The Belmez Ghost Faces

The Belmez Ghost Faces

In this article we will be taking a look at the Belmez ghost faces that Maria Gomez first noticed in her kitchen floor, back in 1971. A very interesting case that many believe to be linked to distressed spirits reaching out for help from Purgatory…

The Stain

In 1971, Maria Gomez noticed a strange stain on her relatively new kitchen floor. Over the next few hours she was horrified as this strange stain began to form a human face.

Fear quickly took over and she began religiously scrubbing the area affected by the the face-shaped stain – nothing would remove it!

When she realized the stain was not going to shift – she showed it to her husband and her son. She then instructed them to smash up the kitchen floor with an axe to get rid of the ghostly image (as you can imagine – she was pretty desperate to remove this ghostly apparition!).

Once the floor was removed the Gomez family went about arranging a new floor fitting – they didn’t mind the financial outlay because the face was finally gone.

To Maria’s horror – a couple of days after the new kitchen floor was put in…the face returned!

This spooky phenomena quickly spread throughout this small Spanish town and eventually reached the desk of the mayor. He was intrigued by the incident and contacted the Gomez family personally.

He managed to convince them not to smash up the kitchen floor for a second time, he then sent over a group of ‘qualified’ investigators.

The Investigation

The group of investigators were completely shocked by what they found – they eventually managed to convince the Gomez family to remove the whole kitchen floor so they could take it back to their labs – for closer inspection.

The Investigation

The kitchen pretty much ended up being completely excavated…and they found a group of headless human skeletons under the kitchen floor!

The skeletons were immediately moved to a nearby cemetery, in the hope that their burial would stop these phantom faces from appearing…but things only got worse…

The Faces

More and more paranormal faces began to appear in the Gomez home after the skeletons were removed.

On occasion, a new face would be seen in the morning…but a couple of hours later this face would be replaced by a completely different face!

Most of the initial (or original) faces were male – now the faces of women and children were also appearing.

The ‘phenomenon’ soon received worldwide attention – a very famous paranormal researcher named Dr. Hans Bender claimed that this was probably the most important paranormal find of modern times.

Fact or Fiction

Over the years there have been many claims that the Belmez ghost faces were nothing more than an elaborate hoax – these claims never had any sort of logical backing whatsoever.

The house went through numerous investigations and experiments and was even under 24 hour surveillance – the ghostly faces still appeared.

More recently, a few experts have concluded that Maria Gomez may have had a paranormal ability called Thoughtography. This is where a person is able to project an image onto a surface either deliberately or accidentally.

Did Maria possess this ability without knowing it?

Was she responsible for the phantom faces in the floor?

Well, Maria died in 2004 and there have since been several reports of the faces returning to the property…

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