The Ghost Photo of Grandpa

The Ghost Photo of Grandpa

This article will be covering the paranormal image that has become known online as the ‘Photo of Grandpa’. Did this grandfather really appear in an image, behind his wife, 13 years after he had died?

Let’s take a closer look…

Assisted Living

A 94-year-old lady had just moved into an assisted living property area and was out on a picnic with her granddaughter. She had been living alone for many years but the time had come to get some sort of support, and medical backup, in case she ever needed it.

The photograph below (the right image) was taken by the granddaughter at this picnic – the elderly lady had been living in this new home for about a week at this point…

The Ghost in Assisted Living

Two photos had been taken that day, and nothing else was thought on the matter for years until Christmas Day arrived (2000). The elderly lady had passed away by this point and the family members were keen to reminisce on past memories…


As they looked at the photo of their elderly lady, they were shocked to see a bald elderly man standing right behind her – he had not been there when the photo was snapped!

The family examined this man more closely and were speechless when they realized who it was – the grandfather (the elderly lady’s husband).

There was one problem with this setup – the photo was taken shortly after the old lady moved into assisted living quarters in 1997…and her husband had died in 1984.

The remaining family members have been quizzed about this subject on numerous occasions, and they are POSITIVE this is the image of their deceased grandfather.

The two images above have been put side by side so you can make your own mind up – the resemblance is quite astonishing really.

Now it’s over to you – what do you think?

Do you think this is a legitimate mistake or do you feel it is a unique and original photograph of a ghost?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.