The Joshua Ward House Ghost

The Joshua Ward House Ghost

In this article we will be taking a look at the image of the Joshua Ward House ghost, captured on a Polaroid at Christmas 1981.

Is this the image of a ghost witch?

Let’s take a closer look…

Joshua Ward House Salem

Carlson Realty purchased a historic house in Salem, Massachusetts, back in 1981 with the view to converting it into a new business area for their company.

As Christmas approached, an overly-enthusiastic employee decided to take a few images of the location and it’s workers – to hang on the upcoming Christmas wreath.

When all of the Polaroids finished processing the employee sat down to go through them all…and one of them stood out…immediately.

Joshua Ward House Salem

It was a photo of one of the female company workers – but it had somehow switched framing to show someone, or something else.

The original snap was just a head and shoulders shot – but this new image showed the whole figure of a much thinner woman in an old fashioned black dress, with mad hair flying all over the place!

The Witch

The Carlson Realty employees could not explain the strange image that had appeared in that photograph.

Within a few months numerous paranormal publications had got hold of it and started to publish it in various books. Before long it became known as ‘The Witch’.

The Joshua Ward House was one of the earliest properties in Salem and was put together by merchant sea captain Joshua Ward (sometime in the 1780’s).

The Witch

However before the three leveled brick building came to be built, a much more sinister property stood on it’s land…

This was the house of a man named George Corwin – the guy that signed the warrants of the suspects in the Salem Witch Trials.

Many locals believe that Corwin’s soul is trapped in that area of land with a witch he sentenced to death…left there with him to torment his soul for evermore…


The most believable explanation for this photograph is that it was a slightly blurred effect of the female employee, with a wreath behind her head (acting as the mad hair in the image).

But those involved with the Carlson Realty setup claim that this is not the case.

Another theory involves a woman spotted in town that day, who looked a lot like an old fashioned witch – did she somehow wander into the Carlson Realty offices and ended up being snapped by accident?

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