The Madonna With Saint Giovannino UFO

The Madonna With Saint Giovannino UFO

The painting named The Madonna with Saint Giovannino is a 15th century piece of art that has been causing a stir among Ancient Alien theorists for many decades now. Many ufologists firmly believe that there is some kind of UFO included in the picture’s skyline.

But this is not the only example of antique art depicting alien life – numerous other historical paintings also include strange objects in their skyline settings. Is this proof that aliens have been visiting us for centuries?

Let’s take a closer look…

Controversy – Who Painted it?

Domenico Ghirlandaio is most often credited with painting this strange piece of art that shows the UFO…but the true painter of The Madonna with San Giovannino is still in dispute.

Jacopo del Sellaio and Sebastiano Mainardi have in the past, both been linked to the painting. Mainardi was actually the brother-in-law of Ghirlandaio who learned everything he knew about art from him.

The Madonna With Saint Giovannino

UFO or Religious Symbology?

So what is that strange flying object in the background of the picture? Why does it look so much like a UFO?

Many skeptics believe that there is a simple explanation for it’s inclusion in the picture. They believe it to be a representation of the gospel passage from the Gospel of Luke 2:8….

“Shepherds abiding in the field keeping watch over their flock by night. And lo, an angel of the Lord come upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them”

The Florentine Renaissance period offered many paintings which included some form of ‘shepherd and dog’ nativity scene – frequently looking up at the sky towards a bright shining object. More often than not these objects are simply meant to be angels or stars.

But not everyone goes along with this biblical angle…

To be brutally honest – there are no wings or body to suggest that this is meant to be some sort of angel.

Is it really a painted experience of an ancient UFO encounter?

Is it a mistake that the artist made, and couldn’t be bothered to cover up (i.e. turned it into something else?)

Or is it simply misinterpretation and a lack of understanding of religious iconography throughout art history?

It’s worth remembering that until recently, the Catholic church has gone out of it’s way to shun scientific fact and the thought of life on other planets. Why would so many painters of religious contexts opt to include something that their faith does not believe in?

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The Betty Andreasson Alien Abduction

The Betty Andreasson Alien Abduction

In this article we will be taking a look at the Betty Andreasson alien abduction case from January the 25th, 1967, in the town of South Ashburnham, Massachusetts…

The Light

Betty was clearing up the kitchen around 6:30 PM on the night of January the 25th, 1967. The rest of her family were sitting waiting for her in the living room area of the house.

All of a sudden, the light in the kitchen started to flicker on and off, and a strange red light beamed in from somewhere outside the kitchen window.

She heard her children panicking in the living room and ran in to help her parents calm them down.

The Aliens

Betty informed her father about the red light in the kitchen, and then began calming down the kids. Her father went to investigate.

When he got to the kitchen window he was amazed to see five strange creatures heading toward their house in a hopping motion.

The creatures then somehow walked straight through the wooden kitchen door and into the house. The family members were then put in a powerful trance.

Five strange creatures heading toward their house

Telepathic Conversations

The ‘head’ creature, or ‘leader’, seemed to be about a foot taller than the other visitors in the group. He began to engage in a telepathic conversation with Betty.

The group of aliens were later described as being around the five-feet tall mark, with wide eyes, small ears, and noses, set in a pear-shaped head.

Their mouths seemed to be tiny slits underneath their noses – but they were too small to be used for speech/communication. They instead communicated with their minds.

We Come in Peace

The group also wore pale blue overalls with over-sized belts – they bore a logo of a bird on their sleeves.

They did not walk through the house, but glide in a floating motion.

We Come in Peace

The aliens could see that Betty was becoming a little distressed by her children being held in suspended animation.

They opted to release her 11-year-old daughter from the trance to assure her that no harm was going to be done to her family, to relax.


The aliens eventually moved Betty to their waiting vessel, on the hill outside her house. It was apparently about 20 feet in diameter and shaped like a saucer.

The Aliens

Once inside the UFO, it took off into the sky and landed inside a waiting mother-ship.

She was then subjected to a series of strange medical tests that she estimated lasted for at least four hours. She was then returned to her house by two of the alien visitors.

Betty’s Partial Memory

One of the aliens had been left behind to keep an eye on the remainder of the family in their suspended state. As soon as Betty was reunited the trance was lifted, and the visitors left.

