The Philip Experiment 1972

The Philip Experiment 1972

During the 1970’s, a group of adventurous Canadian parapsychologists decided to take on a unique paranormal experiment – they believed they could create a ghost through expectation, imagination and visualization.

The human mind really is…a powerful tool…

The Experiment

The experiment took place in Toronto, Canada, back in 1972. The ‘big cheese’ in charge of proceedings was Dr A. R. G. Owen – a world famous scientist and expert on poltergeists.

The group of parapsychologists who were involved with the experiment came out with a plan of using extreme and prolonged concentration to ‘project’ a ghost or being from the mental or astral plane.

They realized that this ghost would have to be as real as possible – someone they all believed had lived at some point in time.

This meant that they had create a background and a life story – something the paranormal entity could relate to.

Philip Aylesford

They eventually settled on a name for the ghost – Philip Aylesford. They then went about creating a tragic back story that linked directly to his death.

Philip Aylesford

In September 1972, the group began their experiments but immediately ran into problems regarding the setting up of a ‘séance atmosphere’.

In the end, they all decided to simply dim down the lights and scatter pictures around the room linked directly to the idea of Philip. The drew out images of locations and castles he could have lived in, along with objects from that same time period.


Within a fortnight – the group of Canadian parapsychologists actually managed to make contact with the entity Philip.

He did not appear to them in an apparition, instead he opted to rap on the table during one of their classic spiritualist séances.

Through this noise on the table, Philip was able to answer a variety of questions based on his time line. He also managed to give other historically accurate information about real events and people.

The group of Canadian parapsychologists came to the conclusion that this ‘other’ information must have come from their own collective unconsciousness.

the group of Canadian parapsychologists

The more contact they managed to make with Philip – the more the entity could achieve.

Eventually he was able to move the table from side to side…and even cause the table to chase specific group members across the room!

The Conclusions

The group were never really able to explain or prove how all this had taken place – what was really behind Philip’s manifestation?

Most of the group members believed that Philip was a product of their collective subconscious…but others believed they may well of contacted another entity…that felt the need to latch onto the story they had drummed up for their Philip creation.

Some experts think that the group actually managed to prove that ghosts could not exist – that such things are in our minds only.

Could ghosts actually be a product of our unconscious mind?

Others believe that the group actually managed to PROVE the existence of ghosts – they had actually managed to contact a real demonic entity and it was responding to their questions for it’s own agenda.

What do you believe happened at the Philip Experiment of 1972?

Do you believe they succeeded in creating their own ghost…or do you believe they actually managed to contact a much older entity…

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.