The Carmen Winstead Story

The Carmen Winstead Story

This article will be covering the tragic Carmen Winstead story and the paranormal chain letter incidents that followed the 17-year-old’s death.

The Carmen Winstead Death

Carmen Winstead was a run-of-the-mill Indiana teenager who was tragically killed when she was pushed into a sewer by five other students. The incident happened when her school was in the process of completing a fire drill.

Carmen had been having a few problems with a group of female students – she stood out as a little different therefore she was picked on occasionally…and that is exactly what happened when she was pushed down the sewer entrance.

It was supposed to be a joke – a way of embarrassing Carmen in front of the school…but she did not reemerge from the sewer.

The Carmen Winstead Death

The police were brought to the scene and they soon located and recovered her body in the sewer. Her neck had been completely broken, probably happening when her head hit the metal ladder on the way down.

The students at the school were questioned but none of them witnessed what the group of girls had done – these girls did not own up to their actions. Instead, they told the authorities that it was a clumsy accident – Carmen had simply fallen through the open sewer cover.

The Carmen Winstead Chain Letter

A couple of months after the tragedy, numerous students at Carmen’s school started receiving emails and messages on their myspace accounts titled ‘They Pushed Her’.

These messages contained the truth about what really happened on the day of the fire drill.

The messages did not contain specifics on who pushed Carmen into the sewer…but they did warn that the guilty party needed to come forward…otherwise there would be horrible consequences!

The Carmen Winstead Chain Letter

Most of the students thought that this message was nothing more than a sick joke…but five girls got REALLY worried.

They had a right to be worried – within several days of the message going viral, each of the girls was found killed and disfigured in the same sewer Carmen had died.

Many now believe that Carmen is a very real entity, that is hell-bent on informing the world about her murder. Not content with the deaths of the guilty party, she will visit anyone who does not believe the story and forward it on to others.

Is the Carmen Winstead Story True?

Well yes, these events apparently happened in 2006…but the ‘entity’ of Carmen Winstead is regarded as a bit of an urban legend.

Some skeptics claim that Carmen never really existed – that this story started as a hoax and went from there. Many believe this…but if they receive an email entitled ‘They Pushed Her’…they always forward it…just in case!

Others believe that these events DEFINITELY took place, but they were in another part of the world. As a side note – this subject is often researched through search engines from various parts of the Philippines.

What are your thoughts on the Carmen Winstead story?

Do you believe in the Carmen Winstead chain letter?

If you do not forward the letter with the words ‘They Pushed Her’ in the title…will the spirit of Carmen come after you?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “The Carmen Winstead Story

  1. Well based on my own view, if Carmen Winsteads story is true and she actually existed, I’d say it’s karma that took it’s turn on those girls. Imagine having to push your fellow into a sewer, that’s beyond joke. 

    I’m happy to hear that she eventually got some sort of revenge for what had happened to her. Great article once again! 

    1. Well she certainly did get her revenge Dhayours – whichever way you look at it! 

      Thanks for stopping by mate, and taking the time to leave your opinion on Carmen Winstead with us. 

  2. This article is exactly what I was looking for, he trended story of the indiana young girl that was “pushed”. Many people believe this story not to be real but I have a positive part of this story to be true but then how do judge the other girls that were killed at the same sewer?! The story is quite scary and looks fiction, but I believe it! 

    1. I believe it too because of this was unreal where did the girls go and implies pictures exactly show a undead 17 years old but has she really killed anybody else that didn’t believe cause I’m kinda skipping sides but more on the believing side but every night I feel like she will kill me in my sleep.😨😨😨😨

  3. I love creepy stories like this one! I have to admit that I did more research while reading the article. This is one fascinating urban legend that is for sure!

    I do believe in the supernatural, and ghosts or spirits. I feel that I have encountered a few over the years, nothing documented of course. Thanks heavens, nothing as scary as this either!

    I believe that this urban legend started when bullying hit the news hard, not saying when bullying began, because it has been going on probably since the beginning of mankind.

    What is your opinion of this?


    1. That’s actually a good shout there Stacie – it could well have started and gathered speed due to the increase in bullying in the news. 

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