Betty had been put through some sort of hypnotized process to erase memories of her abduction…but for some reason it didn’t work as it should…and she remembered various aspects of this strange abduction.

She was eventually investigated by a team of dedicated ufologists who came to the conclusion that Betty and her family were sane individuals, believing in their experience as presented

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The Hoia Baciu Forest Circle

The Hoia Baciu Forest Circle

In this article we will be taking a look at the Hoia Baciu forest circle, also known as the World’s Most Haunted Forest. Ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions and UFO encounters have all been reported in the area…

The Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest

The forest gets its name from a shepherd that disappeared in the area with a flock of two hundred sheep. Ever since this incident, the locals try their best to stay away from the area.

Those that have had no option other than to enter the forest, have returned with rashes, nausea, vomiting, migraines, burns and scratches.

The forest gained worldwide notoriety in the 1960’s when a biologist named Alexandru Sift returned from the area with several images of disc-shaped objects in the sky. A couple of years later, on August 18th, 1968, a military technician named Emil Barnea also returned from the forest with a fascinating photo of a UFO.

Paranormal Activity

The forest seems to inflict rashes on many of it’s visitors – these rashes coincide with electronic devices not working as they should.

The Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest

Over the years, numerous teams of paranormal investigators have recorded incidents of orbs of light, disembodied female voices and giggling children (much like the famous scenes in The Blair Witch Project).

Another Dimension

Many of the locals believe the strange happenings inside the forest are down to the fact that it is actually a gateway to another dimension.

Several stories tell of people entering the forest and experiencing missing time – some people have gone missing for days on end!

The most famous report linked to this ‘idea’ involves a 5-year-old girl who is thought to have got lost in the forest years ago. Nobody really knows if this story is true or not, but, it is said that she went missing and turned up 5 years later.

She was apparently wearing the same clothes she got lost in…

The Romanian peasants

Another local theory linked to the strange activity in the forest involves a group of Romanian peasants who were murdered there.

It is believed that the souls of these tormented ghosts are trapped within the wooded confines of the Hoia Baciu woods. Apparently, they are fully aware that they were murdered and they are fully aware that they are trapped inside the forest – so they are NOT in the best of moods when visitors enter their domain!

Locals believe that the spirits of these murdered peasants appear as green eyes in the dark forest mist.

The Hoia Baciu Forest Circle

The Hoia Baciu forest circle seems to be the epicenter of the paranormal incidents that come from the area – this is a dead area where nothing ever grows.

Forest Circle

Over the years, soil samples have been taken from the site and analyzed but the results show nothing out of the ordinary – there is no real reason why vegetation is not growing in this area.

Paranormal investigators believe that this area could be a hub for the paranormal entities stuck in the forest – the circular plateau dead zone could in fact act as a home to the spirits…

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The Alien Base Under Antarctica

The Alien Base Under Antarctica

I’m going to level with you here – conducting research for this website absolutely rocks at times!

I don’t have to trawl through educational papers or boring politics – I don’t have to learn any languages (well, maybe Klingon!) or techniques…

I just have to read up on the coolest subjects known to man!

Take the subject of this article today – the alien base under Antarctica…

Who wouldn’t want to read an article with that title?

Anyway, it’s a subject that’s been floating around the internet for over a decade now – and it’s just had a revamp due to ‘something’ being discovered buried deep within the ice of Antarctica.


In May of 1945, the Russians were pouring into Germany and Berlin was surrounded – Hitler and his closest allies were buried deep in a bunker that was about to act as their tomb.

Records show that they all decided to take the cowards way out and commit suicide in the bunker, before the Russians took them.

Germany and Berlin

However, many theories have circulated about what actually happened during the final days of the Third Reich – did Hitler really take his own life?

Surely he must have had a backup plan of some sort in place?

What about the theory that he escaped in a submarine to a secret base beneath Antarctica?

Innovate Ways

All through the Second World War, the Allies and Axis powers kept on coming up with new and twisted ways of killing one another.

At one point, the Nazis seemed to be edging ahead in the race to build the ultimate flying machine weapon – many believed that they had managed to get their hands on alien technology.

a race of aliens who helped them build a secret base

Conspiracy theorists believe that the Nazis managed to befriend a race of aliens who helped them build a secret base in Antarctica. It is here that they are thought to have been creating this frightening new line of aircraft and weaponry.

