The Elevator Game Rules

The Elevator Game Rules

In this article we will be taking a look at the elevator game rules that are supposed to be able to transport the ‘player’ to another dimension.

Does this paranormal Korean game really have the power to open the doors on reality?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Korean Elevator Game

The Korean elevator game is a procedure that is apparently designed to open doors to another dimension. It has become more and more popular over the last couple of years due to paranormal reports linked to it.

Play The Elevator Game

To begin with, you’ll need to find a building that’s at least ten stories high and has an elevator (go figure!). It’s not a ‘multiplayer game‘ – it’s designed for one person.

Next you will need to enter the elevator on the ground floor, then select the fourth floor (making sure you are the only one using the elevator at the time).

Play The Elevator Game

At the fourth floor, do not get out – instead select the elevator button for the second floor.

When you reach the second floor, stay inside the elevator and then select the sixth floor.

When you reach the sixth floor, yet again, stay inside the elevator then select the second floor.

Now, this is where we shake things up a little bit…

This time, on the second floor, stay inside the elevator and select the tenth floor. When you reach the tenth floor (stay inside) and select the fifth floor.

The Tenth Floor

Now when you reach the fifth floor…a paranormal incident CAN happen. A young lady may get in the elevator…but you are advised not to talk to her…or even look at her!

From here you must select the first floor.

If the elevator actually moves up to the tenth floor instead, proceed with the game.

BUT…if the elevator does go down to the selected first floor – get the f##k out of the elevator and don’t look back!

The Tenth Floor

If instead, you do reach the tenth floor…you are landed with two choices – get out or stay in!

If you opt to leave the elevator, the strange woman may ask you where you are going – you are not to acknowledge her in any way.

Take a look around the tenth floor – if you are the only person present there, you have reached the alternative dimension.

leave the elevator

Numerous people who have claimed to have reached this point, insist that there is nothing but blackness outside each of the building’s windows. The only thing that can be seen is a bright glowing red cross in the distance.

Getting Home

If caution gets the better of you, and you decide not to venture out onto the tenth floor, you simply need to press the first floor button to get home.

Once you reach the first floor – leave without acknowledging the woman.

If you have explored the tenth floor – you will need to press all the buttons in the same order that you did earlier, finishing on the fifth floor.

From the fifth floor you are then able to select the first floor…but be careful…

In some cases the elevator will attempt to take you straight back up to the alternative reality – keep pressing any button to stop this ascension before arriving at the tenth floor.


Is everything in place?

Are people there?

Does anything seem strange to you?

If anything’s ‘off’ – repeat the process, pressing all the buttons in the same order that you did earlier, finishing on the fifth floor.

From here you can attempt to enter the ‘real’ first floor again.

The Korean Elevator Game Rules

Quite a handful of steps really, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you – but I’d be out when the strange lady enters the elevator…

Who is she?

Why does she appear?

if you have any experiences with the elevator game that you would like to share, please leave them in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “The Elevator Game Rules

    1. Yep, we have covered Elisa on our ‘Brother’ website – a strange case indeed…with similarities to this game of course!

  1. I played, I am never playing it again, I explored the dimension and I walked to the red cross, it wasn’t made of wood, but it was made out of the same LED long lights that anyone would see at an OPEN store or restaurant, Their was also two doors, one had a red stain coming from underneath and the other a foul odor and a growling noise, I couldn’t open either one, I checked to see if my elevator doors were still open so I could get home because I put a rolled up newspaper in between the door sensors so they wouldn’t close, they were still open so I started to go towards it when I saw the girl wasn’t there, just the wet footprints where she stood, I didn’t know where she went until I pressed the button and I saw black hair and a white gown in the reflection behind me, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things but the risk of her being real and me looking at her was too much, My elevator stopped, I noticed crimson red blood dripping on the ground, I heard her scream and she suddenly started to struggle as if someone was attacking her, the elevator stopped moving and I froze as she struggled and I heard her scream more and beg for help, then she stopped moving and I heard a cutting noise coming from above me, I was sent into free fall and I looked at the girl, her jaw was ripped off, then it felt like everything froze, I blinked she was gone, I did it again and she was standing behind me, I did again the she was touching me, Then I closed my eyes and yelled the elevator stopped, the little light switched off, I heard her breathing on my shoulder, I felt it, but It felt like there was more of her with me, I pressed a button and the elevator made horrible groaning noises and I heard that cutting sound again, I pressed the fire alarm and the light flickered on and we moved to the fifth floor where she got off, dripping water and blood, jaw still missing I stared as she slowly walked away and got a foot off just in front of the doors when I blinked and she was facing at me staring at me and started yelling at me, the doors closed and I heard banging on the elevator shaft as I made my way to the first floor am I in the right dimension, is anyone real? I might have to go back and play to get home, if I am…

    1. Interesting stuff Anthony, thanks for sharing it with us – can I asked where this incident took place (i.e. what country you were in when you went through the Elevator Game process)?

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