The Case of The Bleeding House

The Case of The Bleeding House

On September 8th, 1987, seventy seven year-old Minnie Winston got out of her bath and noticed a pool of blood on the bathroom floor.

On closer inspection she realized that this red liquid was also pouring out of the bathroom walls and covering the hallway floor.

In a panic she immediately thought of her elderly husband, Will, and shouted for him to see if he was alright.

Will appeared at the opposite end of the corridor with no sign of blood on him – the strange red liquid was not the blood of her husband…

The Blood

The elderly couple were understandably terrified by this scene and wasted no time in calling up the local police.

Detective Steve Cartwright investigated the six bedroom brick house on the south side of Atlanta.

His team searched through the house for hours throughout the night but they were unable to locate any signs of a break in. They also made sure nobody injured was hiding inside the house.

Minnie’s husband’s health was fragile and needed professional medical care which involved being hooked up to a dialysis machine everyday.

The police were firmly told by Minnie that this ALWAYS took place at the local medical facility – never inside their home!

Detective Cartwright and his team were pretty much dumbfounded. They collected samples of the blood and left the Winston’s to get some much needed rest for the remainder of the night.

The Results

The lab results concluded that the blood was indeed human and it was from someone with Type O blood. Both Minnie and her husband had different blood types.

Unfortunately for the Winston couple, the story was soon picked up by journalists after the results came through.

The phone would not stop ringing and they were constantly forced to complete interviews to get some sort of peace.

The Newspaper report on the bleeding house

The couple stood by their guns and continually repeated that the blood did not belong to them and that it was in no way a hoax.

The local police never managed to find out where the blood came from and the house at 1114 Fountain Drive become known as The Bleeding House.

Minnie and William Winston never experienced any further incidents with blood at the address.

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4 thoughts on “The Case of The Bleeding House

  1. Now that is strange. I was expecting the lab results to debunk this straight away but the fact that it tested positive for human blood was downright creepy.

    So did they continue living at the house? I don’t think I could’ve. I’d be on the phone with the real estate agents the next day…

    Love the stories you have up here – this is my fourth visit to your site and you can now consider yourself bookmarked for future reference!

    Keep up the good work guys! 🙂

    1. Hi Ryan,

      As far as I know they did remain in the house…I suppose they had little choice at that time in life (moving can be quite a task and also very expensive!).

      Thanks for the bookmark mate! Don’t forget – sharing is caring! 🙂

  2. Hi and thank you for the interesting article – I absolutely love read this type of paranormal stuff!

    As a believer and God’s fearing man, I believe in supernatural. So, in my opinion, it is possible because there is a spirit roaming which we (humans) don’t really understand.

    And it is obvious that in that spirit roam there are two sides (God and angels) and the bad side (Satan and all kind of demonic spirits).

    Apparently, it would be terrifying to experience such paranormal situation, even though I can admit, believing in God and knowing that he is on our side, it’s easier to handle such situations.

    1. Hi Egon,

      Well it’s nice to have a man of faith here commenting on our work! Of course, the case of the bleeding house is quite a frightening paranormal incident but remember that most spirits are not out to hurt (or scare) you.

      In many cases they are simply trying to tell you something – important to them OR important to you!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your opinion with us. 🙂

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