Albert Bender

So where did all these internet rumors come from originally?

Why has this internet myth grown and gathered so much pace?

Well, in 1962, Albert Bender, a Air Force veteran during World War 2, put his experiences into writing.

He claimed that he was abducted by aliens on several occasions during the 1950’s – on one of these occasions he ended up in the fabled secret base in Antarctica.

At this point there were no Nazis present – they had all been scattered across the globe due to result of the Second World War.

But he did meet a reptilian race of aliens that claimed to have helped the Nazis build their technology. They had apparently been living in this UFO base under the ice for over two centuries.

The aliens claimed that just before the Second World War started, the Nazis turned up at their ‘door’ from a ship named the Schwabenland.

It should be noted that there are actual historical accounts of the Schwabenland traveling to Antarctica.

Bender never managed to find out if these aliens knew the evil intentions of the Nazi group – were they aware they were helping monsters take over the world?

There are also conspiracy theories from the end of World War 2 concerning the Americans – apparently they launched a secret mission to Antarctica to destroy the few remaining Nazis.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Area 51 Roswell Incident

The Area 51 Roswell Incident

The world has always wondered about the existence of beings from other planets or other dimensions. This nagging question about aliens visiting our planet in secret or UFOs being spotted all over our airspace continues to pile with no clear answers anywhere in sight.

It seems like the more we dig about it, the more confusing it gets. While many inquisitive minds run after the truth, countless of government and affiliated private agencies work tirelessly to conceal the truth.

So what happened in Roswell back in the stormy night of July 4th, 1947?

Will we ever get the truth about the Area 51 Roswell incident?

Why do world governments spend so much time and state resources trying so hard to hide the truth from us?

Is it to protect us?

Is it for their own selfish benefits?

No one knows yet…but the Roswell incident is only one of the many UFO stories that the US government has never really succeeded in sweeping under the carpet.

There were just too many witnesses to control or muffle without directly breaking the law…

New Mexico Wakes Up to New Neighbors From The Sky

The first people to visit the Roswell UFO crash site were a rancher called Mack Brazel and a young boy belonging to the Proctor family.

The two were in the fields checking up on sheep after a stormy night to ensure that the sheep were okay.

Factual historic accounts say that once Mack and the boy got to the field, they came across debris from an unknown craft that had crashed in the open fields that previous night.

According to Mack, the thing was like nothing he’d seen before; a shiny but extremely light metallic foil like material that could not be broken or remain bent or even show signs of creasing no matter how much Mack folded it.

He decided to carry some of the debris home and immediately shared his discovery with the Proctors.

Soon after inspecting the pieces from the strange craft, the Proctors were convinced that Mack had found a UFO (alien spacecraft) since there were numerous cases/rumors of UFO sightings in the Roswell area for some time.

Roswell, New Mexico: June 1941
Roswell, New Mexico: June 1941

They then asked him to report the matter to the county sheriff in Chaves, George Wilcox which he did two days later.

Wilcox then called Maj. Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer in the 509th Bomb Group who was stationed at RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field – now known as the Walker Air Force Base) at the time to discuss this mysterious phenomenon with him and that’s when everything started growing dark and confusing.

That was the beginning of the gradual cover up by the government.

Two well-known UFO researchers, Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt reported that their research had shown a possibility that military radar had picked up this unidentified flying object before it went down.

These two UFO enthusiasts wrote in their book titled A History of UFO Crashes that two more eyewitnesses, William Woody and his dad had seen the strange craft as it crashed some 40 miles northwest of Roswell.

In the book, Woody is quoted talking of a dazzling object plummeting to the ground as he and his dad watched.

Randle and Schmitt continued to point out that the crash site was totally closed to the public for a couple of days as the military worked quickly to clear the wreckage.

Nobody was allowed to go near the crash site during this time… and that can be confirmed by Woody’s recorded claim that the military personnel present at the site barred him and his dad from gaining access to the area when they both went out looking for the strange object from the night before.

So what solid evidence supports the validity of the Roswell incident?

