How to Contact The Dead Without a Ouija Board

How to Contact The Dead Without a Ouija Board

Hollywood likes to paint a rather suspenseful picture when it comes to speaking to deceased entities – a group of (dumb) teenagers squeezed around a living room coffee table…

A single candle, lights out…and a Ouija board placed carefully on a table top.

You know the setup – you’ve probably seen the film (in over 1000 reincarnations!).

In this article we willing be getting a little ‘real’ with the subject, and looking at how to contact the dead without a Ouija board.

You don’t need to be a medium, and you don’t need any special religious powers…

You just need to really believe in what you’re doing and have an open mind…

Dream Visits

Many experts believe that dream visits are the easiest way to get in contact with lost loved ones.

Simply think about the person you are trying to contact as you lie in bed – have a strong mental image of them before you fall asleep.

Dream Visits

These dream visits are a simple, non-threatening way to visit with people who have passed over, to look for support and guidance in our everyday lives.

Our Visions

A lot of us have visions without really realizing we are having them – they leave our minds as quickly as they enter!

Have you ever passed a familiar stranger on the street, only to recognize them as a lost friend or loved one? Turn around and suddenly they are gone – lost in the crowd?

Our Visions

Have you ever glimpsed a animal scampering past out of the corner of your eye – man, that looked like your deceased pet…

People who experience these sorts of visions are actually making contact with the dead without ever really realizing it.

The next time you find yourself in this position – slow things down and go with it. Try your best to hold a conversation with the person or spirit you see…even if only in your mind.

Scent Memories

We all have those special scents that immediately trigger a memory or two – a smell that we instantly link to an individual we have not thought about in years…

People usually encounter a lot of evocative scents that take them back to certain places and times in their childhood and teenage years.

Scent Memories


Scent memories are actually considered an extremely effective way of communicating with lost loved ones associated with them.

Many psychics advise leaving these ‘special’ scents around the home when you are trying to make contact – even if they do not produce results, the smell will give you a reassuring feeling, a link to a memory.

Putting it Down to Coincidence

How many times have you felt that cold coincidence feeling throughout the day – somebody says something, you hear a song, you SEE something familiar…it’s just a coincidence right?

Well stop, wait, and think about it for a minute…

Why is this coincidence linked to a lost one – why is it making you think so hard about them?

Putting it Down to Coincidence

Do you realize that this may be more than a simple coincidence – someone may be trying to make contact with you.

Don’t just listen with your ears – listen with your heart and listen with your gut – appreciate what the message is that is trying to get through.


The most effective way to communicate with the lost – simply talk to them as if they are still there with you.

Spirits are known to stay around their loved ones – especially if that loved one is suffering or in pain over losing the spirit in question.


When my sister passed away, myself and my mother were informed that she was hanging around my father, because he was suffering the most, quietly, without us knowing.

Don’t be afraid to talk and ask the questions you need answers for. Remember – they may well answer in a way you are not expecting, so keep your mind open.

White Feathers

White feathers have long been considered a sign that our deceased loved ones are closer to us than we first realized.

It’s hard to be specific about this particular contact subject, so just keep an eye out for them.

White Feathers

When you become more aware of them, you will be astonished at how many of them end up in your day-to-day line of vision.

Every white feather holds a message…

Contacting Deceased Loved Ones

Now it’s over to you…

I know how daunting and heartbreaking this type of ‘conversation’ can be – how do you make the process as smooth and natural as possible?

If you have any experiences with contacting deceased loved ones, we would love to hear from you. Please consider leaving them in the comment section below.