The Haunting of The Theatre Royal of Drury Lane

The Haunting of The Theatre Royal of Drury Lane


In this article we will be taking a look at the reported paranormal activity from the Theatre Royal of Drury Lane over the years – a famous capital city venue where some past performers have decided to stick around the location…despite the fact that they have been dead for quite some time.

Let’s take a closer look….


The Ghost of Charles Macklin

Charles Macklin (1699 – 1797) is an entity with a really strange background – he is actually an actor that was classed as a bit of a murderer when he was alive.

History tells us that he got in an argument with another actor over a wig, and eventually lost his temper and stuck a sharp cane through the guy’s eye, killing him instantly.

It’s usually the ghost of the victim that is left to haunt venues – NOT the murderer.


Joseph Grimaldi

Nothing freaks me out more than clowns – I didn’t like them as kid…and I certainly don’t like them that much now (I blame Stephen King!).

Joseph Grimaldi (1778 – 1837) was actually a professional stage clown that worked at the Theatre Royal of Drury Lane, and for some reason he has decided to stick around long after his calling to the other side.

His ghost is regarded as a really beneficial one, and over the years there have been numerous reports from famous actors claiming that Grimaldi has appeared to them during stage performances, and in some cases, has even guided around the stage.

Joseph Grimaldi


The Man in Grey

Often referred to as the most prominent ghost in the theatre – The Man in Grey.

This entity has been frequently spotted floating and gliding through the halls of the famous old building. This ‘Man in Grey’, as he has been dubbed, is described as wearing the clothing of a respectable gentleman of the 18th century.

Certain paranormal experts believe that this entity could possibly be the spirit of one of the past theatre owners, and others firmly believe that he was a rich and successful member of the audience (in years gone by).

Certain renovations to the theatre took place back in 1848, and during the work there a wall was removed revealing a skeleton with a knife embedded in it’s rib cage. Could this be the body of The Man in Grey?


The Haunting of The Theatre Royal of Drury Lane

Over the years there have also been reports of the ghost of King Charles II being spotted within the theatre from time to time, but this could have been the spirit of just about anyone from that period when you think about it!

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