The Winchester House Hauntings

The Winchester House Hauntings

In San Jose, California, stands one of the most famous haunted houses in America – Winchester House.

It’s paranormal activity has now propelled it’s status to a modern ghost hunting landmark – it also runs daily public tours for ghost-hungry visitors!

In this article we will be taking a look at the ​Winchester House hauntings that put this paranormal attraction on the map…


Sarah Winchester was the sole heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune. Her story was a tragic one as she had lost her daughter (Annie) and husband (John) in quick succession.

Suffering from the dark grief of the ones she lost she decided to pack up her New Haven home and move to California.

Sarah Winchester

Just before she left she decided to visit a local medium to get some sort of closure on her lost family members.

The medium informed her that her daughter and husband had died because of a curse linked to her family. The curse was down to the amount of people killed at the barrel end of a Winchester rifle.

She was told that she must set up this new house in California in an attempt to house all of the spirits that were making up this strange curse.

She duly obliged…

The Catch

Unfortunately the medium also included a catch to this spirit house plan. Sarah was told that if she ever stopped working on this new Californian house the spirits would turn on her and take her life.

The House

Sarah didn’t mess about – as soon as she got to California she began work on this new building for herself and the spirits.

She lived at the site when the house was being built and continued to summon the spirits on a daily basis (including her husband).

She had a bell tower added and would ring it to summon the spirits at night, and ring it again to dismiss them.

There was a summoning room built into the center of the house but only Sarah herself was ever allowed to go in there.

Winchester Mystery House

Locals began to question the sanity of Sarah due to the rather strange look and feel of the house. Windows seemed to be built linked directly to doors along with numerous house staircases with 13 steps each.

A large majority of these 13 step staircases led straight up to the ceilings in the house…and nobody knew why?

Eventually Sarah revealed that these strange home designs were put in place to confuse the evil spirits that had once used a Winchester gun to kill.

Unfortunately she never really explained her fascination with the number 13…

The steps totaling 13, the 13th bathroom having 13 windows, 13 drain holes in the kitchen sink, most windows had 13 panes of glass, there were 13 cupolas in the greenhouse and the walls had 13 panes!

The Winchester House Hauntings

There have been a number of strange events reported at the Winchester House for many years and they continue to be reported today.

Numerous psychics have visited the impressive building and all of them seem to believe that the summoned spirits still reside in certain rooms.

The Winchester House Hauntings

New paranormal reports seemed to surface when the house was eventually opened up to the public. Footsteps; banging doors; mysterious voices; smashed windows; cold areas in rooms; floating lights and doors that seem to open and slam shut by themselves.

There have even been reports of Sarah’s ghostly figure walking down the various twisted stairwells within the house…

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