Poltergeist – The Tina Resch Case

Poltergeist - The Tina Resch Case

This article will be covering the rather tragic Tina Resch case, which started with the claims of a poltergeist haunting…and ended with the death of a child…

Let’s take a closer look…

Tina Resch

Tina did not really have the happiest of upbringings, at the age of just ten she was abandoned by her real mother and ended up being adopted by an incredibly strict family from Columbus, Ohio…

The Resch family.

The head of this twisted family, John and Joan Resch, were absolutely awful to Tina, and she endured many years of abuse from them living in their house…

Until something paranormal starting happening…

The Poltergeist

Around about the time of March, 1981, locals who knew the Resch family started spreading rumours involving Tina and poltergeist activity. It wasn’t long before the media picked up on this story.

When it hit the papers – investigator William Roll decided to look into the case.

Roll contacted the Resch family directly and they were more than happy to invite him to stay at their house, so he could witness the paranormal activity himself.

He wasn’t to be disappointed, on his first night in the household he witnessed all manner of furniture and kitchenware being thrown through the air by an invisible force. He also witnessed the TV coming on by itself, even though it wasn’t plugged in!

Tina Resch

Roll left the Resch household and told the world that the family was telling the truth – there was something paranormal within the house.

The media moved in and started interviewing Tina on a daily basis, but on one visit, the camera recording seemed to catch Tina pushing a lamp off a table and pretending it was a ghost – were the family behind an elaborate hoax?

When quizzed about this incident, Tina insisted that she was sick and tired of all the interviews, and pushed the lamp off the table so that the media would stop harassing her.

When Tina reached the end of her teenage years, the poltergeist seemed to tire of her…and eventually the paranormal activity stopped completely.

The media finally finished with Tina’s life…until 1992…


At the age of 18 Tina managed to get pregnant, and gave birth to a daughter she named Amber. When Amber was the tender age of 3, she was brutally murdered inside Tina’s home.

For some reason Tina was charged with the child’s murder…but she was not even in the house when it happened?

Tina’s boyfriend, David Herrin was supposed to be looking after Amber at the time of her death and he claimed he did not touch the child. After a number of days in the police interview room, Herrin cracked and admitted to sexually abusing the child on numerous occasions when she was alive.

He was immediately given 20 years in prison.

Tina faced the death penalty in court, even though she was nowhere near the child when it died. She tried her best to convince the jury…but in the end had to accept a plea bargain…just to stay alive.

Tina received a sentence of life in prison with an extra 20 years…she is still locked up today.

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The Bell Witch Tennessee Story

The Bell Witch Tennessee Story

This article will be covering the Bell Witch Tennessee story from the early 1800’s, when a simple family were tormented by a now infamous malicious spirit…

The Bell Witch Curse

John Bell and his family decided that they needed a change in 1804, and ended up purchasing a property in Tennessee.

John decided that the peaceful country life was they way to go – he would steadily build up his land and leave a solid legacy to his children.

Unfortunately, this idea did not go according to plan…

During the period of the Bell’s buying up property, John managed to piss off a neighbor named Kate Batts. This lady was convinced that John had somehow ripped her off when it came to the deal for her land.

The Bell Witch Curse

Batts was not one to let things lie – and the two had a feud right up until the moment she died, in 1817.

On her deathbed she left what is now referred to as ‘The Bell Witch Curse’ on John’s family.

The Bell Witch Haunting Story

Shortly after Batts passed away, the Bell family began to hear scratchings behind the walls of their home. This then escalated into a whispering voice that got louder and louder over time.

The family members were convinced that this was the voice of an old woman, but they could not quite make out who she was or what she was saying.

Before long, poltergeist activity hit the household. This force seemed to be waking the children up when they slept, by slowly tugging the blankets off them.

The poltergeist entity then moved on to various items in the household – stealing them and hiding them about the property. It then moved on to physically abusing the young children (pinching and slapping them!).

The Bell Witch Haunting Story

At night, John would be woken by the sounds of some sort of beast, chewing on wooden posts and supports of the house. When he looked out of the windows at night he could see strange and unknown creatures lurking about the garden.

The entity seemed to concentrate most of it’s efforts on John and his daughter Betsy (Elizabeth). It would only ever laugh out loud when it witnessed one of the two in severe discomfort or fright.

The voice became clearer and clearer over time, and in the end the family could hear it stating that it was going to kill the head of the household – John Bell.

At this point, John had no idea what to do – he invited his friend James Johnson and his wife for dinner…hopefully they would witness the paranormal activity and provide some sort of solution…

The ghost did not disappoint.

The Bell Witch House

By 1818,  James Johnson and his wife had let most of the locals in the area know about what they witnessed that night – The Bell Witch.

John was desperate for help, and he turned to religion to find it.

Unfortunately the local church wanted nothing to do with him or his witch – the Bell family were promptly excommunicated.

