The Cry Baby Bridge Legend

The Cry Baby Bridge Legend

In this article we will be taking a look at the Cry Baby Bridge legend of Tulls Corner in Marion Station, MD. Does the spirit of Annie Conner really haunt this lonely location?


Annie Conner was born on December the 10th, 1871. One summer morning Annie and her mother boarded a wagon set for their home in Tulls Corner, traveling a road named LQ Powell Road.

A heavy rain shower seemed to come out of nowhere, and as the cart crossed over the Mill Dam Bridge, a loud clap of thunder freaked out the horse.

In it’s fear – the horse reared up and tossed the wagon behind into the river below.

Tragically, the fast flowing river swept little Annie downstream before her mother could reach her…she was only three years old when she died.

The Cry 

Ever since her tragic death, there have been reports of cries coming from the bridge area. Locals frequently claim that you can hear a cry in the distance when you stand on the bridge.

Some say it sounds like a loud cry that stops abruptly as if someone drowned.

In 2014, a group of fishermen on the banks of the river claimed to have heard a child crying throughout the night – they even searched the area.

The Conner Family

The Conner family seem to have been targeted by tragedy…

A year after they lost little Annie, Eliza Conner gave birth to a little boy who they named Charles Wesley. Unfortunately, he only reached the tender age of seven before his life was cut short…

On August the 22nd, 1883, Charles was killed by falling shafts off a suspended horse cart he was standing below.

But the brave Conner parents refused to give up on life, and eventually went on to raise a large family of seven children who reached adulthood.

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