The Coventry Freemen Ghost

The Coventry Freemen Ghost

I first encountered this paranormal image about five years ago – at the time I struggled to find any ‘extra’ information on it, so I put it on the back-burner and saved it for a rainy day (so to speak!).

Anyway, last week I came across a short yet sweet article on the subject, and it provided me with a little more information on the incident/picture.

Let’s take a closer look at the Coventry Freemen Ghost (or Coventry Freemen Monk!)…

The Monk

First things first – do you notice anything strange about the photograph at the top of this article?

Take another look, at the ‘hooded’ guy standing at the end of the line…

The Monk

The image/photograph was taken during prayer at a 1985 dinner event for the Coventry Freemen organization (on January the 22nd).

The photographer who was hired for the night, decided that the prayer time was a perfect moment to snap a great memory of the occasion. The room was dark (to allow for a longer than usual exposure) and everyone was standing still.

A couple of weeks after the event, members and associates of the Coventry Freemen organization began to come forward with concerns regarding a robed figure standing near the end of one of the tables.

Nobody had turned up in this sort of costume for the event – and nobody remembers anyone standing in that position when the prayer took place.

The strange robed figure seemed to be joining in with the prayer – with head slightly bowed and hands clasped in front.

St Mary’s Guildhall – Paranormal Activity

St Mary’s Guildhall, where the event took place, is located in Coventry, Warwickshire. It is known to have a lot of paranormal activity linked to it.

The most famous reports involve a gray lady, a girl in a blue dress, strange lights/orbs and a monk. Many believe that this image from 1985 has managed to capture the paranormal monk!

St Mary's Guildhall - Paranormal Activity

Over the last decade or so, the ghostly photograph has been put under the microscope of numerous skeptics – most believing that the exposure has captured two people standing close together…

But I’m not too sure about this.

What about you?

A simple trick of the light or real paranormal photograph?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “The Coventry Freemen Ghost

  1. I am reluctant to believe in these sorts of things for obvious reasons, however I have watched and read about so many of these paranormal things that people experience that there must be some sort of truth to it. It’s such an interesting topic and I just wish I had the answers! This particular photograph, I feel, is not good enough quality to really believe it as it is so old, so I’m not too sure.

  2. Hey there! How are you doing? I really enjoyed reading this article on “The Coventry Freemen Ghost” as its entertaining. I love reading paranormal stories and mysterious as well. This incident took place in UK but do people still experience these movements in St Mary’s Guildhall even today? I would really love to visit places like this.

    1. Well hello there – I’m doing fine mate (thanks for asking!). 

      There have been numerous paranormal reports linked to St. Mary’s Guildhall over the years. 

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