Before long the story of the Bell Witch stretched itself across America, and people flocked in their hundreds to witness the entity. It never disappointed – it would always let itself be known, never seen, but always heard.

The Bell Witch House

General Andrew Jackson (who would go on to become the 7th President of the United States) got wind of this supernatural story and decided to gather a group of close friends and visit the Bell property himself. He was not a believer in the paranormal, and he thought he could prove the whole issue was a hoax.

When they neared the Bell property their wagon suddenly locked it’s wheels and stopped. The General and his men investigated the wheel mechanisms but nothing seemed wrong with them.

The general joked about the power of the witch stopping the wagon…and with that a high pitched voice boomed out through the night saying…

“All right General, let the wagon move on, I will see you again tonight”

The General left early the next day after witnessing a night full of terrifying paranormal activity.

The Death of John Bell

When John reached the age of seventy he suffered from a stroke, leaving him bedridden and needing medicine every day. One morning he failed to wake from his sleep…and the witch claimed that she had switched medicines on the family…

Had they been feeding John poison without knowing it?

The witch told his family members that John would be dead by the following day – the poison was strong and there was no return for him.

He died the next day.

The Bell Witch sang joyously at the close of John’s funeral, and could be continued to be heard as the family and friends filed away.

The End

In 1821, the Bell Witch informed the surviving Bell family members that she would be leaving their property, and she would return in seven years time.

She kept her promise – returning in 1828 and appearing only to John Bell Jr, John Bell’s son.

After a while she once again decided to leave the Bell family, and told Bell Jr that she would return in 1935.

There has been no record of the Bell Witch since.

Nearby to the Bell house there is a cave known as the Bell Witch Cave.

There have been numerous modern-day paranormal incidents recorded and reported in this cave. Some paranormal experts and psychics believe that the Bell Witch still resides in this cave…watching…and waiting…

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The San Pedro Haunted House

The San Pedro Haunted House

In this article we will be covering a report that a paranormal investigation team published concerning a San Pedro haunted house, back in 1989. A malevolent spirit or a power created by the emotional turmoil of it’s tenant?

You decide…

The Jackie Hernandez Case

Dr. Barry Taff and a cameraman named Barry Conrad got asked to investigate what is now known as ‘The Jackie Hernandez Case’ back in 1989. It involved a now infamous house located in San Pedro, California.

They were informed that the problem house was owned by a young lady named Jackie Hernandez – who openly admitted to having disturbing emotional issues in the past.

When the team arrived at the location they were told that the house frequently developed strange smells, and nobody could figure out where they were coming from?

On top of this, poltergeist activity seemed to be behind moving objects and strange apparitions had started appearing. One such apparition was a glowing cloud that tried to suffocate Hernandez – this cloud incident had been witnessed by several other visitors to the house.

The Paranormal Investigation Team

There was also a report concerning a strange dripping, slime-like substance appearing in the kitchen cupboards.

During their first investigation, the team kept on hearing a disturbingly loud sound coming from attic of the home. One of the team members later described the noise as sounding like a “200 pound rat” bouncing around the ceiling area.

Jeff Wheatcraft, a photographer with the team, decided to bite the bullet and enter the attic to snap some images of the entity. He was in the process of focusing in his first shot when an invisible force grabbed his camera and drove it into the floorboards!

The Second Investigation

The team returned to the San Pedro haunted house in September of that year. Wheatcraft was keen to get back into the attic but decided to take another team member, Gary Beihm, with him this time.

As the pair searched through the attic area an invisible force managed to wrap a clothesline around Wheatcraft’s neck and suspend him from one of the beams. Beihm managed to wrestle the photographer back down to the floor before he was strangled to death.

The Second Investigation

Over the next few days, the team began to realize that the events in the house were following Jackie Hernandez around. Could her emotional problems be creating the phenomena unconsciously?

By this point, Jackie had apparently developed a strong relationship with cameraman Barry Conrad – the team thought this relationship could be behind the poltergeist activity. It was thought that anyone who might be perceived as threat to Jackie’s relationship with Barry would end up being attacked by the paranormal force.

The Haunting Continues…

There are a few problems with the Jackie and Barry theory.

If this romantic link to the poltergeist was to be believed, then this would mean that this was strictly a haunting brought on by living subject.

But, the house has remained haunted ever since Jackie moved out – the owners claim that no tenant has managed to stay in the property for longer than 6 months.

Does a malevolent spirit haunt this house or did Jackie Hernandez manage to leave a residual power within it’s walls?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Most Haunted Places Around The World (Poltergeist)

most haunted places around the world

I first stumbled upon this infographic about 2 years ago when I was searching for a review on the remake of Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist movie.

I wanted to watch it, but I had been told it was pretty gash by a mate…he was right!

Anyway, at this time of it’s release, BloodyDisgusting.com released this awesome image-based content, and I made a mental note of it because I had a feeling I would maybe ‘borrow’ it one day!

It’s a great infographic covering the most haunted places around the world which have been linked with poltergeists.

