The Wem Town Hall Ghost

The Wem Town Hall Ghost

The Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England, mysteriously went up in flames in November 1995. As the fire services struggled to battle the flames, a amateur photographer snapped images of the dramatic event.

One of these images displayed what is now referred to as the Wem Town Hall ghost…

The Photographer

The full force of the fire eventually managed to burn the Town Hall of Wem to the ground. As it crumbled and burnt, sewerage farm worker Tony O’Rahilly snapped as many photographs as his film would allow.

Tony knew that this was going to be an historic disaster in the area, so his photographs could prove to be very important in the aftermath.

When the photographs were finally developed, Tony noticed one which displayed a image of a little girl in the doorway as the building was ablaze all around her.

image of a little girl in the doorway

At the time Tony didn’t realize how important this photograph was…but within weeks it was a paranormal gem that had made international headlines.

Jane Churm

Three centuries before the Wem Town Hall fire, another infamous fire swept through the area.

A fourteen year old girl named Jane Churm accidentally set fire to her parent’s thatched roof when she was collecting fuel from underneath a bed.

In 1677 every house in the area was made out of wood and thatch – resulting in up to 540 buildings going up in smoke.

Many paranormal experts believe that Jane Churm is the girl spirit that appears in Tony O’Rahilly’s photograph.

The Ghost

The morning after the Town Hall fire in 1995, two fire professionals entered the burned down location to assess the damages.

As they made their way through the ruined building, they noticed footprints in the soot on top of one of the landings – footprints that seem to have been made by a child.

Wem Town Hall fire

When they left the location they checked with the local police and security – they had been guarding the area all night, nobody had got in.

A few days later, another two fire experts reported seeing a young girl inside the town hall ruins.

The Mystery of The Wem Town Hall Ghost

Over the years, Skeptics have had a field day with the ghost picture taken in the burning town hall. The most recent claim involves a postcard with the image of a similar looking girl from the period.

Unfortunately, Tony O’Rahilly died in 2005 but he always stuck to his guns on the legitimacy of the photo.

What are your thoughts on this subject – do you believe that the photograph is real or was it simply an attempt at fame from an amateur photographer?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the Wem Town Hall ghost  in the comment section below.

The Bassa Villa Hotel Poltergeist

The Bassa Villa Hotel Poltergeist

I’m always intrigued by modern-day reports of poltergeist activity due to the amount of technology we have at hand to ‘capture’ the incidents. Unfortunately, this technology can go both ways…

Technology gives us the power to capture paranormal activity but at the same time it also gives us the power to create hoaxes.

When I first came across the case of the Bassa Villa Hotel poltergeist online, it really did capture my attention…but something stuck out like a sore thumb in the video footage…and I just couldn’t shake it’s effect.

Anyway, watch the video first and see if you notice what I noticed on first viewing…

The Bassa Villa Hotel Poltergeist Footage

The hotel owner, Nick Bevon, arrived at work one morning (in Bridgnorth, Shropshire) to find shards of glass all over his pub/bar room floor. He quickly turned on his CCTV system to see what had taken place in his property the night before.

He was half expecting to see a group of youths messing about in the bar area but nothing prepared him for what came next.

He watched in awe as individual glasses seemed to move on their own in the dark, late at night. Nobody was in the bar – there was no evidence of anyone breaking in!

Nick reviewed the video footage once again and took note that the incident happened at 1:43am – a long time after the last staff member had left after clearing up the bar area. He also checked the other CCTV camera angles out and ended up with the same spooky footage.

The Bassa Villa Hotel

When interviewed Nick went on to explain that the Bassa Villa Hotel was frequently linked with paranormal reports, even before this poltergeist footage was recorded. He claimed that his wrist had been grabbed by an unseen entity on numerous occasions and had even witnessed strange shadow figures walking across the bar room then disappearing.

He links the paranormal activity with a rumour that in the past, two children had been buried in the cellar area of the hotel (many, many, decades ago…one presumes?).

Fact or Fiction?

Okay, back to the video and the main gripe I have with this paranormal report…

Now, before I go any further, I should really point out that I am not calling ‘hoax’ here in any way, shape or form. It’s just that I noticed something in the video that set alarm bells ringing in my head.

Near the start of the footage, above the bar surface where the glasses start moving you can see a number of chalk boards. Notice what’s written in chalk on the board that is directly above the glasses…

“Hi, Thanks For Looking”

Now, this could be a complete coincidence…or it could be someone’s attempt at sarcastic humour?

It may be completely innocent, but I don’t know why this statement would be set above a bar area like this…it just doesn’t seem to fit?

What do you think?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.