The Wem Town Hall Ghost

The Wem Town Hall Ghost

The Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England, mysteriously went up in flames in November 1995. As the fire services struggled to battle the flames, a amateur photographer snapped images of the dramatic event.

One of these images displayed what is now referred to as the Wem Town Hall ghost…

The Photographer

The full force of the fire eventually managed to burn the Town Hall of Wem to the ground. As it crumbled and burnt, sewerage farm worker Tony O’Rahilly snapped as many photographs as his film would allow.

Tony knew that this was going to be an historic disaster in the area, so his photographs could prove to be very important in the aftermath.

When the photographs were finally developed, Tony noticed one which displayed a image of a little girl in the doorway as the building was ablaze all around her.

image of a little girl in the doorway

At the time Tony didn’t realize how important this photograph was…but within weeks it was a paranormal gem that had made international headlines.

Jane Churm

Three centuries before the Wem Town Hall fire, another infamous fire swept through the area.

A fourteen year old girl named Jane Churm accidentally set fire to her parent’s thatched roof when she was collecting fuel from underneath a bed.

In 1677 every house in the area was made out of wood and thatch – resulting in up to 540 buildings going up in smoke.

Many paranormal experts believe that Jane Churm is the girl spirit that appears in Tony O’Rahilly’s photograph.

The Ghost

The morning after the Town Hall fire in 1995, two fire professionals entered the burned down location to assess the damages.

As they made their way through the ruined building, they noticed footprints in the soot on top of one of the landings – footprints that seem to have been made by a child.

Wem Town Hall fire

When they left the location they checked with the local police and security – they had been guarding the area all night, nobody had got in.

A few days later, another two fire experts reported seeing a young girl inside the town hall ruins.

The Mystery of The Wem Town Hall Ghost

Over the years, Skeptics have had a field day with the ghost picture taken in the burning town hall. The most recent claim involves a postcard with the image of a similar looking girl from the period.

Unfortunately, Tony O’Rahilly died in 2005 but he always stuck to his guns on the legitimacy of the photo.

What are your thoughts on this subject – do you believe that the photograph is real or was it simply an attempt at fame from an amateur photographer?

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The Crying Boy Painting Curse

The Crying Boy Painting Curse

England, 1985, incidents of fire break out destroying certain properties, with one thing in common – all of them were linked to a collection of paintings.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the Crying Boy painting curse that many believe to be behind the bizarre fire outbreaks in the 80’s…

Bruno Amadio

The paintings were created by a restorer in Venice named Bruno Amadio –  the collection of art was dubbed ‘The Crying Boys’.

It is thought that Amadio created the collection to sell to tourists – each picture is supposed to depict an orphan from the Second World War.

At some point in time, a savvy English marketing man got hold of a few of these paintings and took them back to the UK to be mass produced.

Their prints were eventually sold at a relatively cheap price at grocery and department stores.

It is thought that over 50,000 versions of these images were sold.

The Blazing Curse of The Crying Boy

A strange article appeared in a UK newspaper in September of 1985 – The headline of the story read:


The article covered an unfortunate event that had happened to Ron and May Hall from Rotherham.

crying boy painting sale

Their house that they had lived in for over 25 years completely burned down and only one item survived…The Crying Boy painting.

Ron’s brother was a fireman at the time, and he had more mystery to add to the story…

He claimed that several houses had burned to the ground, and that the sole remaining item was a copy of The Crying Boy, found intact, lying face down on the floor.

He also claimed that a colleague back in the fire station, named Alan Wilkinson, had been following these strange events and had logged over 50 fires linked to these strange paintings…

A Paranormal Panic

So, over 50,000 of these popular prints had been sold in the UK – this meant that there were a lot of EXTREMELY worried home owners reading the newspaper that day in 1985.

On top of that, thousands of people started writing in to the newspaper with their own Crying Boy reports. Some of these stories even went as far as suggesting that the paintings could not be burned – even if you covered them in petrol first!

cursed crying boy painting

The media decided that enough was enough after a large Italian Restaurant went up in flames…with the only survivor being a Crying Boy image.

The newspaper asked all remaining owners of the paintings to send them in for destruction. Eventually they managed to destroy over 20,000 of them (but even then they reported problems with setting the images on fire!).

The Legend of The Crying Boy Painting Curse

There are numerous myths and legends behind the curse linked to these images…but one seems to stand the test of time.

Numerous ‘experts’ believe that the models for the various crying boys were orphans who eventually met a grizzly end in an orphanage fire.

Could this be the truth behind this 80’s paranormal episode?

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The Ghost of Queensferry Hotel in Garden City

The Ghost of Queensferry Hotel in Garden City

The ghost of the Queensferry Hotel in Garden City, Flintshire, is often mistaken for a dull and boring phantom. Over the years it has been spotted on numerous occasions, simply standing in the shadows, or humbling around in it’s trench coat.

But don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover…

Fred and the Band

A man simply known as ‘Fred’ used to work and reside at the Queensferry Hotel. He was on occasion, also allowed to hold band practice in parts of the cellar after closing time (he was obviously a bit of an amateur musician!).

During these band jam sessions, Fred would frequently run upstairs to grab a few freebie refreshments for the band members – if nobody’s behind the bar…you don’t have to pay!

Fred and the Band

Anyway, one night, when Fred was gathering up the refreshments in the kitchen area…he began to hear strange scratching sounds coming from the front door area.

He investigated, but found nobody there.

The sounds did not disappear though – on several more occasions over the following months, Fred encountered these sounds, late at night.


Eventually the owners of the hotel decided to let Fred and his mates move upstairs to practice late at night. The musicians soon became aware of phantom footsteps on the stairs and in some of the disused rooms on the second floor.

The band members would often explore these rooms to find the source of the footsteps, but never managed to catch any intruders.

The Trench Coat Man

Before long, the haunting moved onto it’s next phase…

One night, Fred set the hotel’s security alarm and retired to his bedroom with his girlfriend Sharon. Not long after they had fallen asleep, the whole hotel was woken up by the alarm ringing out.

Fred jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to check all of the rooms, but when he came to the taproom, he saw a dark figure standing in the corner, wearing a hat and trench coat.

The Trench Coat Man

Fred ran back upstairs to his cousin’s rented room to wake him up. They then both returned downstairs to check the area once again – there was no sign of the trench coat man.

The following day Fred decided to bite the bullet and tell his employer, the landlord, about what he had witnessed. To Fred’s surprise, the landlord just laughed and told him that the phantom had been present in the hotel for many years – he was not the first to experience this sort of paranormal activity.

The New Landlord

These days, the landlord of the hotel is a lady named Shelia, who has had many experiences with the trench coat man.

She frequently witnesses barrels being moved by an invisible force along with phantom footsteps up and down the stairs. She also believes that her daughter is the only one that can now see the ghost – and he continues to visit her at night as she sleeps.

On numerous occasions Shelia has been awoken by her daughter’s screams – when she runs into the room her daughter is sitting up in bed, pointing to the door…too scared to speak.

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