The Ghost of Queensferry Hotel in Garden City

The Ghost of Queensferry Hotel in Garden City

The ghost of the Queensferry Hotel in Garden City, Flintshire, is often mistaken for a dull and boring phantom. Over the years it has been spotted on numerous occasions, simply standing in the shadows, or humbling around in it’s trench coat.

But don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover…

Fred and the Band

A man simply known as ‘Fred’ used to work and reside at the¬†Queensferry Hotel. He was on occasion, also allowed to hold band practice in parts of the cellar after closing time (he was obviously a bit of an amateur musician!).

During these band jam sessions, Fred would frequently run upstairs to grab a few freebie refreshments for the band members – if nobody’s behind the bar…you don’t have to pay!

Fred and the Band

Anyway, one night, when Fred was gathering up the refreshments in the kitchen area…he began to hear strange scratching sounds coming from the front door area.

He investigated, but found nobody there.

The sounds did not disappear though – on several more occasions over the following months, Fred encountered these sounds, late at night.


Eventually the owners of the hotel decided to let Fred and his mates move upstairs to practice late at night. The musicians soon became aware of phantom footsteps on the stairs and in some of the disused rooms on the second floor.

The band members would often explore these rooms to find the source of the footsteps, but never managed to catch any intruders.

The Trench Coat Man

Before long, the haunting moved onto it’s next phase…

One night, Fred set the hotel’s security alarm and retired to his bedroom with his girlfriend Sharon. Not long after they had fallen asleep, the whole hotel was woken up by the alarm ringing out.

Fred jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to check all of the rooms, but when he came to the taproom, he saw a dark figure standing in the corner, wearing a hat and trench coat.

The Trench Coat Man

Fred ran back upstairs to his cousin’s rented room to wake him up. They then both returned downstairs to check the area once again – there was no sign of the trench coat man.

The following day Fred decided to bite the bullet and tell his employer, the landlord, about what he had witnessed. To Fred’s surprise, the landlord just laughed and told him that the phantom had been present in the hotel for many years – he was not the first to experience this sort of paranormal activity.

The New Landlord

These days, the landlord of the hotel is a lady named Shelia, who has had many experiences with the trench coat man.

She frequently witnesses barrels being moved by an invisible force along with phantom footsteps up and down the stairs. She also believes that her daughter is the only one that can now see the ghost – and he continues to visit her at night as she sleeps.

On numerous occasions Shelia has been awoken by her daughter’s screams – when she runs into the room her daughter is sitting up in bed, pointing to the door…too scared to speak.

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