The Summerwind Mansion Haunting

The Summerwind Mansion Haunting

In this article we will be taking a look at a paranormal hot spot located deep in woods lining the shores of West Bay Lake, Wisconsin – the Summerwind Mansion haunting…

Haunted Beginnings

In 1916, the then U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Robert Lamont, purchased the mansion to become it’s first ever owner.

He did not live in the property full time, opting instead to use it as a holiday home for his family.

Over the next 15 years, the family were known to constantly share paranormal experiences that they had experienced within the house, with friends and neighbors.

They frequently complained about poltergeist activity, shadow people running from room to room and unexplained noises echoing from seemingly empty rooms.

For the first few years, the Lamont family seemed to be at peace with the ghostly entities within their retreat – they didn’t seem to bother them that much…

Until one apparition decided to pay them an unexpected visit.

The Lamont Entity 

According to Lamont, he and his wife were having dinner in the kitchen one night, when without warning, the basement door blasted open.

Lamont and his wife then sat there in complete terror as they watched the apparition of a shadowy man form by the basement entrance.

Fear eventually put Lamont into a panic, and he reached for his gun and shot twice at the strange specter.

Both bullets went straight through the ghostly figure, and lodged themselves in the basement door.

The Lamont family left their vacation home that night…and never returned.

The Keefers

The mansion was eventually sold on to The Keefers during the 1940’s. They decided to use the house as a rental vacation property.

Many tenants claimed that Mrs. Keefer rarely set foot inside the house, typically handing the keys to guests and leaving them to their own devices.

Summerwind haunted mansion

Nobody knows why the Keefer family decided to rent the property out shortly after they purchased it…

Something obviously put them off using it themselves!

The Hinshaws

Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw bought the house in the 70’s – they actually moved into the house with their six children with a view to restoring it as they went along through family life.

They tried to hire local tradesmen to help them with aspects of the construction – but the locals would go nowhere near the house due to fear of evil spirits.

While painting a bedroom closet, Arnold stumbled upon a hidden crawl space that was too small for him to get into. He called up one of his children so that they could squeeze in and see what was on the other side.

Mary, his daughter, volunteered to go inside the hidden room. Once in there, she found a pile of bones and a human skull with knotted black hair still attached.

Arnold decided that it was best to leave the grisly find be, so he sealed the crawlspace back up and left it’s contents alone.

The Hinshaws

Several years later the Hinshaw family decided to bring the skull and bones out and maybe hand them over to the authorities…

When they got back inside the sealed room…it was completely empty.

Since then, the legend of Summerwind Mansion has grown, luring new owners and paranormal thrill seekers to explore the haunted corridors and remains of the house.

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Real Mothman Sightings – Recent Mothman Sightings

Real Mothman Sightings - Recent Mothman Sightings

In this article we will be taking a look at the real Mothman sightings that have occurred AFTER the famous Point Pleasant incident in West Virginia, in 1966.

Many visitors to this site end up looking for information on that famous report…but few of them realize that the Mothman sightings continued…all over the world!

The Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine

Back in 1986 a group of locals who lived (and worked) around a nuclear power plant in Ukraine reported incidents linked to a large winged humanoid creature with piercing red eyes.

These locals also complained about terrible nightmares and ‘silent’ phone calls after they had come face to face with the strange entity.

The sightings seemed to escalate until the 26th of April that year…when reactor number 4 at the plant suffered a catastrophic steam explosion.

This resulted in the worst nuclear accident in history – the Chernobyl disaster.

latest mothman sighting

At first the government, and the locals, thought that the internal fire was nothing more than a small electrical disturbance. They were ordered to help the rescue effort and they obliged willingly.

The locals and the authority workers had no idea that their rescue efforts were actually contributing to their own end – they were being poisoned by radiation as they worked…

Within a fortnight of this nuclear incident – most of the people involved in the cleanup were dead.

Numerous deathbed reports described a headless bird like creature with a 20 foot wingspan, flying above them as they tried to rescue the doomed nuclear plant. They firmly believed that this entity was trying to warn them of their fate – trying desperately to lead them away from the radiation.

The Freiburg Shrieker

On September the 10th, 1978, a team of miners were getting ready for work in an area of Germany. As they approached the mouth of the cave into the mine, their path was obstructed by a tall man in a dark trench coat.

They approached the dark character to ask why he was blocking their route to work…and realized he was not wearing a trench coat…and he was not a regular man!

The figure was an entity with large wings pinned to his sides.

The miners just stood their – rooted to the spot in fear.

Without warning, the winged entity let out a piercing shriek that tore at the ears of the mine workers. They dropped their equipment and ran terrified into the night.

The Freiburg Shrieker

About an hour after this incident was reported, the mine the group were due to work in, collapsed.

Was this dark stranger sent to warn the miners of the impending disaster in the mine?

Many believe this to be the case.

This dark figure later became known as the Freiburg Shrieker.

2006 – Wisconsin

One dark night in Wisconsin, 2006, a Cherokee man and his son were making a car journey home when they suddenly had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting a figure in the middle of the road.

But, this figure wasn’t actually standing on the road…it was hovering a couple of feet above the tarmac!

Both father and son were scared, very scared! They decided to make a break for it and floored the car off into the distance…

But the strange creature followed them…

recent mothman sighting

They couldn’t outrun it in the car – at one point it was able to hover backwards right in front of their windshield. They just kept on flooring the car, staring into the hovering creatures red eyes.

Eventually the creature broke off from it’s pursuit, and the father and son headed straight for the local police station.

In his report, the father stated that:

“The first thing I saw were the eyes and what I thought maybe were teeth. It had a 14 foot wingspan at least, it was huge, It almost covered half the road. It was close enough for me to reach out and touch it, it almost hit the windshield. It had a white mouth, the eyes were the size of reflectors. The body was attached to the wings. It had grey and brown hair, but not too much hair, it was more fleshy, kind of like a bat. That’s why I called it a man bat because it looked like a cross between a man and a bat.”

The Japanese Earthquake

Most of you will remember the 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan back in 2011, and the 15 meter tsunami that followed…

After this disaster, the internet was flooded with Japanese reports stating that a ‘winged creature’ had flown through the country in the hours leading up to this horrific natural disaster.

Was this yet another sighting of the Mothman?

Was he once again on a crusade to warn the Japanese people about the incoming disaster?

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