I’m kinda hoping they don’t mind me showcasing it here (maybe they are fans of the site…) 🙂

From possessed castles and historic battlefields to grisly historic reports of suffering, and unexpected death, this is the collection of the world’s most chilling paranormal stories.

haunted places around the world

Haunted Places

Those of you that are regulars to this site, will notice that a lot of the locations covered in the infographic above have been covered here in full article format…

There is a load more information on the locations included in the infographic throughout our site. If you are interested – simply use the search bar located at the top right of our sidebar.

We realize that the text on the image may seem a bit small on some computer screens, so we’ve left it as a clickable infographic.

This means that if you click on the image it will load up in a different tab, with a magnifying tool!

Now over to you!

Do you know of any poltergeist haunts that have not been included in the infographic?

We would love to hear from you – please leave your information in the comment section below.

The Bassa Villa Hotel Poltergeist

The Bassa Villa Hotel Poltergeist

I’m always intrigued by modern-day reports of poltergeist activity due to the amount of technology we have at hand to ‘capture’ the incidents. Unfortunately, this technology can go both ways…

Technology gives us the power to capture paranormal activity but at the same time it also gives us the power to create hoaxes.

When I first came across the case of the Bassa Villa Hotel poltergeist online, it really did capture my attention…but something stuck out like a sore thumb in the video footage…and I just couldn’t shake it’s effect.

Anyway, watch the video first and see if you notice what I noticed on first viewing…

The Bassa Villa Hotel Poltergeist Footage

The hotel owner, Nick Bevon, arrived at work one morning (in Bridgnorth, Shropshire) to find shards of glass all over his pub/bar room floor. He quickly turned on his CCTV system to see what had taken place in his property the night before.

He was half expecting to see a group of youths messing about in the bar area but nothing prepared him for what came next.

He watched in awe as individual glasses seemed to move on their own in the dark, late at night. Nobody was in the bar – there was no evidence of anyone breaking in!

Nick reviewed the video footage once again and took note that the incident happened at 1:43am – a long time after the last staff member had left after clearing up the bar area. He also checked the other CCTV camera angles out and ended up with the same spooky footage.

The Bassa Villa Hotel

When interviewed Nick went on to explain that the Bassa Villa Hotel was frequently linked with paranormal reports, even before this poltergeist footage was recorded. He claimed that his wrist had been grabbed by an unseen entity on numerous occasions and had even witnessed strange shadow figures walking across the bar room then disappearing.

He links the paranormal activity with a rumour that in the past, two children had been buried in the cellar area of the hotel (many, many, decades ago…one presumes?).

Fact or Fiction?

Okay, back to the video and the main gripe I have with this paranormal report…

Now, before I go any further, I should really point out that I am not calling ‘hoax’ here in any way, shape or form. It’s just that I noticed something in the video that set alarm bells ringing in my head.

Near the start of the footage, above the bar surface where the glasses start moving you can see a number of chalk boards. Notice what’s written in chalk on the board that is directly above the glasses…

“Hi, Thanks For Looking”

Now, this could be a complete coincidence…or it could be someone’s attempt at sarcastic humour?

It may be completely innocent, but I don’t know why this statement would be set above a bar area like this…it just doesn’t seem to fit?

What do you think?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Beauport Incident – Signs of Poltergeist Activity

The Beauport Incident - Signs of Poltergeist Activity

During a recent research trip through the archives of YouTube we came across an incident that seemed to indicate signs of poltergeist activity.

This particular report originates from Beauport, Quebec, back in 1989…and we hadn’t heard of it before!

(Note: The short documentary ‘The Beauport Phenomenon’ is included at the bottom of this article).


One August morning in 1989, teenager Nancy slept comfortably in her home on 3566 Mgr Gauthier street when suddenly she was awoken by a loud thunderous bang.

She sat straight up in bed but soon thought the sound had been nothing more than an event in her dream. She peacefully laid back down to resume her early morning doze…

The bang came again…much louder this time!

She got out of bed and noticed a strange hole in her bedroom wall, as she peered into it the banging returned.

Nancy and every other resident of the apartment block evacuated the building onto the street outside.

New Signs of Poltergeist Activity

Over the next couple of weeks the residents of the apartment complex began to hear the same loud banging noise centered in their own apartments.

A group meeting of the families who lived in the complex resulted in the landlord being contacted directly about the strange events.

The baffled landlord decided to call in a team of local geologists and gas technicians in an attempt to get to the root of the loud banging problem.

Both sets of professionals left the building as confused as when they went in – there was no fault to be found in the apartment complex that could cause such a loud noise.

Psychokinetic Forces at Play

Local news and media soon got a hold of the story and quickly labeled it a ‘poltergeist’ case.

One particular news crew decided to film the goings on inside the building…they were shocked by what they actually caught during their live interview.

Watch the video below and pay close attention to the section of the video that runs from the 1 minute, 6 second mark…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the poltergeist case we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.