The Fanham Wood Mill Ghost Image

The Fanham Wood Mill Ghost Image

This article will be covering the famous ghost image shot at Fanham Wood Mill in early January, 1929. Is this a true paranormal image or nothing but a clever fake?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Ghostly Image

The photograph was snapped by builder, Robert Walsh, in 1929, when he decided to take a reference shot of the staircase, for carrying out his work off-site.

Walsh later insisted that he didn’t feel anything strange when he was taking the photograph, but his trusty companion, his dog, was ‘playing up’ in the vicinity of the staircase that afternoon.

He was the only worker on-site that day.

Work at the wood mill carried on for several weeks, and no other paranormal activity was recorded.

Image Discrepancies

As with most paranormal photographs, that end up online these days, there are a number of discrepancies linked to this image.

You have to remember that it was taken in 1929, so those linked to the development and production of the photograph are long gone!

Image Discrepancies

The main dispute at the time of writing this, seems to be about the actual location the image was taken – most people believe it was snapped in America, but there are people out there who claim that it was taken in the UK!

The spelling of the location doesn’t really help matters, due to the lack of info on the photograph – some believe it is Fanham Wood Mill whilst others claim it is ‘Farnham’.

Closer inspection of the image shows a woman heading upstairs slightly looking to her right. Her hair is pinned back, in an old fashioned way, and she is wearing a period collar to cover her neck area.

So what do you think?

Does this look and ‘feel’ like a real paranormal image?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Fanham Wood Mill ghost photograph, please leave them in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “The Fanham Wood Mill Ghost Image

  1. If this is a fake, it’s a good fake and definitely looks really realistic. The thing that makes this one difficult is because of the lack of backstory or information on this photo, as you mentioned. It was literally one man and a dog so could’ve easily been a publicity stunt or something like that.

    Either way, its really interesting and thanks for writing about it.

    1. Hi Joe!

      Yeah I’m with you on this one – not enough of a backstory for me to make a proper judgement. Cool photo though! 🙂

  2. Very short blog on an interesting subject matter. I feel that the image might be an authentic image. With a lot of photo’s you can get a shine like a light on the actual photo. With this picture you can see a lot more detail in it. These days you can very easily try, and manipulate an image I think back then it would have been much harder. If it is a fake it is a really good one

    1. Yeah the date of the image is a telling factor isn’t it Joseph – no Photoshop back then! 

      But, like Joe mentioned in his comment – there’s not much of a backstory to add to the image (unfortunately!). 

  3. I don’t know, at this point I have no reason not to believe that Mr. Walsh captured a ghostly image.  I have some photos (very few) that were taken in the early 1900s and the quality seems to be very similar to this, though mine don’t have ghosts in them.  The photo looks legit to me.  Have you been able to track down an exact location for the Fanham Wood Mill?  Does it still exist?

    1. There are many different ‘Farnham Hotels’ that seemed linked to a mill in the area Kris, so I’m guessing that the mill has been slightly converted (maybe?).

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