The Donnie Decker Rain Mystery

The Donnie Decker Rain Mystery

In this article we will be looking at one of the most fascinating paranormal reports of recent times – the Donnie Decker rain mystery.

Witnessed by numerous individuals, including law enforcement professionals, this is the story of the ‘Rain Man’…

The Passing of James Kishaugh

James Kishaugh passed away on on February 24th, 1983 in Stroudsburg, PA. Most of his close family mourned his death…except his grandson, Don Decker.

Donnie had experienced nothing but dark times with his grandfather, who had abused him since he was a young kid.

The Passing of James Kishaugh

When his funeral came around, Don was granted furlough to attend it and comfort his family.

In all, the prison service decided that he was allowed several days on the outside to tie up any loose ends, and to make sure his family was alright.

After the funeral had finished, Don was invited to stay the night with close friends of his family – Bob and Jeannie Keiffer.


As nighttime came, the Keiffer’s started to get a little bit worried about the mental state that Don seemed to be drifting into. He was slowly slipping into some sort of trance and when asked, he claimed he felt a ‘deep chill’ throughout his body.

He finally slumped into a full trance-like state…and the Keiffer’s noticed water dripping from their living room ceiling and walls.

In a panic, they called their landlord, Ron Van Why, and he arrived on the scene within minutes.

Ron knew that this partition of his house had no main water pipes in it – he had no idea what was going on?

Without warning, the water started to rise up through the floors on the ground floor – where was it coming from?

The Witnesses

The landlord eventually called the police – he had no other option as the house was now spewing out water from every room!

The first to arrive on the scene was Patrolman Richard Wolbert. He later admitted that the first thing he saw when he got in the house was a droplet of water traveling horizontally from one room to the next.

Officer John Baujan also joined the scene to witness the strange events.


Both policemen were left dumbfounded – until they noticed the trance Don appeared to be in.

They instructed the Keiffer’s to remove Don from the home and sit him down at the pizzeria located a short distance from the residence.

Once Don had be moved through the front door – the strange rain effect ceased.

The Pizzeria

As the Keiffer’s shifted Don through the entrance of the pizza shop, the owner, Pam Scrofano, noticed water start to pour out from her ceiling.

It seemed to be concentrated above Don and Bob and Jeannie Keiffer.

The religious Pam, suspected that some sort of ‘entity’ had possessed Don – she grabbed her crucifix from her register and pressed it to Don’s bare skin…

He screamed in agony as the cross actually managed to burn his flesh.

They were ordered to leave the shop, and as soon as they did, the rain stopped falling!

Back in the Keiffer Residence

The landlord Ron Van Why and his wife Romayne, were waiting in the property when Don and the Keiffers returned – but the rain seemed to have come back with them!

All of a sudden – the pots and pans in the kitchen started to rattle and jump off their shelves. Van Why quickly confronted Don because he thought it was some kind of practical joke…

Big mistake.

Without warning , Don’s body began to levitate in mid air…then some unseen force threw him into a nearby wall.

Back in the Keiffer Residence

Not long after, officers Baujan and Wolbert returned to the property with their Chief. Unfortunately, the strange events had suddenly stopped. The Chief told them to leave the case alone – it was nothing more than a plumbing problem.

But Baujan and Wolbert needed an explanation to what they had witnessed…


The policemen returned the next day with Bill Davies and Lt. John Rundle in tow – they wanted to make sure everything was alright in the household.

Bill Davies had heard all about the previous day and he wanted to carry out his own experiment, so he pressed a crucifix to Don’s bare hand. Don informed Davis that it was burning him so he removed the cross…it felt very hot!

Without warning, Don started to levitate once again and flew into a nearby wall – There were three claw marks on the side of his neck, which drew blood.

Landlord Ron Van Why had seen enough – surely something demonic was happening to Don?

He phoned around desperately, looking for a preacher to come in and help Don – and was declined by most. Eventually one came to the house and she went through a prayer session with Don.

It seemed to work – Don slowly began to show his true self again…and calm down.

Don’s furlough was over and it was time to return to jail.

The Prison Incidents

Don couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened to him – could he bring on those powers again? Could he make it rain inside his prison cell?

He concentrated hard and surely enough – water began dripping from his cell’s walls and ceiling.

He was eventually caught by the prison guard making his rounds. This guard did not believe that Don had ‘manifested’ the water in his cell, and challenged him to make it rain in the the warden’s office.

LT. David Keenhold was working in the Warden’s office that day…and ended up with a soaking wet shirt!

Keenhold immediately believed what Decker was trying to tell the prison employees – something was wrong and they needed outside help to solve the problem.

He called his friend Reverend William Blackburn and urgently asked him to see Don Decker.

The Reverend’s preying sessions lasted long hours, but in the end, they seemed to drive the demonic entity out of Don for good.

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