The Ghost of Newby Church

The Ghost of Newby Church

In this article we will be taking a look at the famous image of the ghost of Newby Church which was snapped by Reverend K.F. Lords in 1963. A fascinating paranormal photograph that still divides opinion to this day…

The Phantom Monk

The image snapped by Reverend K.F. Lords in 1963 was supposed to be centering on the altar at the Skelton-cum-Newby Church of Christ the Consoler, located in North Yorkshire, England.

When he took the picture he only had eyes for the stunning altar – he saw nothing else in the hall with him.

He left the location and had the photographs developed a few days later…and to his amazement…there was a ‘visitor’ in one of them.

The Phantom Monk

The Reverend K.F. Lords could not understand who this terrifying hooded figure was or where it came from – he was not present when he took the shot?

The phantom figure’s arms seem to be folded together in a typical monk-like pose and its long robes clearly cover the feet and drape over the step it is standing on. The cloth face-mask is particularly disturbing…

Newby Church

The most interesting aspect of this incident is that there have never been any other paranormal occurrences at Newby Church – it is, in fact, a pretty new church (just over a century old at the time of writing this!).

The church was actually constructed out of money that was raised to save hostages back in April 1870…

Frederick Vyner, son in law to the 1st Marquess of Ripon, was among a group of important figures in Greece who were kidnapped on the 11th of April. A ransom was demanded for their safe release.

Newby Church

The money was eventually raised…but for some reason…a rescue mission was hatched instead…which failed miserably.

All of the hostages were murdered as a result.

Frederick’s mother decided that the ransom that had been gathered would be used to construct two churches in memory of her son. One of these churches was the Newby Church, which began construction in 1871.

The Real Deal?

Numerous skeptics have thrown their hat in the ring over this photo…but the hats just get thrown back out again – the photo is not faked in any way.

Many different experts have studied and tested the photograph over the years (including the BBC), and all of them have come to the same conclusion – the photo is not double exposure and is not tampered with in any way.

These same experts have spotted and proven famous frauds before but the ghost of Newby Church seems to have them stumped.

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2 thoughts on “The Ghost of Newby Church

  1. I have always been fascinated by this photo and have read many different opinions and theories about it. First of all let me comment on the image of the figure. Many have said that the humanoid figure appears to be wearing a dark robe and a white cloth that marks its face. Although I do agree that the robe does appear to be exactly that the facial mask is actually something else altogether! Others have stated this too, yes I believe this is actually the stretched and distorted image of the subjects hands which are being held up to the lower portion of it’s face  (reminiscent of the scream painting by Edvard Munch). This brings me to another theory which I believe explains how the entity’s height is so tall (being 9ft)! If it was a normal individual say of no more than 6ft but their image stretched to 9ft I believe you get a similar distortion of their hands etc. Also the stretching isn’t uniform I.e.from just below it’s eyes to the top of it’s head the stretching and distortion is minimal yet from below it’s eyes down the stretching and distortion is much more pronounced making its hands so distorted that they look like a cloth instead. I would be very interested to see someone who is skilled in digital photo editing to correct the stretching of the image and see if it brings into detail aspects of it’s anatomy such as it’s hands back into their correct proportions! Another interesting aspect is it’s almost like looking at an xray of somebody the bones of the skeleton being clearly visible with the faint blur of soft tissue barely discernable. For example if you look closely into its eye sockets you can discern the very faint impression of its eyeballs even its pupils are discernable as points of light pointing to its left and slightly upward! This is extremely interesting to me because many ghost sightings  have described the apparition as having faint outlines of where the flesh would be with much clearer outlines of the inner skeleton. All said I will conclude with this final statement the humanoid presence in the photo is too detailed to be an anomaly or artifact created by a chance malfunction in the photographic process. That just leaves an elaborate hoax or an actual photograph of a supernatural entity! To be honest I think with today’s technology such as photoshop this effect could be achieved  with digital manipulation. However this picture was taken in the early 1960s when no such technology existed! I even remember being terrified when I first saw it as a child in the early 70s! Even then there wasn’t technology to create it! So maybe in the end there is only one conclusion!?

    1. All good points here Brian, although I had to read the comment twice to get my head around it! 🙂
      Thanks so much for adding this theory to our article!

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