The Curse of the Superman Actors

The Curse of the Superman Actors

This article will be looking at the Hollywood curse of the Superman actors, thought to have taken the lives of two leading men that played ‘The Man of Steel’…

The Detective Comics Hit

The Superman character is believed to have launched the superhero genre back in 1933. Created by two high school students, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the idea was eventually sold to Detective Comics in 1938.

The Man of Steel became an instant hit, and appeared in numerous comic book versions, radio and TV episodes, animated adventures and newspaper comic strips.

The character eventually got moved into the Hollywood big-time – having a list of feature films clinging onto his name and popular video game releases.

The Detective Comics Hit

But these Superman movies have slowly become associated with superstition and fear. In the darkest corners of Hollywood – rumors of a curse are whispered.

It is said that there is a powerful hex linked to the superhero character that attaches itself to the lives of any actors who have portrayed the hero on film or in television productions.

In fact, many agents complain that this curse has made it near enough impossible to find actors that will take the risk in playing the part…

Actors Who Played Superman Movies

The whole idea of the curse started off in 1951 with the film Superman and the Mole Men – the lead role was taken on by an actor named George Reeves, who went on to star in Adventures of Superman, a TV series.

Reeves was due to get married in 1959 but was found shot, in his home, days before.

Actors Who Played Superman Movies

The public thought it was an obvious, yet strange, suicide at first…until details emerged that the gun found at the scene did not contain ANY fingerprints from the famous Hollywood actor.

His death was eventually ruled as a suicide…but not many people believed this.

Christopher Reeve eventually took on the superhero role between 1977 to 1987. He ended up starring in four popular feature length movies.

Tragically, Reeve was thrown from his horse during a cross-country equestrian event in 1995, and ended up being paralyzed from the neck down.

Reeve went on to live a wheelchair-bound life for a decade after the accident…but eventually succumbed to heart failure due to the severity of his injuries.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

The curse is thought to be so powerful that it has even touched the cast around the main character of Superman.

There are examples of these side-characters developing severe mental issues, loss of career and in some extreme cases, loss of life.

Now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts on the curse of the Superman actors?

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George Reeves Ghost Sightings

George Reeves Ghost Sightings

Bumps and scrapes in the night, strewn bed linen, and George Reeves’ ghost sightings at 3am are to be expected within the Benedict Canyon Drive home.

Once the former residence of this fifties Superman icon, it has been reported to be haunted by his restless spirit.

What sinister secrets lie within these four walls that are dying to be uncovered?

June 16, 1959

In the early hours of that particular morning, a shot rang clear. Such a tragic event would forever be a topic of mystery and speculation.

Days later George Reeves’s death would be ruled a suicide, but those close to him believed otherwise. It was no secret that George Reeves had an obsession for women and tended to break a lot of hearts along the way.

So it’s no surprise that a jealous ex-lover, with influential ties to the police and organized crime, could potentially be the reason for his sudden demise.

Close Encounters With Death

In the months leading to his death, a series of three automobile accidents took place. One, in particular, indicated that there was foul play at hand.

The third incident left Reeves fighting to gain control over his car when his brakes failed. Upon inspection of the vehicle, a mechanic revealed that fluid had been syphoned out the brakes.

Death Threats

After the inexplicable occurrences with the car, Reeves began receiving death threats telephonically, which escalated to the point that he approached the police.

Reeves immediately suspected his ex-lover (Toni Mannix) to be behind the threats and the tampering of his car.

Toni had married a very influential man, who had ties to some unsavory characters. It was quite possible that this man could’ve had the influence to torment Reeves and ultimately have him offed.

Reeves’s Frame of Mind

Before his death, Reeves’s career was going from strength to strength and he was going to marry Lenore Lemmon.

On the night in question, Lenore had a couple of friends over really late. Although Reeves was unhappy with the lateness of the guests’ arrival and somewhat intoxicated, he returned to bed and apparently shot himself.

The ‘Suicide Game’

Reeves had a macabre game that he enjoyed to play in front of others, which included a gun with blanks and a mock suicide attempt.

Oddly enough, Reeves would always take precaution to hold the gun away from his head when shooting the blank. Someone in a suicidal frame of mind wouldn’t take care to prevent getting burned by the blank’s powder.

The Investigation

Investigation into his death exposed a lot of discrepancies that were ultimately overlooked. The most disturbing evidence was that there was no gunpowder found on the actor’s skin, indicating that the gun wasn’t held in close proximity to his head.

The gun in question had blanks, so how did an actual bullet end up in it? Furthermore, there were no fingerprints found on the gun and no gunshot residue on his fingers.

Also, investigators found him on his back with the bullet casing underneath him. If he had shot himself, he would’ve been thrust forward and away from the discarded casing.

Toni Mannix’s Confession

In her later years, Mannix developed Alzheimer’s and senile dementia. During a period of lucidity, Mannix confessed to a priest that she needed to be forgiven for her sins before she passed on.

As she deteriorated, she would loudly pray to Reeves and a higher power to grant her the forgiveness she sought.


All the former renters of this home say that George Reeves’ ghost has frequently been sighted. Many believe that the actor is in a state of unrest and that he wants justice for his untimely death.

Tenants have reported that at times they find his former bedroom in a state of disarray after it has been tidied.

Pets also seem to pick up on a threatening spirit in the house. Former occupants have reported seeing an apparition in a Superman costume!

Other reports included hearing a gunshot in the middle of the night and then smelling gun powder. Many of the residents do not settle for too long since the unexplained noises and lights are too much.

With all the secrets buried within the home and the unjust murder of a man at his prime, it is no wonder that this house is considered a paranormal hotspot.