The Elevator Game Rules (and How to Play)

In this story, we will be taking a look at the elevator game rules that are supposed to be able to transport the ‘player’ to another dimension.

Does this paranormal Korean game really have the power to open the doors to a different reality?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Korean Elevator Game

The Korean elevator game is a procedure that is apparently designed to open doors to another dimension. It has become more and more popular over the last couple of years due to paranormal reports linked to it.

The Woman in the Elevator Game Rules

Before we look at the game and how to play it, there are some important rules here.

Elevator Game RulesI know as ghost hunters we sometimes go out of our way to try and communicate with ghosts and spirits but from the stories I’ve heard on the elevator game, this is one spirit I wouldn’t want to talk to. While playing the game she sometimes joins you to ride between floors.

I’ve heard conflicting stories about who the woman is who gets on the elevator with you. The truth is this is not a question you want to ask.

While she might not always get on the elevator with you there are a couple of rules you need to follow when she does.

  • Do not acknowledge her. She cannot know you are aware of her.
  • Do not step aside for her. She doesn’t seem to come near you by herself. Stay off to the side and she’ll walk by you to the other side.
  • Do not look at her. Not directly, not in a reflection, not in your peripheral vision. Don’t shut your eyes unless you really have to and even then keep it brief. Stare down at the ground if you have to.
  • Do not speak to her. She might (briefly) speak to you for example to thank you for pushing the buttons. Do not reply.

How to Play The Elevator Game

To begin with, you’ll need to find a building that’s at least ten stories high and has an elevator (go figure!). You have to go alone, this game isn’t a team sport.

Next, you will need to enter the elevator on the ground floor, then select the fourth floor (making sure you are the only one using the elevator at the time).

On the fourth floor, do not get out – instead select the elevator button for the second floor.

When you reach the second floor, stay inside the elevator and then select the sixth floor.

When you reach the sixth floor, yet again, stay inside the elevator then select the second floor.

Now, this is where we shake things up a little bit…

This time, on the second floor, stay inside the elevator and select the tenth floor. When you reach the tenth floor (stay inside) and select the fifth floor.

Now when you reach the fifth floor…a paranormal incident CAN happen. A woman sometimes gets on the elevator with you and you absolutely need to avoid making eye contact or speaking to her. Follow the rules above.

From here you must select the first floor.

If the elevator actually moves up to the tenth floor instead, proceed with the game. Remember, not to answer the woman if she asks which floor you’re going to. You’ll need to repeat the sequence of steps to return afterward.

BUT…if the elevator does go down to the selected first floor make sure you get out before it reaches that floor.

The Tenth Floor

If instead, you do reach the tenth floor…you are landed with two choices – get out or stay in!

If you opt to leave the elevator, the woman may ask you where you are going – you are not to acknowledge her in any way.

Take a look around the tenth floor – if you are the only person present there, you have reached the alternative dimension. Numerous people who have claimed to have reached this point, insist that there is nothing but blackness outside each of the building’s windows. The only thing that can be seen is a bright glowing red cross in the distance.

Getting Home

If caution gets the better of you, and you decide not to venture out onto the tenth floor, you simply need to press the first floor button to get home.

Once you reach the first floor – leave without acknowledging the woman.

If you have explored the tenth floor – you will need to press all the buttons in the same order that you did earlier, finishing on the fifth floor.

From the fifth floor you are then able to select the first floor…but be careful…

In some cases the elevator will attempt to take you straight back up to the alternative reality – keep pressing any button to stop this ascension before arriving at the tenth floor.


Is everything in place?

Are people there?

Does anything seem strange to you?

If anything’s ‘off’ – repeat the process, pressing all the buttons in the same order that you did earlier, finishing on the fifth floor.

From here you can attempt to enter the ‘real’ first floor again.