The Unearthly Debris

This is the first piece of evidence that aliens live secretly among us and that one of the ships went down in Roswell that fateful night of 4th July, 1947 despite efforts from the government to keep this story under tight wraps.

After the heads up from Wilcox, Marcel was ordered by Col. William Blanchard, the commanding officer of the 509th to go investigate the crash site together with Capt. Sheridan Cavitt (a senior CIC –Counter Intelligence Corps – agent) and Brazel.

The first stop for these three was Brazel’s home where Marcel inspected one of the large pieces of debris that Brazel had dragged home.

When they got to the field the next morning on the Monday of 7th July 1947, Marcel noted that the debris covered an area approximately three-quarters of a mile and a couple of hundred feet wide.

The Unearthly Debris

Marcel later said that the debris was strewn all over the place and it looked like the spacecraft had exploded in the air before crashing down to the ground.

Marcel who had even been to the White Sands Testing Grounds and a witness to numerous secret government projects is quoted saying, “I have seen rockets, both experimental and weather balloons, but I have never seen anything like this!”

He was referring the small pieces of indestructible tinfoil debris and some structures that resembled I-beams that he could neither break nor bend despite their startling weightlessness.

He also noticed strange markings on the I-beams that he could not comprehend. Marcel’s story was confirmed by Dr. John Watkins who interviewed a hypnotized Marcel in May, 1990.

Blanchard is also on record saying that the materials recovered from the Roswell crash site was not something he’d ever seen or heard of before.

The Case of Mysterious Bodies

This is where a bit of confusion and a big blur come into the story. None of the previous witnesses ever talked of encountering any bodies.

In fact, there were no mentions of any bodies on the crash site until an incident with a young mortician, Glenn Dennis, from Ballard Funeral Home, made one curious call from the morgue at the army base making a very unusual request; to be supplied with air-tight coffins.

One strange thing that happened to Dennis during this time was being kicked out of the army base hospital after he went there for a friendly visit with one of the nurses.

encountering any bodies

He also chanced to see pieces of the spacecraft’s wreckage which had more strange markings peeking from the back of one laden military ambulance.

When Dennis met the nurse the following day, she drew him pictures of the creatures she’d seen and that was the last time Dennis saw her.

Rumors say that she was transferred to England but who knows…?

Her whereabouts have remained a mystery since then!

The Press Release

Blanchard was really throwing a lot of orders around and one Walter Haut would soon find himself at the receiving end of one.

Being RAAF’s public information officer, he was ordered by Blanchard to write a press release on the discovery of the UFO.

Blanchard was in a hurry to get credit for the UFO’s discovery and he forgot to ask his superiors, a decision that came back to haunt him a few days later.

The finished press release had been given to 2 radio stations and the two local newspapers in Roswell.

The heading read: “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region”.

This was the beginning of the government cover up.

The Government Gets Involved Through the Army HQ

When Blanchard sent Marcel to Carswell Air Force Base (formerly Fort Worth Army Air Field), to report to a Brig. Gen. Roger M. Ramey (8th Air Force commanding officer), he carried a piece of debris from the crash site to show to Ramey.

This is where the strange became stranger…upon his request to be shown the exact crash site on the map, Ramey and Marcel stepped out of his office to the map room so that Marcel could show him where the aliens had crashed.

When they returned to Ramey’s office, the piece of UFO material brought by Marcel was gone and in its place was a weather balloon!

And thus the cover story began.

The press release was quickly cancelled and Haut was sent to retrieve the copies he’d given to the newspapers and the radio stations and instead give them this new story about the debris being out of a weather balloon, and not from a UFO as earlier reported.

A cleanup crew was then dispatched to the site and just like that, all evidence was gone!

Broadcasters Walt Whitmore and Judd Roberts who hoped to see the debris before it was moved by the military were sternly turned away.

Everything was collected in crates and stored at the army base hangar for a while before making a total vanishing act…forever!

Even Mack Brazel was seen by Whitmore as he was escorted to the Roswell Daily Record offices to recant his story.

The debris from the UFO suddenly turned into a weather balloon and that was that…the newspapers had to go with this new story.

And that’s how the Area 51 Roswell incident went under.

So what do you think of this Roswell affair? Was it true that a UFO crashed on earth? Does the US government still have the preserved bodies of the recovered aliens?

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