Road Trolls

Road Trolls

This article will be taking a closer look at the numerous reports linked to road trolls – entities that are said to inhabit the murky expanse of nighttime highways…

Gary Durbin

The whole idea of modern ‘road trolls’ seems to have started back in 1981 when a trucker called Gary Durbin, of Effingham, Illinois, reported encountering one.

He was traveling through a remote stretch of road on Tyson Mountain in Arkansas when he spotted a hairy, homeless guy at the side of the road. This character was standing right on a dangerous bend and seemed to have a peg-leg.

Durbin decided to pull over and grab himself a coffee – the close call with the road stranger had shook him up a little bit (he had nearly hit him with the truck!).

He then jumped back in his truck and drove beyond the state line into Missouri, where he stopped at a rest area.

When he pulled up into this rest area…he noticed the same peg-legged character standing in the gloom once again!

He reasoned to himself that this strange little man must have somehow managed to coax a lift and hitchhike to this point.

Bizarrely, Durbin would over the years, encounter this strange little character several times in his truck route travels.


A woman simply known as ‘Barb’ gave an interview to author Jerry D. Coleman in 1983 about this same strange character that Gary Durbin had encountered.

Barb claimed that she had gone on a trip by car to visit her sister in Alabama. When she arrived her sister suggested they visit the local mall to pick up a few supplies.

As they were traveling to the shopping area they encountered a wild looking man at the side of the road. They described him as being around 6 feet in height, with very long hair that hung in his face, and ripped clothes.

He also had a peg-leg.

wild looking man at the side of the road

He did not really frighten the two women – as he just stared curiously at them…but they felt something was wrong.

They got the feeling he was some sort of warning – some sort of portent of potential disaster.

They decided to turn straight around and travel back to her sister’s house…

When they arrived they discovered that her sister’s son had actually fallen out of a tree in the back garden, and badly broken his leg. Since they had gotten back early they were able to rush him to the emergency room.

The Gunslinger

In the winter of 1998, a trucker who called himself ‘Gunslinger’ was headed for Chicago, Illinois along I-255.

During his journey he passed a unkept hairy man in worn out clothes on the side of the road, just hobbling along.

This particular ‘troll’ was an extremely large example – standing at well over 6 foot tall. It had long hair covering it’s face and arms and a worn out old peg-leg.

It had long hair covering it's face and arms and a worn out old peg-leg

It didn’t move until the truck got right up next to it…when it turned and calmly looked at Gunslinger.

The trucker decided to speed back up and leave the creature alone – he claims he will never forget the look on the strange wild man’s face…as he turned to look at him.

The Road Trolls

In total, 11 such sightings of the so-called Road Troll have been made across America – ranging from the years 1981 to 2003.

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