The Case of The Screaming Woman

The Case of The Screaming Woman

Scary stories almost always fascinate people. Not only does the audience listening get the chills up their spine, but also the narrator gets his thrills from the way he describes the chilling encounter…

The Location

The legend of the screaming woman is said to have taken place on State Route 152, which runs through California – from Watsonville in south Santa Cruz County to Route 99 approximately 30 miles north of Fresno.

Truckers find this particular stretch of the Expressway preferable for transporting their goods between Monterey Bay and San Joaquin Valley.

The Legend

This incident is said to have occurred quite a few years ago. Hitch-hiking is a common feature on this route and some truckers feel obliged to stop and help these tired travelers.

One such case is of this young woman who was hitching a ride and got a lift from a trucker. The story goes on to say that she died on this journey and although the cause of death is not clear, there are many interpretations of the same.

Some say it was when the truck accidentally drove off the road or was involved in a crash, while others prefer to relate the version where she was murdered by the trucker.

The Apparition

No matter which way the story is being told, the ghost sighting of this young woman is normally the same.

According to this saga, commuters on the route have reportedly seen a phantom truck motoring down the highway with her screaming as she is seated in the passenger seat.

There are also instances of motorists travelling the route alone after dark, accounting their tale of her suddenly appearing in the passenger seat of their car.

She apparently sits there for a brief moment, screams and vanishes as abruptly as she appeared

Variation Sources

The adaptation of this urban legend is said to be similar to others of its kind. The reports of this young screaming hitch-hiker in the moving phantom truck are possibly a variant of the commonly narrated stories of a “ghost wagon” or “ghost car” that are popular all over U.S.

The other version has traces of the “vanishing hitchhiker”, although there are differences in this tale.

In the story of the “vanishing hitchhiker”, there are two occupants in the car and after this paranormal encounter; they meet the parents of the deceased woman.

But in the case of the screaming woman, she merely appears and vanishes into the night- ending the account.


The bottom line of this tale is simply about a ghost of a tormented young woman who means no harm. Given the two variations of this story of the screaming woman, one is definitely spookier than the other.

The sighting of a monstrous truck with a screaming woman is without doubt is something that will frighten you, but the fact that it is just something that you witness makes it somewhat easier to comprehend.

On the other hand, imagine the scenario where you are driving in the darkness of the night, when what you encounter is something within the confines of your own vehicle.

Although the ghost is said to be harmless, the danger of losing control of your car makes this version definitely more terrifying.

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  1. That sounds extremely scary. Seems like something extremely creepy is happening . It’s true that the screaming woman meant no harm, but it’s still a little spine tingling. I have heard many ghost stories in my life before and my friends are usually thrilled by them.They usually laugh and believe that no such things exist. However, I always respect them, because you never know. They might really be hanging around you. Thank you for the information.

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