The Boot Hill Cemetery Ghost

The Boot Hill Cemetery Ghost

Ike Clanton was excited to find out that his good friend was coming to visit him in Tombstone, Arizona, for the first time…and he knew where the first ‘tourist’ stop would be!

This article covers the Boot Hill Cemetery ghost image that Clanton and his friend captured during the visit…

The Cemetery

The infamous Boot Hill Cemetery used to be known as Tombstone Cemetery. It gets it’s name from an old-term, meaning that many who lie there died with their boots on.

Simply put – the people that were buried there did not exactly die of natural causes!

The cemetery actually closed down in 1884 to make way for another cemetery to open nearby. Unfortunately, this meant that a majority of the graves ended up being neglected and markers started to go missing.

There are now a number of anonymous graves at the location.

boot hill cemetery tombstone

The Famous Boot Hill Cemetery Ghost Photo

The photo shows Ike Clanton’s visiting friend dressed up in typical cowboy stuff, and was snapped in 1996.

Clanton was a regular visitor to the cemetery and knew a lot about it’s history due to one of his ancestors, Billy Clanton, being laid to rest there.

Billy Clanton was buried along with Frank McLaury and Tom McLaury – all three were gunned down in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Clanton’s mate wanted the photo to look as authentic as possible, so they set the camera up to take a black and white image. The film/photo was then developed at a nearby local Thrifty Drug Store.

When Clanton’s friend returned home he finally had a chance to look at his holiday snaps properly…one stood out in particular.

The Famous Boot Hill Cemetery Ghost Photo

The shocked friend phoned Clanton up to find out if he had been messing with him – surely this snap was a setup?

Clanton had no idea what his friend was on about, and was also shocked at what he saw in the photograph. In the image, he could clearly see an extra person crouching down behind his friend. Ike Clanton knew no one else was in that part of the cemetery when he had taken the picture; the extra figure was a complete mystery to him.

On closer inspection, the two friends realized that the ‘extra’ in the photo was far too low down to the ground, as if he had no legs, or as if he was standing in a hole (grave).

Clanton re-staged the same photo several weeks later in an attempt to find out what had happened in the original image. It didn’t work out – the other person’s legs could be clearly seen in the staged image.

They decided to magnify into the photo to get a look at the ‘visitor’ and hopefully find out more about him. On closer inspection they noted that the male figure seemed to be holding a long knife – the tip of which was pointing up towards the character’s throat.

original boot hill cemetery

The Paranormal Boot Hill Cemetery

Over the years there have been numerous paranormal reports linked to the Boot Hill Cemetery, but this image is by far the most famous. Nobody recognizes the man in the photo and nobody has any idea where he came from.

It’s worth noting that this is not the only paranormal photograph that has been snapped at the cemetery…

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6 thoughts on “The Boot Hill Cemetery Ghost

  1. I wish the image behind him a bit clearer, we may use Facebook AI to have idea of who he is, maybe through relatives. Nevertheless, cemeteries are ghost town, the human-like figure could be a ghost or reincarnate. But wait, if ordinary eyes could not see ghosts, why would camera capture it? This is more of reincarnate than ghost.

    1. Okay…so what exactly do you mean by reincarnate mate? A reincarnation of someone would be very much human?

      Sorry – I’m a little confused at what you’re getting at! 🙂

      Are you saying this is the image of a ‘real’ guy NOT a ghost?

  2. I love your website so I always have to leave a comment. I am pretty into ghost/ paranormal stories and this picture is nuts! When I first looked at the small photo it looked like it had been doctored to make it look like there was someone standing there. But the close-up photo convinced me. And I have to admit that I’m a little bit creeped out sitting here looking at it. I’m the only one awake in my house and it’s still dark outside. Now I’ve got an uneasy feeling. 0.o

  3. Great read, Chris.

    I can see why this niche fascinates you. 

    I did not lose focus on this story and wanted to read on until sadly it came to an end. 

    There must be thousands of these stories in the “gunfighters” niche alone. Conspiracy Theories are another fascinating area of exploration. 

    How did you get started? 

    Which sub-section of this niche do you find the most interesting?

    Which sub-section do you find the hardest to research?

    Your photograph is proof of the unexplained.

    Thanks for a thrilling read.


    1. Wow that’s quite a few questions there Paul – are you maybe thinking of starting up a similar blog yourself?

      If so, don’t forget to contact me from the contact page on this site – I’ll help you get started! 🙂

      The niche sort of chose me – I’ve always been fascinated about these subjects, so I find them easy to write about. 

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