jump from open windows. Nobody has yet been hurt but one must wonder what drove them to jump from this height and what they were trying to escape?

Several years ago a rather confident ghost hunter decided to get to the truth behind the paranormal activity and stay there for a night.

He was halfway through his night investigation when he felt an incredible force push up against him. When he turned around the wooden beams of the medieval house started to rock violently leaving him grabbing onto the walls crying silently to himself.

Other ghost hunters have had success with capturing spirit’s voices on their devices – a child’s terrifying scream and a demonic male voice booming “get out”.

The Humphries

Ms Humphries, 51, claims that when she was a teenage girl she was completely petrified of the family home.

It got so bad at one point that she decided to sleep out in the caravan positioned on the back yard of the inn.

Throughout her youth she got used to being woken up by screaming customers running for their cars in the middle of the night.

People had told her that they’d seen a high priestess sitting in one of the bedrooms, objects move and spin, and heard ghosts of murdered children screaming and crying in one specific bedroom.

The first night the family moved into the house her father, john, was pulled straight out of the bed and across the room.

After this initial incident he decided to research the building further and was horrified to discover that it was built on top of an ancient burial ground.

A few years later he decided to update the building with a few modern renovations. He was shocked to discover small child-like bones and sacrificial daggers in the earth beneath the building!

The Humphries have considered selling the house on several occasions but they know deep down in their hearts that nobody would buy it…

Would you?